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Aseprite - Animated sprite editor & pixel art tool

Aseprite - Animated sprite editor & pixel art tool

AFFINITY DESIGNER: The New Face of Vector Art and Design — Lindfors Designs As good as Affinity is, there are still kinks and things that needs to be worked on with the software. Part of my projects (things like packaging design that requires pantones etc..) still have to be done in Illustrator until Affinity puts those in. But other than little minor inconveniences here and there from a young software, the tradeoff is still unmatched - I get to design better and faster with Affinity. It can sometimes be a little buggy and it doesn't yet have all the tools I need to make the full switch, but it is very close. They do work hard to solve these problems, which you can find at their forum section. I think once they add the few missing tools, there is a very real potential for this app to go massive if they continue with their clever approaches to the software and their awesome business model (you buy it, it's yours). I'm really routing for this company to do well, because I love the application and the way they are doing things.

MagicaVoxel - Home Sketch into an animation tutorial With mobile devices and tablets at our disposal we now have pretty much an arsenal of tools that in the past would be almost unthinkable. I remember using a scanner to scan photos from magazines or that I took for textures and references for vector. Adobe has been present during my almost 20 year design career and with the Capture app we can literally collect resources anywhere, anytime. Step 1 Copy Alex Fleisig's sketch to your Creative Cloud library. Note: You need to be signed in to your Creative Cloud account to save the library. Step 2 Capture a shape Launch Capture CC. Select the koala_sketch photo, then tap the blue Open button. Note: The screenshots and instructions in this tutorial show Capture on an Android phone. Step 3 Convert the sketch to a vector shape. Capture CC transforms Alex’s pencil drawing to a vector shape that maintains its sharpness at any size. Step 4 Capture a color theme. Step 5 Save your color theme. Step 6 Animate your character.

Marmoset Hexels - Grid-Based Vector Art, Pixel Art, Animation & Design One for All! Hexels 3 licenses are universal; each and every seat is authorized for non-commercial and commercial use by everyone. Upgrading Hexels 2 If you own a license of Hexels 2, Hexels 3 is a free upgrade! Updating to version 3 is as easy as any other point release. Standalone License If you own a standalone Hexels 2 license, your Marmoset ID will also activate Hexels 3. Steam License If you own a Steam license of Hexels 2, Steam will update it to Hexels 3 automatically. What is my “Marmoset ID”? Marmoset’s software utilizes the end user’s email address as their Marmoset ID. License Activation Standard Installation Once your order is complete and you’ve received your order confirmation email, run Hexels 3 and log in on the welcome screen using your Marmoset ID. Installation from Disc Image Run Hexels 3 on the imaged drive, then activate your license on that machine by logging into Hexels using your Marmoset ID and with the activation option “Authorize everyone on this computer” enabled.