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The company whose negligence was responsible for the worst marine oil-spill in history won 43 new leases in the Gulf, which is still fouled by million of gallons of unrecovered crude. Hate mail, harassment campaigns, accusations of scientific fraud and threats of lawsuits have become the new normal for climate scientists and researchers who study climate change denial. These problematic conditions have a chilling effect on scientific research. Elaine McKewon Research Associate at the Australian Centre for Independent Journalism, University of Technology Sydney The next generation of inventors, policymakers, and CEOs will determine the fate of the environment and our economy.

Green Maven Comment Sarkozy a enterré l’écologie - Bilan du quinquennat Le Grenelle de l’environnement, c’était il y a bien longtemps. Que reste-t-il de ce début en grande pompe du quinquennat ? Le transport routier a-t-il reculé ? Les énergies renouvelables se sont-elles développées ? Noticias de ecologia y medio ambiente Earth Times Tar Sands Resistance Escalates in Massachusetts "Funeral for our Future" coffin positioned into place while clergy members speak out about the toxicity of the Keystone XL pipeline. (Photo: Chris Longenecker)The national week of actions against the Keystone XL pipeline called for by the nonviolent direct action group Tar Sands Blockade is supposed to run from March 16-23. Activists in Massachusetts decided they wanted to turn up the heat a little early. On Monday, March 11, 2013, at about 10:30 AM, over 100 protesters stormed the Massachusetts offices of TransCanada, the company that stands to profit most from the pipeline's construction. After two hours, 26 people were arrested for handcuffing their bodies together, blockading the entrance and refusing to leave until the pipeline project was abandoned.

Sustentator Energía The Ecologist Defenders of the Black Hills