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A Treasure Trove of Digital Citizenship Resources for Teachers

A Treasure Trove of Digital Citizenship Resources for Teachers

A Call To Educators and Edtech Get Connected Being “connected” gets tossed around a lot these days, usually referring to educators connecting to other educators through social media. But “connection” isn’t just about educator-to-educator development. Another imperative connection must be built: connecting educators to those who build education technology. Edtech startups are hungry for feedback from educators. Even teacherpreneurs, with experience in a classroom need to feedback, as each teacher’s experience is unique. Teachers are hungry to know what’s working and what’s out there. It can be as easy as sharing product development with teachers. A lean methodology for developing solutions can work in a classroom just as well as it works in edtech companies: A teacher can decide to implement a new strategy, determine how to measure its success, implement, and then analyze the results by looking at formative assessments and/or student work. Students and edtech startups should also connect. How can they do this?

Fake Name | Bridging The Digital Divide | Next Generation Learning; Today... Over the past decade, the growth of social media has been quite remarkable. Global citizens have embraced new ways to communicate which have, quite literally, changed The World. Text messages and emails are fast becoming a thing of the past as new and innovative social media concepts continually spring up and pave new ways for communication and sharing. The graphic on the left was made using Piktochart and demonstrates how the methods by which I communicate have changed since the 1980s. However, not everyone who grew up in the 60s, 70s and 80s has taken the plunge into the murky depths of social media, many preferring to skim the surface or indeed avoid getting their toes wet altogether. However, burying our heads in the sand is simply NOT an option. In addition to the very clear data presented in my line-graph, there are some stark statistics that give further insight into the revolution that is happening on screens large and small across the globe:

Digital Citizenship Flashcards Another academic year is here and with it comes new clothes, lessons, and of course, new technologies. But are your child's digital citizenship skills back-to-school ready? If not, don't worry. To help them make the grade, download these flashcards to help them boost their online know-how. You can reference just one, or download, print, and put together an entire flashcard deck to work through...check below for a DIY version! Want to start a conversation about all of the above?

Free Download: Digital Citizenship Poster Tagged with: digital citizenship As technology becomes more of an integral part of our society, it’s important to help students understand appropriate use of social media tools and other digital citizenship skills. Edmodo offers various resources to help you get started, including security best practices, sample guidelines and a sample code of conduct for your students. To help you relay the importance of digital citizenship, we’ve also created a Best Practices for Digital Citizenship poster which you can print and display in your classroom, or share with your students. Download the poster: 8 1/2 x 11 version 11 x 17 version How do you teach students about digital citizenship?

Cybersafety educational resources for teachers and schools: Cybersmart Professional development The Cybersmart Outreach program has been in high demand since its introduction, with many schools booking for repeat presentations. Over 2015 the ACMA will be placing a high priority on visiting those schools who have already registered, but have not yet received, one of our presentations. For this reason, from Find out more about our expanding virtual classroom program, covering issues such as cyberbullying and how to stay safe and secure online. #GameOn Aimed at upper primary / lower secondary students, #GameOn is a video series following the online experiences of a group friends. Topics covered include: Cyberbullying Excessive gaming Sharing passwords Free downloads Online friends

Awesome Digital Citizenship Poster to Use in Your Class Today, I am sharing with you a wonderful poster I come across in Teachthought. This visual is designed to help students cultivate a culture of digital citizenship when interacting with,sharing, consuming, and using digital content. As you can see the graphic is pretty basic in terms of its design and wordage but very rich semantically. I am thinking this could be a great poster to use with your students in class to always remind them of the "pillars" of digital citizenship. check this section, for more resources and materials on digital citizenship, .

How to Create Social Media Guidelines for Your School Produced in collaboration with Facebook. Social media is fast becoming as ubiquitous as the air we breathe. In recent months, many schools and districts around the country have taken steps to create social media policies and guidelines for their students and staff. In my work with several districts to draft these documents, I have seen many approaches that work well, and some that don't. That said, there is no silver bullet for administrators; every school, district, and state has a different set of circumstances. 2. This team should include educators who use social media in the classroom and those who do not. This team should be open and transparent in all their conversations and decision making, and be clear about their shared goal. Questions for ReflectionDoes everyone on the team share the same goal?

Digital Citizenship & a poster for your school EdTech Published on April 20th, 2013 | by Mark Anderson 10inShare Digital Citizenship is an area of massive importance and if you’re interested you should really check some of the links at the end of this post. Digital leaders have been doing assemblies all week on acceptable use, digital citizenship and more and if you’re interested in a bare bones version of their assembly presentation it’s on the #DLDropbox for you to take. Speaking of sharing, I saw this poster some time ago tweeted by @mrrobbo: “@mrrobbo: Love this acronym for cyber safety on the walls of Hong Kong International School…”— Dughall McCormick (@dughall) January 24, 2013 …and really wanted a version for us to use ourselves. If you have any further thoughts or links relating to this topic, I’d love you to share them in the comments. Digital Citizenship About the Author

The CyberSafety Net | Cybersafety @ Coomera Anglican College 2 Free Posters to Teach Students About Digital Citizenship 2 Free Posters to Teach Students About Digital Citizenship Posted on Thu, Apr 10, 2014 @ 01:30 PM To download the full-size, PDF-version poster, click here or on the image above. To download the full-size, PDF-version poster, click here or on the image above. Curriculum: Understanding YouTube & Digital Citizenship – Google in Education Overview We have devised an interactive curriculum aimed to support teachers of secondary students (approximately ages 13-17). The curriculum helps educate students on topics like: YouTube’s policies How to report content on YouTube How to protect their privacy online How to be responsible YouTube community members How to be responsible digital citizens We hope that students and educators gain useful skills and a holistic understanding about responsible digital citizenship, not only on YouTube, but in all online activity. Lessons in English Below is a list of lessons, and the recommended flow for delivery. Or you can download the Full Teacher's Guide or the Full Set of Slides in PDF. Lessons in Additional Languages Below is a list of lessons and resources in additional languages beyond English: Learn more To learn more visit the Classroom videos page of this website, where you can find links to information on: