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Eylf-prompt cards

Eylf-prompt cards

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EYLF Programming Documentations - Early Years Curriculum Planning The Early Years Learning Framework describes the curriculum as “all the interactions, experiences, activities, routines and events, planned and unplanned, that occur in an environment designed to foster children’s learning and development”. The Childcare Curriculum Plan is a planned sequence of activities and experiences, which are intended to achieve an outcome. This means, all the activities / experiences that the children engage in on a daily basis, have an aim / objective and are planned to be available for the group of children on that specific day. Educare Incorporating a deep respect and appreciation of the baby as more than a helpless object, Magda Gerber’s Educaring® Approach encourages infants and adults to trust each other, learn to problem solve, and embrace their ability for self-discovery. When allowed to unfold in their own way and in their own time, children discover and inspire the best in themselves and in others. In order to foster quality care, RIE® encourages: Basic trust in the child to be an initiator, an explorer and a self-learnerAn environment for the child that is physically safe, cognitively challenging and emotionally nurturingTime for uninterrupted playFreedom to explore and interact with other infantsInvolvement of the child in all care activities to allow the child to become an active participant rather than a passive recipientSensitive observation of the child in order to understand his or her needsConsistency, clearly defined limits and expectations to develop discipline

We Hear You This article is from the Queensland Department of Education, Training and Employment and first appeared in Childcare Queensland’s Early Edition – Summer 2012. The National Quality Standard (NQS) encourages educators to reflect on sustainability and what it means in early childhood settings. Standard 3.3 of the NQS invites services to take an active role in promoting sustainable practices in the immediate service environment and beyond, as well as fostering children’s respect and care for the environment.