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- The Imagination Tree

- The Imagination Tree

Elementary Computer Activities & Games - Grade Level kindergarten ABCya is the leader in free educational computer games and mobile apps for kids. The innovation of a grade school teacher, ABCya is an award-winning destination for elementary students that offers hundreds of fun, engaging learning activities. Millions of kids, parents, and teachers visit each month, playing over 1 billion games last year. Progress Monitoring Web Resources The National Center on Student Progress Monitoring (NCSPM) has exciting downloadable articles, PowerPoint presentations, FAQs, and additional resources about student progress monitoring, Curriculum-Based Measurement, applying decision making to IEPs and other researched based topics. All of our publications are designed to inform and assist audiences in implementing student progress monitoring at the classroom, building, local or state level. The materials on this website were developed under the NCSPM, which was funded by the U.S.

Raising Playful Tots The April edition of the RPTI is out! View it here. What is the Raising Playful Tots Index and how does it benefit me? Latest Index The RPTI is one such one-stop shop. Complied in one place are bloggers who love Play. Pipe Cleaner Magnetic Water Play - Modern Preschool Summer leads to lots of water play in our house! The great thing about water play is that it’s easy to set up and clean up, like our star sensory soup. There are just a few simple materials in this pipe cleaner magnetic water sensory bin can lead to lots of play and learning time.

Sing-along Songs One of the most fun group participation activities for family and friends is to engage in sing-along songs. The essence of a sing-along song is that it has a simple enough melody and memorable lyrics for everyone to easily learn. Many of these popular songs have been around for over a century and are taught to children as part of their grade school music education. Webinars and Online Trainings We encourage you to download and share the following webinars and online trainings. All we ask is that you credit the National Center on Student Progress Monitoring. Please note that if you wish to print any of the following presentations, it is easiest to do so once you have saved the presentation to your computer.

64 Positive Things to Say to Kids - Creative With Kids Download a printable of 64 Positive Things to Say to Kids here! In the years since my grandmother has been gone, I am still inspired to notice the good things in life when I remember the way she would pause at those good moments and say, “This, now this is good.” To this day I can hear my mother encouraging me when I try new things. Her voice of confidence from my childhood continues to give me confidence now. Ms. Conway's Kindergarten Website: About Play-Based Learning It has long been known that there is a strong link between play and learning. Children are full of natural curiosity and they explore this curiosity through play. When kids are playing, it's the perfect time to learn. Play teaches kids how to problem solve, how to make friends, how to express themselves, how to enjoy the world around them, and how to recognize letters and numbers. All of these skills form the foundation of a love of learning. In the kindergarten program, teachers structure play to create learning moments.

Using a Word Bank Process to Develop Standards-Based IEP Goals & Objectives This multimedia presentation is designed to provide a tool and a process for helping Connecticut educators develop standards-based IEPs. It is presented in three parts: If you're having difficulty viewing the presentations, you'll need the most recent version of Adobe's Flash Player installed in your browser, and a broadband Internet connection. Directions for the Tutorials This presentation provides instruction on a tool that promotes the design of standards-based IEP goals and objectives. This presentation can be used for individual, small group, or full staff professional development. How to Do Yoga in your Classroom + free printable Yoga is a combination of physical postures, breathing techniques, meditation, character education, and healthy living practices. Bring the healthy benefits of yoga to your classroom curriculum with these forty-five classroom yoga ideas. How to do yoga in your classroom Take yoga mini-breaks throughout the dayIntroduce a new topic through kids yoga poses (ex.

The Mud Kitchen - A Recipe for marvellous Outdoor play Hello lovely blog visitors. Welcome! I am sharing the newest edition to Dimples out door play area today. The awesome and totally messy mud kitchen. The best recipe for engaging children in messy, active, outdoor learning is with mud. Here is the DIY mud kitchen that we built for Dimples in a few hours using recycled materials. Criteria for Developing Appropriate Goals An annual goal is a statement(s) of what a student with a disability can reasonably be expected to accomplish in a year's time or the duration of the IEP. Criteria for Developing Appropriate Goals 1. Review the student's past achievement. 2.

Play: Where Learning Begins! Browse this selection of articles on play based learning from Young Children and Teaching Young Children. Assessing and Scaffolding Make Believe Play: Mature make-believe play provides unique learning opportunities Read more » Chopsticks and Counting Chips: Play and foundational skills don’t need to compete for the teacher's attention Read more »