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Frederic: Resurrection of Music on Steam BEFORE YOU POINT OUT MY TIME PLAYED: I've played much more of this game on a tablet. My review for the PC version will be based on the difference in playability between the two. I've played enough to come to a conclusion about that. Frederic: Resurrection of Music is a rhythm game where you catch falling notes onto piano keys at the bottom of the screen. Think of Beatmania without the turn table, and you've basically got it. The timing for a perfect hit takes a little getting used to, because it's relative to the center of the actual key on the piano itself. Tamagocours A digital game to learn the copyright rules for the use of digital resources in an educational context. Tamagocours is a serious game that helps teachers trainee to prepare the IT and Internet certificate, level 2 (C2i2e). V 1.1 of the application is available. It was experimented with 200 students from ENS Lyon. The game and the results of the experimentation will be presented at ECGBL 2014 in Berlin

Flower The developer that brought you the award-winning PLAYSTATION Network title flOw is back with another concept that challenges traditional gaming conventions. Flower expands the team's tradition of delivering simple gameplay, accessible controls and a medium to explore emotional chords uncommon in video games. In Flower, the surrounding environment, most often pushed to the background in games, is pulled to the forefront and becomes the primary "character." The player will journey through a beautifully vivid and changing landscape in this fresh and genuine game only on PS3. The game exploits the tension between urban bustle and natural serenity. Players accumulate flower petals as the onscreen world swings between the pastoral and the chaotic.

Open University research explodes myth of 'digital native' Gerald Haigh visits his alma mater to learn that a good attitude to technology correlates with good learning habits Is there a digital native? Not according to new Open University research A new research project by the Open University explores the much-debated concept of “the digital native”. The university does this by making full use of the rich resource which is its own highly diverse student body.

E-learning quality assurance standards, organizations and research I am surprised how often academic colleagues argue that there are no quality standards for e-learning. Well, hello, I’m sorry, but there are and some of them are damned good. However, I was surprised to find while doing some research for a client that there is no single source where one can go to compare different quality standards for e-learning. So I’m starting a list here, and would appreciate it if readers could direct me to ones that I may have missed. Solve the Outbreak Your mission, if you choose to accept, is to get clues and analyze data to solve the outbreak and save lives! In this fun app, you get to be the Disease Detective. Do you quarantine the village? Interview people who are sick? Run more lab tests? The better your answers, the higher your score - and the quicker you’ll climb the ranks to become a decorated Disease Detective.

UNITED COLONIES ARG- MODULE 1 Components of an ARG Trailhead/Rabbit Hole - A deliberate clue which enables a player to discover a way into the game. Most ARGs employ a number of trailheads in several media, to maximize the probability of people discovering the game. Some trailheads may be covert, others may be thinly-disguised adverts. These entry points are also referred to as “Rabbit Holes”. The Curtain - The curtain is generally a metaphor for the separation between the game runner and the players.

ESCAPE FROM WOOMERA Welcome to the final home of the Escape From Woomera project, archived here by the grace of If you want to get in touch, here's a contact email that actually works: escapefromwoomera at gmail dot com And now for a long overdue revealing of the names of the other half of the project team.