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Early Childhood

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Child Development - Family and Consumer Science. Child Development Anchor Project ABCs of Babies and Toddlers. Ages and stages (Conflict Copy) Hospital seeks cuddlers to help babies of addicted moms - Story. Altoona, Blair County, Pa.

Hospital seeks cuddlers to help babies of addicted moms - Story

Sixteen years ago, about 5 in every 1,000 newborns in Pennsylvania ended up in a neonatal intensive care unit because of their mother's drug use. Now, it's around 20 babies per thousand, a 250 percent increase. Folks in our region are joining an effort to give these babies the special attention they need. Five to 7 percent of pregnant women in Pennsylvania are addicted to opioids. When they give birth, their babies go through withdrawal, a condition called neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS). NAS can make newborns very agitated, make it difficult for them to tolerate formula or even breast milk, and cause them to shake or have tremors. "We have to be careful about how we pick them up, how we hold them," says Maribeth McLaughlin, Vice President of Patient Care Services, Magee Women's Hospital of UPMC. McLaughlin, a nurse for 31 years has seen the dramatic rise in NAS. COMMUNITY SERVICE PROJECT Child Dev NEW.

Child Development Anchor Project- ABCs of Babies and Toddlers. Science & Engineering for Kids: Paper Building Blocks. Most paper crafts revolve around creating something fancy out of paper, but did you know that you could use paper as a structural material?

Science & Engineering for Kids: Paper Building Blocks

Our simple paper building blocks are a great way to demonstrate engineering for kids. Take a material that is weak in and of itself, fold it into a robust shape, like a triangle, and viola, you are now building with paper! Together Counts. The Together Counts™ Curriculum empowers teachers with the tools to help their students lead healthy and active lifestyles.

Together Counts

The lessons focus on the fundamentals of overall wellness, teaching kids to make healthy decisions that foster healthy habits throughout their lives. Learn Together Students learn about physical, social, and emotional wellness. They discover how decision making and goal setting can help maintain balance in their lives. Eat Together Students are introduced to the key elements of healthy eating patterns. Early learning toys - Timeline. TheDadLab. Project Forgive - Timeline. Countdown To Life: The Extraordinary Making Of You. Copyrighted image Copyright: BDH for The BBC 100 Trillion cells. 280 days.

Countdown To Life: The Extraordinary Making Of You

One human life. The person you are was decided before you were even born. The way you smile, the environments you thrive in, the colour of your children’s eyes – everything about you depends on an elaborate dance of biology, timed to precision. From the moment you’re conceived to the moment you’re born, each critical event in the womb can change your life forever. From the makers of Human Universe and Inside The Human Body, this blockbuster series tells the thrilling story of how you were made, by combining emotionally charged human stories with ground-breaking computer generated imagery (CGI). SFGate - Journal. Science for Kids: Chromatography Butterfly Craft. Looking for some spring themed science for kids?

Science for Kids: Chromatography Butterfly Craft

You’ll definitely want to explore chromatography using coffee filters and markers. The results from this science experiment can even be used to create a colorful butterfly craft for kids! Follow our Science for Kids Pinterest board! A warm embrace that saves lives - Jane Chen. In 2000, the United Nations adopted a set of Millennium Development Goals (MDG), one of which is reducing child mortality.

A warm embrace that saves lives - Jane Chen

MDG4 targets a two-thirds reduction in child mortality between 1990 and 2015. What are the leading factors in child mortality, and how likely is it that MDG4 will be met? Learn more about child mortality and efforts to improve child survival. Then identify something that your school or community could do to help. Good resources include: UNICEF photo essay on child mortality: UN Fact Sheet on MDG4: The World Health Organization’s Countdown to 2015: taking stock of maternal, newborn, and child survival report: Embrace: A Low Cost Infant Warmer NeoNurture: Car Parts Incubator March of Dimes: Premature Birth. How to Make Magnetic Slime.

Did you know that it’s possible to make slime magnetic?

How to Make Magnetic Slime

I didn’t either until recently when I found a post on Pinterest from Instructables about making magnetic silly putty. I really recommend this slime recipe rather than silly putty – more on that in a minute. But first, check out what magnetic slime can do! Magnetic slime is really fun to play with on its own. 80 Easy Creative Projects for Kids. 9 years of parenting, 4 years of co-op preschool and 5 years of blogging means that my family and I have tried just about a gazillion projects for kids…. okay maybe not a gazillion but certainly in the hundreds!

80 Easy Creative Projects for Kids

Some projects have made the blog, others are favorites from other bloggers, and some are just simple creative prompts and activities you can set-up in a matter of minutes. Here is a collection of 80+ EASY CREATIVE PROJECTS FOR KIDS we have tried over the years. This post contains affiliate links to products I love and recommend to my readers. Pictured Projects are shown in ITALICS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Science for Kids: Toothpick Structures. When most of us think of science for kids we think chemistry and biology projects, but why not incorporate a little engineering for kids in there instead?

Science for Kids: Toothpick Structures

I actually think building structures with kids is one of the most engaging science activities you can do together; kids love building things and they won’t even realize they are doing a fun science project at the same time! Plus this project takes just minutes to set up using materials you probably have on hand (did you save those packing peanuts from all your online purchases this year?). And be sure to scroll to the end of the post where we of course DESTROY said structures with a simple trick! This post contains affiliate links to products I love and recommend to my readers, plus it keeps this little blog o’mine afloat! 28 Days of Hands-On STEM Activities for Kids. Googly Eyes Funny, Problem Based Learning and Alphabet. 81 fun critical thinking activities. Early childhood website. Kids Crafts, Games, Recipes & Activities For Early Childhood Education!

Best Online Resources for Early Childhood Teachers. I taught preschool for five years.

Best Online Resources for Early Childhood Teachers

I think I may have learned more in those five years than I did during any of my other 15 years of teaching. Teaching in early childhood is different. You need a whole other set of strategies and techniques to be effective. There were two things that got me through those years teaching little ones. The first was an excellent mentor. 1.Teach Preschool by Deborah Stewart Teach Preschool by Deborah Stewart is phenomenal, and that’s not an overstatement. 2. If you need a fun craft or activity for your class, Happy Hooligans is your source. 3. Debbie Clement is an online resource that’s hard to sum up in a single link or image. 4. This blog has tons of teaching advice for the pre-k crowd. 5.

If you’re looking for hands on learning activities to do with your class, Preschool Inspirations is the place to be. 6. More reflective in style, Teacher Tom is a goldmine. 7.Childhood 101 8. Hands on : As We Grow is another resource-rich website. 9. National Association for the Education of Young Children. Preschool Link Express - Early Childhood Education Resource Sites. Sites for Teachers and Providers A to Z Teacher StuffEarly Childhood Education ProTeacherSeasonal Themes, Units and Lessons Child Care Lounge Joni lists of teacher resource sites. Early Childhood Education. Have you explored our Early Childhood resources? Early Childhood Activity Bank Find 400+ activities perfect for young learners. These activities have been culled from previous issues of our Early Childhood Newsletter.

Search by month for timely activities, or search the Activity Bank by subject. Early Childhood Teaching Themes Our early childhood editor, Sue LaBella, offers hundreds of activities on dozens of classroom teaching themes. Check out our archive today. Castaldo's Corner: Early Childhood Activities Educator Nancy Castaldo shares timely activities throughout the school year for engaging young children in discovery and learning. Poems for Early Childhood Sue LaBella, Education World's early childhood editor, has written fun rhymes to fit many themes. Early Childhood Today. Below is a list of early childhood resources and links for early childhood professionals. By posting some links and not others, it is not our intention to endorse specific products and organizations. The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) Offers information on early childhood education and development, accreditation, public policy, research, professional development, and more.

Join NAEYC in their commitment to improving the quality of educational and developmental services for all children from birth through age eight. Zero To Three Find resources for your work with parents of infants/toddlers, infant/toddler development, and public policy designed to improve the lives of our nation's youngest children. Online Games For Kids - Funbrain. Teacher Resources, Children's Books, Student Activities for Teachers. Educational Materials and Teacher Supplies. PBS LearningMedia. - Math, Reading Comprehension, Themes, Lesson Plans, and Printable Worksheets. Nutrition Games, Fitness Games, Kids Recipes. GoNoodle.

Student Web Links. Lesson Plans. Doing a unit on fish and seafood can be expensive so most programs leave it out. I had the privileged of working at a high school with a fish market adjacent to the school. We took a walking field trip to the fish market for a demonstration of how to select and cook fish. This was an awesome opportunity for students and helped mitigate the costs to the culinary department. With a little creative thinking, you maybe able to incorporate a seafood unit into your culinary program. Read more → We are going to pose a topic and ask you to “help us help you” by just sharing one thing you did whether it be an activity, a video clip, infographic, reading, etc. when teaching that topic.

Wonderopolis. Virginia State Licensing Standards for Day Care Centers - Family day home care is the most common form of child care in this country, especially for younger children. Parents may choose family child care for its intimate, home-like setting, flexible hours, consistency of care-giver, and small group size. Child Development : Statewide Instructional Resources Development Center. Birmingham Grid for Learning - Multiple Intelligences (Secondary)