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Photoshop WebDesigner Toolbox: Resources You'll Ever Need

Photoshop WebDesigner Toolbox: Resources You'll Ever Need
If you’re using Photoshop daily it’s essential to have an asset library. Having a pre made toolbox or asset library can be extremely handy. Having the right toolbox can save you a whale of a time and provide you with nifty resources. If you’re a web designer, your asset library will probably differ from a photographers library, however there are things which should be found in every Photoshop user’s toolbox. While you could spend countless hours making your own resources, usually there’s no need to do that. Nowadays the web is full of pre made high-quality resources. Brushes 1. Brusheezy is the place to share your free Photoshop brushes and other Photoshop related resources. 2. PS Brushes is another place where Photoshop brushes are gathered. 3. BrushLovers has one of the largest collections of exclusive and high-quality Photoshop brushes on the Web. Patterns 1. 2. At Squid Fingers you can find over 100 creative patterns to use for your projects. 3. 4. Textures 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Stock photos

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35 Excellent Wireframing Resources - Smashing Magazine Advertisement Wireframing is one of the most valuable parts of any web design project. It can save a designer tons of time by hashing out the details of a site’s architecture, functionality, and content prior to actually starting a visual design. But if done inefficiently, it can end up costing more time and can even create bigger headaches for both the client and the designer. Below are more than 35 resources for creating better wireframes, including tutorials on different methods and a variety of tools available.

Imprint - The Online Community for Graphic Designers Nathaniel Axios on the importance of mentorship in design, staying relevant as a designer and what to do when you're feeling "stuck." Our friends at Siegel+Gale weigh in on the 2024 Summer Olympics city bid logos from Paris, Rome and Los Angeles. Designer of the Week Kristian Andersen is a co-founder and partner at High Alpha, a venture studio that conceives, launches and scales enterprise technology companies. He also founded Studio Science, a leading design and innovation consultancy that works with high-growth technology companies, as well as several other venture funds and startups. Read on to find... Everyone gets their start somewhere.

Don't Reinvent the Wheel - 100+ Links of Design Elements and Resources This time we will review some helpful resources for designers, how you can find them, and how can they help you. Have you ever thought that every day, while you are busy doing your work, there are a lot of people doing almost the same thing as you? And they are releasing it. For free. And sometimes we just forget all this stuff and lose a lot of time doing things that just didn’t need to be done. Designers Know Your Code: Web Design Tutorials Oct 03 2011 As almost any web designer worth their salt, and a large percentage of web developers will tell you, to be fully considered a web designer you have to have some background in code. Not to the depth that full on developers must, but it really is unfair to the rest of those working on a website with us if we do not have some knowledge in a handful of key areas. Which is where these web design tutorials come in.

10 UI Design Patterns You Should Be Paying Attention To - Smashing Magazine Advertisement Design patterns were first described in the 1960s by Christopher Alexander, an architect who noticed that many things in our lives happen according to patterns. He adapted his observations to his work and published many findings on the topic. Top 16 Free Online Tools for Designers – Designzzz Top 16 Free Online Tools for Designers In this collection I’ve gathered for you some of the best free online tools for designers that I find the most useful for me and I believe that they will be also as useful for you. These tools will help you in developing websites, validating their code, managing your time and projects.

Improving Usability with Fitts’ Law Back in 1954, psychologist Paul Fitts published an article the detailed his theory on human mechanics as it pertained to aimed movement. It was Fitts’ observation that the action of pointing to or tapping an target object could be measured and predicted mathematically. Fitts stated that the size of the target object along with its distance from the starting location could be directly measured, allowing him to model the ease at which a person could perform the same action with a different target object. In 1954, this theory had no application for computers yet; however, it shouldn’t take a modern designer long to discover the powerful meaning this formula has in the context of user interfaces. Because of this, Fitts’ law has become a staple in the field of human-computer interaction (HCI), and has become one of the most accepted guidelines in the industry. Fitts’ law, at its simplest form, is common sense.

How to Get a Professional Look With Color What makes a design look coordinated, planned and professional? The answer is: ‘color’. Not every project needs bland corporate blue to look professional. Planning color means creating a framework that describes which colors to use and how to use them. Color is the slipperiest design element. 25 Amazing Retro Web Sites for Your Inspiration A fresh post for this hot June with a Back to the Past. With the term Retro we describe a review of past trends that relive in modern Design. We’re watching, in these last years, as the use of illustrations from old posters, old-style typography, old cars, old packaging and old photos are popular also in Web Design. Many web designer use a collage of old stuff to advertise current products or to popularize new information. Below I’ve collected 25 amazing websites that use an old style to describe modern activities. This list could be good for you inspiration.

Design blogs, 200+ best of There are hundreds of design related blogs out there. So many that it becomes a daunting task to pick up only the handful of blogs you really need to follow. The task of weeding out becomes even more difficult when you take into account that a large quantity of new blogs comes out every day. Sum to that the incredible variety of themes and the trend of high specialization blogging is coming through right now. There is a clear need for some kind of a beginner’s road map don’t you think? That’s why we’ve decided to make a post that could work as the very first starting point for anyone interested in picking up the right blogs to follow.

20 Free Most Useful Photoshop Files to Inspire Designers Designers around the globe need some inspiration to motivate themselves when they going to start a creative new project with photoshop. Today we present some useful free downloadable psd files to inspire designers. Are you looking to contribute to our design community ? Suggest a link to a relevant article, or submit your own! You will help push the design community to much higher levels. Glassy panels styles