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Green Maven Comment Sarkozy a enterré l’écologie - Bilan du quinquennat Le Grenelle de l’environnement, c’était il y a bien longtemps. Que reste-t-il de ce début en grande pompe du quinquennat ? Le transport routier a-t-il reculé ? Les énergies renouvelables se sont-elles développées ? L’agriculture bio a-t-elle été soutenue aux dépens des pesticides ? Basta ! Ce devait être « un New Deal écologique », selon Nicolas Sarkozy. « Le Grenelle était avant tout une autopromo élyséenne », fustige Stephen Kerckhove, délégué général d’Agir pour l’environnement. Arnaque n° 1 : le transport routier favorisé « Toutes les décisions publiques seront désormais arbitrées en intégrant leur coût pour le climat et la biodiversité, affirmait Nicolas Sarkozy il y a à peine cinq ans. Le gouvernement n’a pas cessé d’accorder des avantages concurrentiels à la route. Arnaque n° 2 : les énergies fossiles subventionnées Le secteur aérien, le plus énergivore par passager et kilomètre parcouru, est lui aussi préservé. Arnaque n° 3 : les énergies renouvelables stagnent Sophie Chapelle

Sustainability in Sweden Johan and Franz checking if the bees have a queen. The rain and the bees flying around don’t really appear on this photo, but I can tell you they were everywhere… Photo: Sara Jeswani. “Congratulations, you’ve got bees!” It was the beginning of July and I was sitting on a boat, far away from Stockholm, when my mobile phone beeped. I stared at the text message for several minutes. Well, I did sign up for that lottery (handing out a few of the “new” bee societies that are created when you divide big ones during summer) at my local beekeeper association’s course earlier this year. I was wrong. Honey bees are extremely interesting animals. Reading about the importance of bees and how they are now more and more threatened,I had decided to learn a bit more and joined a beekeeping course in the beginning of this year. Trying the get the loose honey bees out of the car before driving across the city. The thing about bees is that the more you learn about them the more intriguing they get.

Earth Times Tar Sands Resistance Escalates in Massachusetts "Funeral for our Future" coffin positioned into place while clergy members speak out about the toxicity of the Keystone XL pipeline. (Photo: Chris Longenecker)The national week of actions against the Keystone XL pipeline called for by the nonviolent direct action group Tar Sands Blockade is supposed to run from March 16-23. Activists in Massachusetts decided they wanted to turn up the heat a little early. Action, Preparation and Rehearsal The energy was palpable on the evening before the action. Inside the room were 25 or so people discussing their plans for the morning. Blockaders get in place and handcuff themselves together in the shadow of TransCanada's corporate emblem. They later debated whether to use wax or glue inside the locking mechanisms of the handcuffs to make extraction more difficult and prolong the length of time they would be able to obstruct the offices. Civil Disobedience: Putting Our Bodies on the Cogs of the Machine The Birth of a Horizontal Direct Action Movement

Environmental Leader The Ecologist Defenders of the Black Hills