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Getting Organized

Getting Organized
Organization Tips from Mrs. McDavid I have had many teachers stop by my room to ask how I keep things so well organized. I have had other teachers to ask if I would consider teaching a staff development course at our school to help teachers become better organized. Truly it's the small details that make the biggest impact. Organizing the classroom takes time, dedication, and determination but once things are put together the classroom will run smoothly. Materials You Will Need ~ Back to the Top ~ Purge Unused Materials and Non Essential ItemsAs teachers we tend to hoard materials and supplies that we think might come in handy one day. Organizing the Teacher's DeskThe teacher's desk can become a dumping ground for paperwork, papers that need to be filed, correspondence from the main office, items that need to be read or evaluated, and papers that need to be held for future reference. The next step is designating an area to file your paperwork. I use two different To Do Lists.

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Mrs. Brosseau's Binder: How Google Forms Saved This Teacher's Sanity I’m writing this tutorial as I sit at my kitchen island, eating a scone and drinking a coffee. I know what you’re thinking – this teacher has time to sit down?! Oh yeah, sit, eat and have a coffee. Here’s my secret. I’m an idealist. 5 Practical Learning Tips Based On How People Do 5 Practical Learning Tips Based On How People Do–And Don’t–Learn by Charlie Chung, Class Central There has been a large body of work in neuroscience, psychology, and related fields offering more and more insight into how we learn. 50 Of The Best Podcasts For High School Students - 50 Of The Best Podcasts For High School Students by Dennis Lee, This post is the first part to a 3-part series entitled “250 things any high school student must learn”.

Teaching Tip: Five Simple Steps for Classroom Organization Staying organized is the secret to staying sane throughout the school year. The more organized you are, the easier your teaching day will be. Try these five simple steps for classroom organization: Introducing the WOW Binder! It's WOW. I can't take credit for it, I didn't invent it, but whoever did is a genius. There are many variations of a take home folder/binder out there, but this is by far my favorite. Let me introduce you to...THE WOW BINDER! WOW= We Organize Work.

How to implement blended learning - MySMARTSpaces This interesting infographic from Digital Learning Now gives a comprehensive overview of how to implement blended learning. Blended learning brings together digital learning with traditional school learning, giving students greater control and designed to make students - and schools - more productive. While that description might make it seem easy, you have to make sure you implement it carefully and at the right time. The British Burn Washington, 1814 The British Burn Washington, DC, 1814 August of 1814 was one of the hottest in the memory of the approximately 8,000 residents of America's new capital. The sweltering, humid heat turned the stagnate marshes surrounding the city into thriving hatcheries for disease-carrying mosquitoes. To make matters worse, the city found itself the target of an invading British army slowly making its way from the Chesapeake Bay. America had been at war with the British Empire since 1812, but the action so far had consisted of a series of indeterminate skirmishes along the Great Lakes region.

March 2010 It's amazing how a whole lot of nothing can equal crazy busy. I've been a teacher, a wifey, a mommy, a "working mommy," a homemaker, etc. for several years now and it's been an enjoyable and fairly easy gig. Throw in a couple of adorable twin baby girlies into the mix and WOW!

April 2010 A hectic week in the heat, an early morning flight, and the tail end of a tummy bug (and OK, I admit it, a dose of Infant Tylenol) resulted in the best case scenerio for us (and the bazillion and one other passengers on Southwest Flight 174)...sleeping babies. As in, out cold for 2.5 hours of a 2.75 hour flight. It was the traveling twin mama jackpot. While I was not able to enjoy a magazine or even an itty-bitty pouch of peanuts, I did enjoy some wonderful, quiet cuddle time. Given the alternative possibility of 2.75 hours of screaming babies, poopy diapers at 30,000 feet and/or angry seatmates, I was thrilled. I used that time to just sit and think.

21 Good iPad Apps for Teachers of High School Students to Try This Summer Each day this week I have shared a selection of apps appropriate for various grade ranges. On Monday I shared 21 apps for Pre-K through 2nd grade. On Tuesday, I shared apps 3rd through 5th grade students. Wednesday’s list featured apps for grades six through eight.

Why people fall for dumb Internet hoaxes (Facebook) Last month brought a great deal of fanfare, and accompanying snarky outrage, about a new “Satire” tag on Facebook for content sources like The Onion. Yet fake “news” items — which run deeper than satire — continue to propagate rapidly across the site, as well as on other social media platforms, such as Twitter. In the past few days, huge numbers of Facebook users saw — and shared — a hoax about severe winter weather from Empire News, predicting “record-shattering snowfall coming soon.” Meanwhile, retweets of a “limited edition” Pumpkin Spice-flavored Durex condom image flooded Twitter timelines. Most media coverage has approached this kind of rapid viral proliferation of fake content as a problem of consumer intelligence, an account both inflammatory and ableist.

Ideas for Classroom Organization The beginning of a class can be messy and noisy. Students are entering the room, chatting with friends, moving chairs, realizing they forgot something at home and trying to talk with the teacher. It's class time that can get lost. One of the best ways to establish a good routine for the beginning of class is to make sure from the beginning of the school year that students know the rules for entering the class.