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- The Imagination Tree

- The Imagination Tree

Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds: Adding Natural Materials to the Classroom I have loved what the classroom next to mine has done recently: a classroom redo using more natural materials. Teacher Susan paid close attention to details, creating an environment rich with texture and warmth. Blocks are displayed in baskets. Neutral colors are draped over shelves. Tucked in the corner, behind the sheer curtains, is the light table. Pipe Cleaner Magnetic Water Play - Modern Preschool Summer leads to lots of water play in our house! The great thing about water play is that it’s easy to set up and clean up, like our star sensory soup. There are just a few simple materials in this pipe cleaner magnetic water sensory bin can lead to lots of play and learning time.

Empowering Educators through Inspiring Trainings 64 Positive Things to Say to Kids - Creative With Kids Download a printable of 64 Positive Things to Say to Kids here! In the years since my grandmother has been gone, I am still inspired to notice the good things in life when I remember the way she would pause at those good moments and say, “This, now this is good.” To this day I can hear my mother encouraging me when I try new things. Her voice of confidence from my childhood continues to give me confidence now.

Professional development and support for education and care services in Australia How to Do Yoga in your Classroom + free printable Yoga is a combination of physical postures, breathing techniques, meditation, character education, and healthy living practices. Bring the healthy benefits of yoga to your classroom curriculum with these forty-five classroom yoga ideas. How to do yoga in your classroom Take yoga mini-breaks throughout the dayIntroduce a new topic through kids yoga poses (ex. Irresistible Ideas for play based learning Toddler Approved! Teacher Tom Play-Based and Personalised Learning for Preschool to Year 8