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Visual Social Bookmarking with Pearltrees - Teach Amazing!

Visual Social Bookmarking with Pearltrees - Teach Amazing!
Written by Mark Brumley Visual Social Bookmarking This educational technology post introduces you to the amazing world of visual social bookmarking. Combining a mind-blowing user interface with excellent classroom usability, visual social bookmarking sure to be a valuable tool for you and your students. You probably know social booking has great benefits in the educational setting. However, many people are visual learners and might struggle with organizing a huge list of online resources. What is Pearltrees Think of Pearltrees as a visual social bookmarking tool. Collections of bookmarks (pearls) are joined into branching categories called pearlltrees. Pearltrees in the Classroom How can you use Pearltrees in the classroom? Have you used Pearltrees or a similar web 2.0 site?

Ohio Department of Education | Pearltrees in Education PearlTrees is a collaborative website to store thoughts, links, videos, and notes. Teachers can easily post an idea or "pearl" on a specific topic or series of topics. Using PearlTrees provides a way to collaborate professionally with other teachers in Ohio and beyond because all “trees” are public unless you have the premium account. Click the different pearls to find information and resources on each of the various topics. For iOS users who are unable to view the flash-based preview above, the Ohio Technology Pearltrees web address is

EduTips EduTip: Content Curation with Pearltrees by Linnea Sudduth Ward Content curation tools—or tools designed to collect, store, and share ideas on a particular topic—are great tools for allowing your students to delve more deeply into a given concept. Perhaps the most well-known content curation platform is Pinterest, which boasts 1.36 unique visitors a day. A less popular tool, though perhaps a more useful tool for education, is Pearltrees. Like Pinterest, Pearltrees users create a “collection” (i.e., “board”) around a given topic and add pearls (such as relevant websites or photos) to it. Yet, Pearltrees’ capabilities exceed that of Pinterest’s. Perhaps the most useful feature that separates Pearltrees from Pinterest is its advanced organizational capabilities. The Instructional Design Core Toolset collection is a good example of Pearltrees’ capabilities. Pearltrees served as the perfect platform for this project. Pearltrees as an Educational Technology Video:

social bookmarking with pearltrees Pearltrees for iPad is a Must-Have App "Tell me when it's an iPad app," I've told the team behind web curation startup Pearltrees over and over again. That day has finally come and what was a clumsy, Flash-based web experience is now a gorgeous, brilliant iPad app. Happy day, the Pearltrees iPad app is finally here! Pearltrees is a link saving and sharing service that uses a beautiful visual metaphor - links are saved as floating glass orbs just made for touching, swiping and zooming. You might be confused by the iPad app if you haven't used the web interface a little already. You can go be my buddy here. Above, my collection of links related to Pearltrees. What do you get out of it? I am really having a good time using Pearltrees but there are a few things that could make it much better. Another feature that would make this all the more compelling would be offline caching of content.

Pearltrees for teachers Year 2012 last post is a guest post from Finnish teacher Tommi Viljakainen. He is a teacher in Elimäki lower and upper secondary school. He teaches English, French and P.E. 10 tips for teachers: 1. The new social media tools make it possible for us to take the learning to the next level. Links:The program:Pear app (iPad, iPhone) Me and Pearltrees:My blog writings (in Finnish) Articles about Pearltrees:Pearltrees makes Web curation a joy with its 'magical' new iPad Web curation service Pearltrees launches a premium offering for private content s

Utilizing Social Media and Technology in the Classroom | The Language Company Blog Written by: Lauren Parmley Everywhere you look students are being discouraged from using social media in the classroom. Teachers are frustrated by them spending more time on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram rather than listening to lectures, taking notes, and doing their homework. Some teachers have taken to collecting phones at the beginning of class, deducting points for phone usage, taking the phones away if seen, and in some severe cases students are not even allowed to have phones on school premises. So it feels like a taboo subject to encourage social media usage in the classroom. One of our teachers had no fear when it came to embracing this progressive form of teaching. Rike Neville: dog lover, vegan, webinar enthusiast. The first step is not to be afraid of it. Instagram is a social media site that allows the user to share pictures from their life with captions and hashtags. “One of the objectives is logical order in a paragraph, which to me incorporates unity. Comments responses

Challenge 5 - Curate Resources using Pearltrees If you listened to the episode of the Instructional Tech Talk podcast that discussed curating content in the classroom you know how valuable curating resources can be both with students and for your own resources. Social bookmarking has become a huge activity – spreading many genres and via many platforms. It has revolutionized the way in which we share and find information. Like I mentioned, there are many ways to participate in social content curation and each way looks a little different. For the purpose of this challenge, we will be using the popular curation tool Pearltrees to begin our content curation adventure. Pearltrees is a way to store all the websites you use on a regular basis (and even the ones that you won’t use again for 2 years) to allow for instant reference. The Challenge Create a Pearltrees account and start curating resources. How to Complete the Challenge 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Here is a brief screencast showing you how to get signed up and started with Pearltrees:

Pearl Trees App for Apple Products Best Practices

This article speaks to the visual bookmarking and how to use it in class. by pamdoc Apr 7