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Design your way. Easy Fullscreen Background HTML5 Video Example. Create Fullscreen HTML5 Page Background Video. This article is also available in French and Japanese While we can’t yet set a video for the background or background-image CSS properties – they can only take bitmaps, SVG images, colors and gradients as values – it is possible to fake the appearance of a background video by forcing it behind other HTML elements.

Create Fullscreen HTML5 Page Background Video

The challenge is to have the video fill the browser window, making it as responsive as background images. Considerations and Limitations Before achieving this, there some factors you should consider: Don’t just use this technique because you can: video content must amplify a site’s message, not just be shown because it’s pretty. With these factors in mind, let’s look at techniques for making the video happen, using a piece shot by Alexander Wagner. A Pure CSS Approach Build the HTML5 video as usual: Important: the order of the video files is vital; Chrome currently has a bug in which it will not autoplay a .webm video if it comes after anything else.

70+ Best One Page Website Templates Free & Premium. 17 Online Sandbox Tools For Testing Your Code Snippets. Don't Forget to participate in a contest where you can win an amazing e-Commerce template from TemplateMonster.

17 Online Sandbox Tools For Testing Your Code Snippets

Developers constantly need some tools to check their codes so that they can make necessary changes without wasting time in finding out where change is required. With this collection, we are showcasing 17 very helpful websites for the developers that will let them test code snippets. This post will save time and we are sure that developers will find this post useful as well. This is because developers are constantly required to check their codes in order to ensure that everything is working fine. Below, you will find some useful websites for testing code snippets. Ideone Ideone is something more than a pastebin; it’s an online compiler and debugging tool which allows to compile and run code online in more than 40 programming languages. SQL Fiddle A tool for easy online testing and sharing of database problems and their solutions. Dabblet Chop Cloud9 IDE Gistbox HTML_CodeSniffer.

Web Design Served. 25 Amazing Retro Web Sites for Your Inspiration. A fresh post for this hot June with a Back to the Past.

25 Amazing Retro Web Sites for Your Inspiration

With the term Retro we describe a review of past trends that relive in modern Design. We’re watching, in these last years, as the use of illustrations from old posters, old-style typography, old cars, old packaging and old photos are popular also in Web Design. Many web designer use a collage of old stuff to advertise current products or to popularize new information. Below I’ve collected 25 amazing websites that use an old style to describe modern activities. This list could be good for you inspiration. Enjoy it! Colazione da Michy Vintage blog di Sara Presenti New York Moon Mac Tarnahan’s The Dollar Dreadful The Blizzards Fortyseven Media Klassiker in Acryl The Greg Brady Project Tennesses Vacation Verga Car Thrush Jeff Sarmiento Kretivia Singularity Concepts. Home. Photoshop WebDesigner Toolbox: Resources You'll Ever Need. If you’re using Photoshop daily it’s essential to have an asset library.

Photoshop WebDesigner Toolbox: Resources You'll Ever Need

Having a pre made toolbox or asset library can be extremely handy. Having the right toolbox can save you a whale of a time and provide you with nifty resources. If you’re a web designer, your asset library will probably differ from a photographers library, however there are things which should be found in every Photoshop user’s toolbox. While you could spend countless hours making your own resources, usually there’s no need to do that. Nowadays the web is full of pre made high-quality resources. Brushes 1. Brusheezy is the place to share your free Photoshop brushes and other Photoshop related resources. Psd Book Cover Mockup Template 2. 10 UI Design Patterns You Should Be Paying Attention To - Smashing Magazine. Advertisement Design patterns were first described in the 1960s by Christopher Alexander, an architect who noticed that many things in our lives happen according to patterns.

10 UI Design Patterns You Should Be Paying Attention To - Smashing Magazine

He adapted his observations to his work and published many findings on the topic. Since then, design patterns have found their place in many areas of our lives, and can be found in the design and development of user interfaces as well. In short, design patterns are solutions to recurring problems. By extension, UI design patterns are solutions to common user interface problems. You may be interested in the following related posts: 1. To fully appreciate the problem of registration, we should consider an annoyance that has led to the opinion that sign-up forms must die6.

When would you actually use lazy registration? 7 Amazon lets you browse and add products to your shopping cart before signing up. 35 Excellent Wireframing Resources - Smashing Magazine. Advertisement Wireframing is one of the most valuable parts of any web design project. It can save a designer tons of time by hashing out the details of a site’s architecture, functionality, and content prior to actually starting a visual design. But if done inefficiently, it can end up costing more time and can even create bigger headaches for both the client and the designer.

Below are more than 35 resources for creating better wireframes, including tutorials on different methods and a variety of tools available. 1. Here are more than twenty wireframing articles, guides, and tutorials to help you improve your wireframing process. Wireframes Magazine This site offers tons of resources and articles about wireframing.

Wire Frame Your Site A great introduction to the benefits of wireframing from Sitepoint.