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La Trobe University - Library: Medieval Music Database - Annual cycle of feasts of liturgical chant, liturgical polyphony and secular music of the late middle ages. Browse by Text This revision of the Medieval Music Database, first mounted on the Internet in 1994 and expanded in 1996 has now further expanded the range of works which can be browsed from 7,800 to 70,000. Its current scope covers all of the music of the fourteenth century and all liturgical chant currently electronically indexed, adding to these links transcriptions with modern music notation (where melodic information is available),original manuscripts where possible and links to the electronic editions themselves. Browse by Composer All of the named composers of the fourteenth century are listed, along with the alternate forms of their names. All of the manuscript sources of their works, biographical literature and recordings are identified and cross-linked to details of each individual work, genre and manuscript. New composers are progressively being added, working backwards from the fourteenth century.

New Liturgical Movement: More on the Divine Office: Private Recitation by the Laity Whenever the NLM writes on the subject of the Divine Office, I note there is often a swell of interest, usually manifest by questions about how to pursue praying the Divine Office either in the parish or in the home. This is very encouraging. In terms of the various forms of prayer that people might undertake as part of their personal and private life of prayer, the Divine Office should rank high as a primary consideration, being that it forms a part of the corpus of the Church's liturgical prayer. Sheet Music Downloads I am a Steinway and Sons artist, have sold millions of recordings and had over 30 White House performances. Requests were made at a White House party for some Stevie Wonder tunes so I immediately pulled out my iPad, summoned and bought sheet music for "Overjoyed" and "Ribbon in the Sky". Your company has made me look great in so many performances. Thank you for this fabulous gift is to performers. - David Osborne, Steinway Artist and "Pianist to the Presidents" I sing some of the most current songs thanks to I do not know how I would be able to find such great quality piano pieces and such an affordable price anywhere else.

Miller Flute Collection: Books, Tutors, and Patents The Dayton C. Miller Flute Collection contains over 3,000 books and numerous tutors and patents related to wind instruments. This presentation makes available one example of a tutor: One of the treasures from the Miller Collection Library is a rare 1680 edition of The Pleasant Companion: or New Lessons and Instructions for the Flagelet, by Thomas Greeting, a late seventeenth-century musician and teacher who is mentioned several times in the diaries of Samuel Pepys (1633-1703). Stream Your iTunes Library To iPhone Over The Web [Mac] This is by no means a new tip. Many iPhone owners have been using this little “hack” to stream movies and music from iTunes. However, I thought it would be helpful if I were to repackage the instructions so that they are easier to follow. I’ve also added a few tips of my own. Recently, I’ve been looking for a way to stream the movies and music in iTunes library to my iPhone.

Tunebook With Sheet Music and MP3 Audio I have selected 20 tunes for this tunebook. Not all of them are Irish tunes, but they are all tunes that I have played in a contra dance band (playing second fiddle and guitar) and tunes that I like. I think that they are all quite suitable for the Irish or simple-system flute, whistle, or other melody instrument. I tried to choose a fairly even sampling of reels, hornpipes, jigs, and waltzes and airs. Originally I had planned to play each tune on the Irish flute, but I opted, instead, to record the melody of the tune in step time with a midi piano voice and do the accompaniment with guitar in real time.

Radio Program, Blog, and Podcast - Indiana Public Media Week of October 26 A Tribute to Scott Reiss We’re marking the tenth anniversary of the death of Scott Reiss, virtuoso recorder player and champion of early and traditional music. We’ll hear a remembrance from Reiss’ partner in life and music, Tina Chancey, and we’ll listen to a variety of music from his many projects and recordings. Performance Studies: Clarinet You love to perform. You love to teach. Whether you are singing your heart out in a classical chamber choir, delivering a scorching monologue, teaching a voice lesson, conducting a rehearsal, or flexing your muscles through modern dance, the Department of Music, Theatre, and Dance is there to help you perfect your technique, encourage your creative spirit, and give you a chance to shine.

Tudor Dance - Trouvere Medieval Minstrels by Gill Page will be a great resource for teachers and anyone else interested in bringing the past alive. Lots of schools want to include Tudor dance - as it's great exercise as well as feeding into the historical experience! However, there's not a lot of help for teachers, who are likely to be starting completely from scratch and possibly feeling rather at sea. Trouvère have years of experience providing Tudor workshops for schools and other groups within the UK and it's that experience that we've used in putting together this unique resource. CLARINET EMBOUCHURE The clarinet embouchure is one of the most widely misused and misunderstood aspects of clarinet playing. Over many years this writer has had an opportunity to work with young clarinetists, both beginning and advanced, and have observed a number of common faults. With careful understanding and applying a few basic adjustments, these players could begin to enjoy a well controlled clarinet tone. These faults - call them improper blowing methods - can never be corrected by simply practicing studies or long tones; the whole difficulty arises from the basic question of how one places the mouthpiece into his/her mouth. The following will be divided into Correct Procedures and Common Faults. Correct Procedures

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