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Yummy Math Wikispaces Online Math Practice - Free Math Help | iPracticeMath Excellent Tools, Apps, and Tips to Create Educational Book Trailers November 12, 2014 There are several ways to use technology to engage students and enhance their literacy skills and one of them is through creating video book trailers. Yes, they are similar to movie trailers we see now on YouTube but they are different in scope. A video book trailer is a concise review of a book created with the help of a variety of digital tools that include : images, text, clips, voiceovers, recordings, and music. Why include book trailers in your instruction? Creating book trailers is a comprehensive learning task in which students get to experiment with different literacies.Book trailers is a good way to get reluctant readers to readBook trailers are good for those readers who find it hard to visualize what they readBook trailers are a good alternative for the traditional book reportsTips on how to create Book Trailers Here are two sources I would recommend for learning about some important tips to keep in mind when working on book trailers: I- Audio resources:

14 Virtual Tools: Favorite Math Apps More and more classrooms are gaining access to technology that can be used with students. Whether you’re modeling a lesson, creating stations, or working in a one-to-one classroom, virtual tools can promote student engagement while increasing academic success. Here are some apps for iPads — along with a few other tips — that can transform your daily lessons and are definitely worth checking out! Base Ten Blocks Number Pieces is a great free app that allows every student with an iPad to have an endless number of base ten blocks at their fingertips. Whether they are learning basic place value, modeling how to add decimals, or exploring expanded notation, this app is worth looking into. Protractor Even on an iPad, a protractor can be used as a tool to measure angles. Graph Paper Geometry Pad lets children draw lines and shapes on graph paper. Geoboard Say goodbye to rubber bands! Ruler Ruler is a neat app to try out on your iPad — it simply turns your screen into a ruler. Pattern Shapes Clock

Excellent Tool to Enhance Students' Reading Comprehension November, 2014 Rewordify is a great web tool that you can use with your students and kids to help them read difficult passages. Rewordify simplifies complex passages and render them reader-friendly. Students can paste in difficult sentences, paragraphs, or whole chapters and then click on "Rewordify text". They will then get a paraphrased version of their text with a simpler and easier vocabulary.The reworded words are highlighted which means that students can click on them to hear and learn the origin harder words. Rewordify also allows you to obtain a simplified version of any web page.

Math Tests and Quizzes That Are Aligned Core Math Curriculum Math Tests and Topic/Skill Based Quizzes We now have a full line of tests for each section of the common core curriculum. Test are fully available to members for immediate download. There is a test sampler in each section for those who haven't signed up yet and want to see what it is all about. Tests By Grade Level Kindergarten Level - You'll find a multiple choice version, short response, and all 5 individual content areas in their own quiz.Grade 1- The level of the material seems very difficult for first graders, but it is perfectly aligned.Grade 2- The extended response test form is difficult for most students at this level.Grade 3- Geometry comes to life, at least a little more.

materecursos - WEBSITES Skip to main content Create interactive lessons using any digital content including wikis with our free sister product TES Teach. Get it on the web or iPad! guest Join | Help | Sign In materecursos Home guest| Join | Help | Sign In Turn off "Getting Started" Loading... materecursos - home 6 Ways to Help Students Understand Math The ultimate goals of mathematics instruction are students understanding the material presented, applying the skills, and recalling the concepts in the future. There's little benefit in students recalling a formula or procedure to prepare for an assessment tomorrow only to forget the core concept by next week. It's imperative for teachers to focus on making sure that the students understand the material and not just memorize the procedures. Here are six ways to teach for understanding in the mathematics classroom: 1. The first five minutes of the class period set the tone for the entire lesson. video 2. The more types of representations that you can present to students addressing their different learning styles, the more likely they will truly understand the concept being presented. 3. In the best classroom environment, the teacher is able to show different ways to solve the same problem and encourage the students to come up with their own creative ways to solve them. 4. 5. 6.

10 canales de Youtube para aprender Matemáticas gratis | Oye Juanjo! Profesores con amplia experiencia, autodidactas, y muchas sorpresas más nos esperan en esta recopilación de canales de Youtube para estudiantes de números, una verdadera joya disponible de forma gratuita para todo el mundo. Compartimos este aporte con el único propósito de hacer las matemáticas más comprensibles y accesibles, especialmente para aquellos estudiantes que tienen dificultades o están en constante sed de conocimiento. Los videobloggers que presentamos a continuación cuentan con gran reconocimiento y aceptación en el público, sumando cientos de miles de seguidores en Youtube, y lo más importante, difundiendo lecciones, recursos, transmisiones en vivo, y muchas otras propuestas educativas que beneficien a estudiantes de todas las edades. Te puede interesar: 8 cursos online gratuitos de Matemáticas y Lógica Para participar basta con seguir los enlaces que compartimos más abajo y suscribirte de forma gratuita en cualquiera de los canales recomendados por el blog Oye Juanjo. #01.

Matemáticas experimentales Han pasado ya 15 años desde que se celebró un importante acontecimiento en el mundo matemático: en 1992, la Unión Matemática Internacional (IMU) declaró el año 2000 como el Año Mundial de las Matemáticas con los objetivos de determinar los grandes desafíos matemáticos del siglo XXI, proclamar a las matemáticas como una de las claves fundamentales para el desarrollo e impulsar la presencia de las matemáticas en la sociedad de la información. La UNESCO acordó en su Conferencia General de 1997 su apoyo y el patrocinio de esta iniciativa. Fue un año de intenso trabajo; alguno de los proyectos llevados a cabo ha conseguido sobrevivir al olvido en diferentes formatos. Uno de estos proyectos ‘supervivientes’ es la exposición virtual interactiva MatemáticasExperimentales realizada por el centro de culturacientífica Centre.Sciences con la colaboración de la UNESCO. Referencias: