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Digital Education Revolution

Digital Education Revolution

Learning to Learn in a Digital Age The following is an excerpt from Communique - Higher Education Partnerships Newsletter . Learning to Learn in a Digital Age Howard Major, Ed. D. AVETMISS Training Management System Case Studies A Major Utility Service Provider The client is an electrical utilities service provider with staff and contractors exceeding 10,000 people. When the client first encountered Bluegem, they were in need of an overhaul of their current inefficient and time-consuming Training Management System. Challenges Furniture The website is currently undergoing maintenance. Our resources will be temporarily unavailable. Latest Survey Information legislation and management survey 2013 The annual Information Legislation and Management Survey for 2013 is now open.

IP glossary This glossary helps explain some of the most important IP words, terms and concepts. Skip to: ATMOSS (Australian Trade Mark On-line Search System) The Best Student Management System Michelle Rogers – Oz Training College My background is RTO Compliance | Training | RTO admin procedures – with over 20 years experience working in the Victorian TAFE sector, in DET and with RTOs. There is not much I don’t know about startups, RTO compliance and the daily tasks of training administrators. My experience includes setting up structures within the office, train the trainer and so much more. So I know what to look for in a Training Management System not just for my own business but for many of my clients. I have looked at just about everything and the decision I made to go with BluegemEXPLORE Training Management System or known as a Student Management System was threefold. Custom Server, a great system which means I have a system with everything I need, the speed of setup, training on the use of the system was second to none.

10 Things in School That Should Be Obsolete Flickr: Corey Leopold By Greg Stack So much about how and where kids learn has changed over the years, but the physical structure of schools has not. Looking around most school facilities — even those that aren’t old and crumbling — it’s obvious that so much of it is obsolete today, and yet still in wide use. It's the Pedagogy, Stupid: Lessons from an iPad Lending Program Recently, we were tasked with developing policies and procedures for an equipment lending program initiated within the Faculty Technology Resources Center at the University of Cincinnati. The program was conceived as a method for encouraging the use of technology in the classroom. By loaning equipment to faculty for an academic term, we would encourage them to evaluate—and hopefully innovate—the utility of various "cutting edge" technologies with no financial risks to themselves or their departments. Some colleges and universities are already providing all incoming students with iPads.

Project Tin Can: Phase 3 SCORM is over 10 years old. ADL, the keepers of SCORM, tasked us with researching what the next-generation e-learning specification could/should look like. We’ve been gathering information about what the next evolution in the e-learning specification world should be in five main buckets: We called it the Project Tin Can because it was meant to be a two-way conversation. It’s only fitting that the solution be named the Tin Can API. Organise the learning space in the classroom to promote learning It is possible to organise the learning space in the classroom so that students get the best opportunities to optimise their learning. Although classroom space is finite, even in the most basic 'square box' classroom there are opportunities to exploit the different ways students learn and, more importantly, the ways that students must learn, if their learning is to be the best it can be. Use the learning space to promote a combination of learning styles The first consideration when planning how to use the learning space in the classroom is to have a clear idea what the purpose of each learning activitiy is going to be.

The Real Reason Change Isn't Happening #iste12 teachers know where they're going -- they're just afraid of what will happen when they get there "The biggest barrier to tech integration is professional development. Simply giving teachers iPads won't change anything," I overhear someone saying in the Blogger's Cafe. "I agree. But it has to be rooted in educational theory," a woman responds.

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