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Type:Rider, un jeu vidéo typographique

Type:Rider, un jeu vidéo typographique

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Frere-Jones Type From The Collection: 010 For a day when Americans are thinking about money, a few excerpts from the banknote collection. Read More... On North Carolina’s HB2 Great Minecraft Lesson Plans One of the reasons Minecraft has been so popular in classrooms -- beyond students just flat-out loving it -- is its versatility. Minecraft has the utility and flexibility of a learning management system, without all the boring bits. It presents teachers and students alike with a sandbox of possibility for interest-driven, student-centered, project-based, and personalized learning experiences. Frederic: Resurrection of Music on Steam BEFORE YOU POINT OUT MY TIME PLAYED: I've played much more of this game on a tablet. My review for the PC version will be based on the difference in playability between the two. I've played enough to come to a conclusion about that. Frederic: Resurrection of Music is a rhythm game where you catch falling notes onto piano keys at the bottom of the screen.

Challenges The Europeana Creative challenges aim to identify, incubate and spin off into the commercial sector viable online applications based on the re-use of digital cultural heritage content accessible via for the five different Challenge themes; Natural History Education, History Education, Tourism, Social Networks and Design. After the successful conclusion of our first round of Challenges in Natural History Education and History Education, the Jury awarded 3 winners who are now receiving their incubation support package prize. If you wish to learn more about these first winning applications please visit our blog. Second round of Challenge now open The second round of Challenge for the themes of Tourism and Social Networks is now open and accepting submissions until the 28th of August at 16h CET.

Roberts Space Industries The First-Person Universe An unprecedented chance to live your own deep space adventure! Star Citizen places you in the middle of a living, breathing science fiction universe populated with friends, enemies and the unknown. You decide how to make your way in the galaxy, whether you’re a simple merchant trader, a fearsome pirate or a badass mercenary… and anything in-between. In Star Citizen, you control your destiny as you inhabit a world with an unparalleled level of immersion. The 40 Best Google Fonts—A Curated Collection for 2017 · Typewolf These are the 40 best free web fonts available on Google Fonts, in my humble opinion. They are all open-source and 100% free for commercial use. This collection focuses on typeface families from reputable type designers and foundries that contain multiple weights and styles.

Teaching With Pokemon Go: What's Possible? - Teaching With Pokemon Go: What’s Possible? by Jonathan Cassie Since its summertime release, Pokémon Go! Solve the Outbreak Your mission, if you choose to accept, is to get clues and analyze data to solve the outbreak and save lives! In this fun app, you get to be the Disease Detective. Do you quarantine the village? Interview people who are sick? Edible Data Visualization Is Food for Thought The problem with pie charts is that they’re generally light on the pie. Recently, however, designers have begun using food as a medium for representing data in the same way that they once used inedible graphs and tables. Call it food for thought: These stat-packed dishes get diners thinking about world issues by placing them directly them in their dinner. Following in the footsteps of edible interface projects like Data Cuisine or the Data Chef, Veronika Krenn and Vesela Mihaylova combine statistics and cuisine in their Taste of Data series, which recently snagged the Gabriele Heidecker Prize. The two recent graduates of the Interface Culture Lab at the University of Linz in Austria infuse these projects with plenty of tongue-in-cheek humor, using Christmas stollen to analyze holiday spending and depicting the statistics of men’s extramarital affairs with a sliced banana. MUNCHIES: How did this all begin?

5 Insanely Successful Video Games That Were Total Ripoffs No video game is completely original; Mortal Kombat was inspired by Street Fighter II, Halo was inspired by Half-Life and the Super Mario franchise was inspired by massive amounts of hallucinogens. But then there are some beloved games that weren't so much "inspired by" other games as they were "the exact game, with a minor paint job." Those knockoffs then went on to make millions of dollars.

10 TYPOGRAPHIC PINTEREST’S BOARDS TO FOLLOW We all know very well that Pinterest is a social network entirely visual that serves as a big box from which we can draw any kind of inspiration. Indeed, we already recommended you an excellent board about typography in old beers or a selection of old coffee containers. Today we wanted to gather 10 typographic boards that are perfect to follow by any letters’ lover. Using Games for Serious Learning in High School Video games can engage players with more than just action. Impactful games are about serious topics and can create conditions for deeper learning. Like a good novel or cinematic experience, these types of games often have a strong narrative thread, appropriate for English Language Arts (ELA) classrooms.

Mathoria: It All Adds Up on Steam It's a good time for maths: games about them keep appearing on Steam. After Pythagoria and Zeus vs Monsters (links lead to my reviews), here's Mathoria: It All Adds Up, developed by a student team, with a teacher as supervisor, who happened to be also a little publisher in Philippines.Mathoria: It Alls Adds Up is telling the story of a young teen, happening to be The Chosen One, whose mom is abducted by goons. It's up to him to save her, by visiting the island, by defeating obstacles and by helping others. His skills maths will be useful, especially his addition knowledge.The game is simple: you lead a character thanks to the arrows or ZQSD/WASD (forget the mouse), you speak to other persones who will ask you to answer a problem, like "My brother ate 20 apples yesterday, I ate 35 today, how many apples in total have we eaten?".

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