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Historic Cities: Maps & Documents

Historic Cities: Maps & Documents

History and Geography of Europe Feeding America Feeding America: The Historic American Cookbook Project The Project The Feeding America project has created an online collection of some of the most important and influential American cookbooks from the late 18th to early 20th century. The digital archive includes page images of 76 cookbooks from the MSU Library's collection as well as searchable full-text transcriptions. The Feeding America online collection hopes to highlight an important part of America's cultural heritage for teachers, students, researchers investigating American social history, professional chefs, and lifelong learners of all ages. Feeding America was made possible with funds from a 2001 IMLS National Leadership Grant. To learn more Information about the project please select one of the following: Introductory Essay - An essay by Jan Longone that discusses Feeding America and the history of cookbooks in America. If you have questions or comments about the project, please see our comments page. Top of the Page

Histoire Politique Pistes & débatsLaurence De Cock Depuis la fin du XIXe siècle, le « fait colonial » est enseigné sans discontinuité dans le secondaire. Intrinsèquement liée à des aspects politiques sensibles (la République, la Nation), la thématique coloniale à l’école suit le rythme des débats publics portant sur la place accordée à l’altérité aux échelles mondiale et nationale. L’analyse de l’enseignement d’une question ne pouvant se limiter à un inventaire des programmes ou des manuels scolaires, nous avons tenté ici de mettre en miroir les débats publics et les inflexions des écritures scolaires du fait colonial qui en découlent depuis un siècle. lire la suite SourcesFrançois Bordes Depuis sa création en 1988, l’Institut Mémoires de l’édition contemporaine constitue un lieu unique pour la recherche historique. lire la suite Portraits & témoignages Anne Dulphy, Christine Manigand - Saint-Cyrien de la promotion 1965 "Lieutenant-colonel DRIANT". - 2002-2006 : chef d’état-major des armées lire la suite

Schøyen Collection | Palaeography Context: Similar bones are MSS 5237/1 and 5238. Provenance: 1. Found Bancal de la Coruna, Hallaisgode, Spain, no. 104 (1916); 2. Private collection, Spain, no 104 (1916-); 3. Michel Bouvier, Paris, Cat. L'Art de l'Ècriture, 2003:4. Commentary: Hans Jensen, in "Sign, symbol and script", pp. 37-39, dates the signs from Dolmen d'Alvao in Portugal to about 4000 BC, being attached to Iberian writing. In an article by Georgeos Diaz-Montexano:" Atlantis in an Iberian inscription of more than 6000 years. Some Maps of the Roman Empire The maps on this section of my website are taken from an unidentified late 19c English-language school atlas of the Roman world. It is not the best atlas, nor do I have the full set of maps or the index. At the time I put them online, I was rescuing them, so to speak, since their owner, Jim Miller, was about to lose his website. What is clearly needed is a clickable CAD-type zooming system, tailor-made for computers: I'm looking at various solutions of this type. For now: What's Here? In addition to the ancient names (Roman names) as they appear on the maps: variants of the Latin names not appearing on the maps the modern names of the referenced places latitudes and longitudes the latitudes and longitudes as given in Antiquity by Claudius Ptolemy (Good place to plug this: An electronic edition of Ptolemy's Geography can be found here. On each map, the database will precede the map; you have something to read or search while the map loads. Indexing this Monster Table of Maps Saduba Fl

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