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Early Music

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CSM Cantiga 425 Lyrics and Music: Alegría, alegría. Cantus Ultimus. Plainchant manuscripts are increasingly accessible online thanks to digitization projects world-wide.

Cantus Ultimus

Cantus Ultimus looks beyond mere digitization to imagine fully-searchable plainchant manuscripts. GLOBAL CHANT DATABASE - Index of Gregorian Chant - Homepage. The Waits Website - Secular Musicians in Late Medieval England. Music. Music Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music — Sergei Rachmaninov The music collections at Cambridge University Library play an important role in the preservation of musical heritage, both on a national and international level.




David Munrow - Pied Piper. Medeltidsensemblen Scaramella. Early Music Sources. International Society of Hildegard von Bingen Studies: Music. The Symphonia and Ordo Virtutum of Hildegard von Bingen By Nathaniel M.

International Society of Hildegard von Bingen Studies: Music

Campbell, Beverly R. Lomer, and K. Christian McGuire I. Perhaps no other medieval composer has captivated the interests of popular audiences, scholars, and the religious faithful as Hildegard of Bingen. Petrucci. Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck (Deventer 1562 - Amsterdam 1621) heeft een aantal stukken voor twee en drie zangstemmen of muziekinstrumenten geschreven in zijn Rimes françoises et italiennes mises en musique, à deux & à trois parties, avec une chanson à quatre, par Iean Sweelinck, organiste à Amstelredam, Leiden 1612.


De uitgave bestaat uit drie stemboeken zoals gebruikelijk, zonder afzonderlijk partituur. Deze uitgave is gemaakt naar microfilms van de oorspronkelijke drukken, waarvan exemplaren berusten in de Koninklijke Bibliotheek in Den Haag en de Library of Congress in Washington. De transcriptie van de teksten volgt zoveel mogelijk die van de druk van 1612, inclusief de inconsequenties van Sweelinck. Wel zijn de herhalingstekens ij opgelost, deze oplossingen zijn veelal te onderscheiden van de oorspronkelijk gedrukte tekst doordat ze met kleine letters beginnen; de druk begint elke zinsnede met een hoofdletter, ook als een herhaling wel volledig wordt afgedrukt.

Tudor Dance - Trouvere Medieval Minstrels by Gill Page. Will be a great resource for teachers and anyone else interested in bringing the past alive.

Tudor Dance - Trouvere Medieval Minstrels by Gill Page

Lots of schools want to include Tudor dance - as it's great exercise as well as feeding into the historical experience! However, there's not a lot of help for teachers, who are likely to be starting completely from scratch and possibly feeling rather at sea. Trouvère have years of experience providing Tudor workshops for schools and other groups within the UK and it's that experience that we've used in putting together this unique resource. Here you will be able to find all you need to recreate the dance of the sixteenth century. And you don't have to be an experienced dancer or historian - we provide all you need to understand the dances and the period. Tudor Dance will be a double-CD resource pack.

Troubadour et Trouvere

Atrium Maucamedi: a website for Medieval Music. The Plainsong and Medieval Music Society. Robin Snyder's Music Homepage. I am an early music vocalist by night and a physicist-turned-theoretical-ecologist by day (and let's face it, many nights as well).

Robin Snyder's Music Homepage

I began performing as a solo singer when I was a postdoc, singing 15th and 16th C French and Italian lutesong with Theatrum Musicum. I've always been drawn to medieval music, however, and so just before I took up a faculty position, I founded Briddes Roune and recorded an album of 13th C English song. I haven't been quite as active as a musician since I became a faculty member, but I recently (just after tenure!) Recorded a second album, La Domna Ditz ("The Lady Says"). This album is devoted to the songs of female troubadours ("trobairitz") and contains many of my own settings, as only one trobairitz lyric has an extant melody. Musica Antiqua - UK Early Music Magazine - Current issue. Basso Continuo Sources. Klankbordsite.

MusiXTeX. MusiXTeX Library [ to Japanese page ] This is the library of MusiXTeX, a set of TeX mactos to typeset orchestral or polyphonic music.


You can obtain some scores in MusiXTeX source files, PostScript graphic image and MIDI file. The files in this library are free to use personally, but if you change the source or use them commercially, you have to take care about the copyright rule. The Loire Chansonniers : indexes for Laborde, Mellon, Copenhagen and Wolfenbuttel. Four of the Loire Valley Chansonniers are available on the web in facsimile editions.

The Loire Chansonniers : indexes for Laborde, Mellon, Copenhagen and Wolfenbuttel

They are the Laborde Chansonnier published by Octavo /, the Mellon Chansonnier by the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library at Yale University, the Copenhagen Chansonnier by Det Kongelige Bibliotek and the Wolfenbüttel Chansonnier by the Herzog August Bibliothek. These sites represent a marvelous resource but unfortunately none of them provide detailed indexes linked to the facsimiles of the works contained in the manuscripts. This not only makes finding individual songs tedious but also means that they are poorly indexed by the search engines. The aim of these pages is to provide detailed indexes sortable by page number, song incipit and composer for the four chansonniers and so to facilitate acces to their contents as well as exposing them to the search engines.

The Latin Motet: Indexes to Printed Collections, 1500-1600. Petrucci. Renaissance music.


Diabolus in Musica Home Page. Instruments. Bands. Cantigas de Santa Maria for Singers. The Waits Website - Official Website of the International Guild of Town Pipers. Microsoft Word - guitartolute.doc - guitartolute.pdf. Miller Flute Collection: Books, Tutors, and Patents. The Dayton C.

Miller Flute Collection: Books, Tutors, and Patents

Miller Flute Collection contains over 3,000 books and numerous tutors and patents related to wind instruments. This presentation makes available one example of a tutor: One of the treasures from the Miller Collection Library is a rare 1680 edition of The Pleasant Companion: or New Lessons and Instructions for the Flagelet, by Thomas Greeting, a late seventeenth-century musician and teacher who is mentioned several times in the diaries of Samuel Pepys (1633-1703). The flageolet, variously spelled in this book as flagelet, flagilett, flagilet and flagelett, is an instrument rather similar to the recorder.



The NEUMES Project. La Trobe University - Library: Medieval Music Database - Annual cycle of feasts of liturgical chant, liturgical polyphony and secular music of the late middle ages. Browse by Text This revision of the Medieval Music Database, first mounted on the Internet in 1994 and expanded in 1996 has now further expanded the range of works which can be browsed from 7,800 to 70,000.

La Trobe University - Library: Medieval Music Database - Annual cycle of feasts of liturgical chant, liturgical polyphony and secular music of the late middle ages.

Its current scope covers all of the music of the fourteenth century and all liturgical chant currently electronically indexed, adding to these links transcriptions with modern music notation (where melodic information is available),original manuscripts where possible and links to the electronic editions themselves. Browse by Composer All of the named composers of the fourteenth century are listed, along with the alternate forms of their names.

Early Music Radio

Broadside Ballads. Music - ali.corbin. Radio Program, Blog, and Podcast - Indiana Public Media. RISM United Kingdom. CMME: Dynamic early music editions: About. Digital Image Archive of Medieval Music.