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60 High Quality Free Photoshop Patterns and Textures

60 High Quality Free Photoshop Patterns and Textures
Welcome to day 6 of freebie week on Designrfix. Today we have assembled a stunning collection of high quality free Photoshop patterns and textures. So if you are in search of some really cool patterns and textures for your latest project, this post is not to be missed. Feel free to download and use them in your next design. Want more articles from Freebie Week? 60 Must Have Free Photoshop Brushes Free Download: Ultra Clean Blueline HTML5 Template 60 Gorgeous And Creative Free Fonts For Designers Free PSD Files: 50+ Must Have Photoshop Files For Designers 40 Free Well Designed Social Networking Icons Wood Patterns Free Leather Patterns Rusty Patterns Vol. 2 Fabric Seamless Patterns Free Paper Seamless Patterns Free Denim Patterns Seamless Colorful Grunge Polka dot Patterns Free Carbon Fiber Photoshop Patterns Free Web Backgrounds Free Seamless TV Noise Patterns 12 Free Minimal Web Patterns Wood Pattern Background Subtle wood panels Waves PSD Carbon Fiber Pattern Background Carbon fibre v2 Squares 3px tile Related:  WebDev Resources

Ali 40 Photoshop seamless patterns set #1 Paste this code at checkout when you are done shopping. Not sure where to paste it? View instructions Paste this code at checkout when you are done shopping. 30+ Seamless Patterns for Photoshop If you are feeling lost in the chaotic world of Photoshop patterns and tools, we are here to the rescue! In this roundup, we bring to you 30 awesome seamless and tileable Photoshop patterns. The choices are plenty — you can take your pick from fabrics, geometrical shapes, grunge, or simple lines! Your search stops here. Have fun! Classic Baroque Pattern Pack (10 Patterns) Geometry Seamless Patterns (14 Patterns) Damask Brites Patterns (6 Patterns) Memoria Pattern Set (7 Patterns) Gray Seamless Patterns Set (12 Patterns) Fresh Seamless Patterns Pack (9 Patterns) Snowflake Patterns Pack (12 Patterns) Seamless Splatter Pattern Set (10 Patterns) Seamless Patterns for Photoshop (25 Patterns) Seamless Patterns Small Pack (650 Patterns) Dark Metal Grid Patterns Set (8 Patterns) Tileable Photoshop Pattern Pack (10 Patterns) Photoshop Seamless Patterns Pack (40 Patterns) Blue Tone Seamless Paper Patterns (6 Patterns) Seamless Pixel Patterns for Photoshop (15 Patterns) Carbon Fiber Patterns Set (4 Patterns)

Project Naptha 20 Free Subtle and Soft Textured Photoshop Brush Packs Subtly textured brushes are currently a popular trend in web design. They are really useful for adding character and bringing a little light emphasis to your otherwise dull designs. In this post we have 20 subtle and soft textured Photoshop brush packs with a total of 223 brushes. Subtle and Soft Textured Photoshop Brush Packs Speckle Brushes (10 Brushes) HR Subtle Grain (6 Brushes) Subtle Rust (4 Brushes) Subtle Wood (5 Brushes) Dirtbag (10 Brushes) Light Grunge (5 Brushes) HR Subtle Grunge (15 Brushes) HR Grunge Texture (12 Brushes) Grunge Textures (33 Brushes) Subtle Grunge Textured (42 Brushes) Scratchy and Dusty (10 Brushes) Subtle Textured (8 Brushes) Tempest Texturizers (18 Brushes) Noise Effects Subtle Paper (6 Brushes) Aged Paper (6 Brushes) Written Paper (6 Brushes) Simple Fabric (5 Brushes) Subtle Grunge with .PNG’s More Subtle Grunge (45 Brushes) How To Make Subtle Textured Brushes In Photoshop (Tutorial) What if all of the brushes above just aren’t right for your design?

Color Hex - 35 (More!) of the Best Personal Websites We've Ever Seen You’ve no doubt heard that you should have a personal website—whether it’s to build your personal brand, serve as an online resume, help you score new clients, or publicly archive your work. But throwing up a site with your work experience and contact info is just the beginning. In order to be effective—and catch the eye of the people you’re targeting—it needs a couple key elements. First, it should be easy for your visitors to navigate. We know, it feels like a lot. Easy to Navigate Make it effortless for your visitors to find what they’re looking for with a well-organized and self-explanatory layout. 1. Sears’s one-page site is made up of eight different color-block sections. 2. There isn’t much to click on Heide’s page. Build a site like this using Squarespace’s Fulton template! 3. Underneath Ananyan’s concise introduction, the viewer immediately sees the logos of the brands he’s worked for—which is a great way to immediately establish credibility. 4. 5. 6. Awesome Portfolio Sections 7.

HTML Templates News or Magazine This template puts a focus on bold images, perfect for a magazine style site with eye catching content. Your stories are easy to find with large feature blocks. See Demo Real Estate or Travel Big thumbnails with a space for captions and descriptions along with an informative header make this the perfect template for real estate or hotel booking. See Demo Ecommerce Homepage Building an online store? See Demo Agency Bring your work to the forefront with this sleek template that's perfect for agencies or freelancers. See Demo Blog w/ Sidebar Large images, an easy to navigate layout, and versatile sidebar will help you get your blog up and running. See Demo Blog Single Column This sleek, minimal approach can help your blog stand out by putting content front and center. See Demo Portfolio Show off your work and highlight what you do with this grid style thumbnail layout. See Demo Product Page Highlight your new product and educate potential customers with this classic template. See Demo

Font sizing with rem Determining a unit of measurement to size our text can be a topic of heated debate, even in this day and age. Unfortunately, there are still various pros and cons that make the various techniques less desirable. It's just a matter of which less-desirable is most desirable. There are two main techniques that are extolled: Size with pxSize with em Let's review these two approaches before I reveal the magical third. Sizing with px In the early days of the web, we used pixels to size our text. I, personally, have been of the camp that px-based layouts provide the consistency I prefer and users have enough tools available to adjust their view that accessibility is less of a concern. Sizing with em That whole inability to resize text in IE has been a continuing frustration. The technique modifies the base font-size on the body using a percentage. The problem with em-based font sizing is that the font size compounds. Sizing with rem But what pitiful browser support do we have to worry about?

HTML Standard 4 The elements of HTML 4.1 The root element 4.1.1 The html element Categories: None. Contexts in which this element can be used: As the root element of a document. Wherever a subdocument fragment is allowed in a compound document. Content model: A head element followed by a body element. Tag omission in text/html: An html element's start tag can be omitted if the first thing inside the html element is not a . An html element's end tag can be omitted if the html element is not immediately followed by a . Content attributes: Global attributes manifest — Application cache manifest DOM interface: interface HTMLHtmlElement : HTMLElement {}; The html element represents the root of an HTML document. Authors are encouraged to specify a lang attribute on the root html element, giving the document's language. The manifest attribute gives the address of the document's application cache manifest, if there is one. The manifest attribute only has an effect during the early stages of document load. <! 4.2.1 The head <! <! title .