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Early Years Learning Framework

Early Years Learning Framework

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Intentional teaching, child-centred curriculum and the EYLF Intentional teaching, child-centred curriculum and the EYLF Intentional teaching, child-centred curriculum and the EYLF This article explores how intentional teaching can be responsive to both children and the learning outcomes identified in the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) (DEEWR, 2009) and offers a useful process for professional reflection in response to curriculum directions and pedagogical change. The observations and comments presented in this article as Stacey’s Story were captured by Stacey, a novice teacher, as she adapted and implemented a resource to fit the context of a kindergarten in rural Queensland. The ‘mentor reflections’ were written by her mentor in response to foreground focuses for professional reflection. The ‘collaborative response’ captures ideas that emerged during discussions about these issues, and are followed by links to the EYLF.

Ace Day Jobs Geneticist Studies and researches genes and DNA in different organisms. "The big research breakthroughs give you such a rush. A to Z Kids Stuff Rhyme A wise old owl - StumbleUpon A wise old owl sat in an oak, The more he heard, the less he spoke; The less he spoke, the more he heard; Why aren't we all like that wise old bird? Learning to Learn in a Digital Age The following is an excerpt from Communique - Higher Education Partnerships Newsletter . Learning to Learn in a Digital Age Howard Major, Ed. D.

Understanding Programming for EYLF Proper learning as you suggest doesnt just happen at activities, it happens across the day through the relationships and interactions we have with children, through the care we give in routines, and in the friendships with other children. Totally understand this and obviously this is taken into account in play-based learning and other methods and philosophies of learning as well. From my experience ... and I have been dealing with children and learning and education for over 15 years... what I am seeing (at this particular place) I do not feel really allows the child to have the experiences that he could have and that upsets me.

My Career Match My Career Match specialises in career profiles for students – matching their personality style and natural talents with the most suited careers. Careers Advisers tell us they love using My Career Match because it gives students: Self awareness... “ it’s a powerful endorsement of their natural talents; creating self awareness of their personality and the things they are good at; improving their life skills”. Positive engagement... “actively involves students in investigating and exploring careers they might like. Listing over 50 career options for each student and live-linking them to MyFuture website is brilliant.

Alphabet Activities What follows is a collection of resources for teaching and practising the alphabet.Books When books reach a certain age they become part of the public domain. There are some wonderfully designed books that are of this age. This website is attempting to make them freely available to teachers in a useful format for the modern classroom. They are useful for teaching the alphabet but also for showing the style of books from times past.

IP glossary This glossary helps explain some of the most important IP words, terms and concepts. Skip to: ATMOSS (Australian Trade Mark On-line Search System) EYLF The IPSP online library is now live. The library will create a single collection of online resources and publications to provide comprehensive, practical information and support to assist in meeting the inclusion and professional development needs of education and care services. The initial collection is small but will be added to continuously. You can access the library through this website. The library is free and includes a range of materials: Fact sheets Policy examples Audio visual materials Professional literature on a range of topics Resources that support inclusive practice

It's the Pedagogy, Stupid: Lessons from an iPad Lending Program Recently, we were tasked with developing policies and procedures for an equipment lending program initiated within the Faculty Technology Resources Center at the University of Cincinnati. The program was conceived as a method for encouraging the use of technology in the classroom. By loaning equipment to faculty for an academic term, we would encourage them to evaluate—and hopefully innovate—the utility of various "cutting edge" technologies with no financial risks to themselves or their departments. Some colleges and universities are already providing all incoming students with iPads.

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