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Teacher Tom

Teacher Tom
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Irresistible Ideas for play based learning Jeff's Edublog Naked Eye Observation Telescopic Observation Spacecraft flyby mission Orbiter observations Planetary Lander Detailed view of landscape Finding Life continue reading This post contains information and resources presented by Jeff Stanger at the 15th Biennial Science Teachers Workshop, The University of Sydney, November 5th, 2012. Wikis, Google or Office Docs as collaborative workspaces A summary of my use of wikis or shared documents as collaborative workspaces is contained within this article A video illustrating the use [...] continue reading Two examples of pedagogies that can be used with Clickers in the high school classroom are summaries in this document Teaching/Handout.pdf A pdf copy of the presentation from the CONASTA conference can be found at Teaching/Stanger SGGHS Clickers Case Study CONASTA 2012.pdf continue reading continue reading continue reading continue reading Click the image below to see a word cloud for my blog.

Lori's Crafty Spot creating a window collage Did you see the pretty window collage on the wonderful Filth Wizardry blog? I was inspired to do something similar with the children at preschool. The first step was to cut and/or tear different colours of tissue paper. We used our clear perspex easel instead of a window. Different kids arrived at different times and added their tissue paper to the easel. I had envisioned (a la filth wizardry) that the easel would be completely covered like this: But the children had other ideas. They carried over other collage materials and added them to the mix: Although it didn't turn into a stained glass window it still succeeded as a communal collage experience - and this week it will turn into a communal washing up experience!

Creative STAR Learning | I’m a teacher, get me OUTSIDE here! Inter.Connect.Ed Little Hands, Big Work Filth Wizardry