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Macaw: The Code-Savvy Web Design Tool

Macaw: The Code-Savvy Web Design Tool
"The superhot web design tool of the future." —Jeffrey Zeldman, Founder of Happy Cog Built for today's web designer Responsive Set breakpoints and optimize your site for all devices. Typography Pull in web fonts or use system fonts like never before. Global Styles Apply a style to multiple elements and modify it in one location.

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Getting started Bootstrap (currently v3.3.6) has a few easy ways to quickly get started, each one appealing to a different skill level and use case. Read through to see what suits your particular needs. Bootstrap Compiled and minified CSS, JavaScript, and fonts. No docs or original source files are included. DudaOne Review DudaOne is an easy website builder with an emphasis on sites that change to fit both large desktop and small mobile screens. It was the brainchild of a pair of coder friends who saw that the iPhone would change Web hosting requirements in a big way. The company offers a tool that can take a standard desktop website and convert it to a mobile site.

Cafe Business, How to Manage a Cafe - MustHaveMenus Running a Successful Cafe Restaurant Social networking, advertising on and offline, as well as email campaigns will bring new customers to your café. The food and the service, however, are the only things that will keep them coming back, again and again. The Cafe with the Best Food Responsive Site Designer Drag-n-drop content elements like headers, images, buttons, icons and more Up to 21 (+ 33 variations) Organize images and other assets in the Project Resource Library Smooth and familiar front-end design workflow using custom selectors

Creating and publishing an HTML5 Canvas document Flash Professional CC publishes HTML5 content using the CreateJS libraries. CreateJS is a suite of modular libraries and tools which enable rich interactive content on open web technologies via HTML5. The CreateJS suite comprises of: EaselJS, TweenJS, SoundJS, PreloadJS, and Zoë. CreateJS converts content created on stage to HTML5 using these individual libraries to produce HTML and JavaScript output files.

Creating a Band Website - See How We Rebuilt U2's Website Let’s face it: website builders still have a poor reputation. People complain that their designs are ugly, they are low on functionality and inflexible. While this was true six years ago, times have changed. And to illustrate that we have a created a special video for you. Enter U2, one of the world’s biggest rock bands with a pretty much unlimited budget for their website. What if I told you that we were able to create an almost identical knock off version of their home page in only 36 minutes?

Timeline Templates from CEO Pack 2 From: PowerPoint Graphics, Concepts & Diagrams CEO Pack 2 Instantly download 815+ fully editable PowerPoint Graphics for CEOs. Represent even MORE business ideas visually. Roadmap and Timeline Templates Milestones from Start to Finish Description: The diagram templates in this segment include PowerPoint roadmap templates, PowerPoint calendar, PowerPoint milestones, PowerPoint footsteps, PowerPoint event map and PowerPoint journey.

Creating a Professional WordPress Development Workflow With Vagrant - Tuts+ Code Tutorial As developers, we all know that creating a sustainable and uniform local WordPress development workflow can be challenging and complex. Programs like MAMP, WAMP, and XAMPP theoretically make the setup of a local web server easy, but, for anyone who has tried it you know that it can be riddled with bugs and far from ideal. With tools like Git and Capistrano, it is relatively straightforward to deploy changes from a repository to a server, but making changes before that can be chaotic, especially for teams. That’s where Vagrant comes in. Created by Mitchell Hashimoto, Vagrant is essentially a tool for managing virtual machines - creating a programmatic way create and configure virtual machines that mimic an application’s production environment.

Extension:Facebook Note: As of 2014, this extension has been marked "unmaintained" as it has not been updated to newer MediaWiki versions. The last version of MediaWiki known to be compatible is version 1.20. If you would like to assist in the maintenance/updating of this extension, please see the source code on github: The Facebook extension allows MediaWiki users to log into the wiki with their Facebook account by integrating your wiki into Facebook's. Open Graph social plugins can be used on wiki pages, and you can even manage user rights from within Facebook using Facebook Groups. This extension was not developed by Facebook.

The future of flat design Despite its sudden popularity, flat design is not just some fly-by-night trend. It’s a substantial approach to Web design that’s rooted in practicality, and necessity. The balance between aesthetics and usability reflected in flat design 2.0 demonstrates that the principles behind the philosophy have true staying power. 25+ Best Bootstrap Editors & Builders Bootstrap is a front-end framework that was created to build responsive web designs much easier. The purpose of bootstrap is to give a very firm foundations for your responsive web development. You are still allowed to customise the files to build great custom websites. Bootstrap has several advantages, the first thing is it work well with browsers.

Free PageFlip 2.25 Welcome to the home of the most professional and realistic Adobe© Flash based flash book. Check out its cool features by trying out our online demo books! Take a quick tour now! Create your own book easily*, download the basic version with source files included for free! *basic Adobe© Flash knowledge and the software is required.

Macaw provides the same flexibility as your favorite image editor but also writes semantic HTML and remarkably succinct CSS. by anturija Oct 23