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Jeff's Edublog Naked Eye Observation Telescopic Observation Spacecraft flyby mission Orbiter observations Planetary Lander Detailed view of landscape Finding Life continue reading This post contains information and resources presented by Jeff Stanger at the 15th Biennial Science Teachers Workshop, The University of Sydney, November 5th, 2012. Wikis, Google or Office Docs as collaborative workspaces A summary of my use of wikis or shared documents as collaborative workspaces is contained within this article A video illustrating the use [...] continue reading Two examples of pedagogies that can be used with Clickers in the high school classroom are summaries in this document Teaching/Handout.pdf A pdf copy of the presentation from the CONASTA conference can be found at Teaching/Stanger SGGHS Clickers Case Study CONASTA 2012.pdf continue reading continue reading continue reading continue reading Click the image below to see a word cloud for my blog.

Lori's Crafty Spot 10 Strategies for Encouraging Students to Ask Questions (Opinion) (This is the first post in a four-part series.) The new question-of-the-week is: How can we encourage students to develop their own questions? And, once they create them, what’s next? Questioning is an essential part of any classroom. What can educators do to help students develop the skills, appetite, and confidence to develop and ask questions that are deeper and more higher-order ones? We’ll explore that issue in this four-part series. Today, Mary Beth Nicklaus, Kevin Parr, Silvina Jover, and Andrea Clark offer their suggestions. You might also be interested in The Best Posts & Articles About Asking Good Questions. Building on Students’ ‘Natural Curiosity’ Mary Beth Nicklaus is a teacher and literacy coach/specialist at Wisconsin Rapids Area Middle School in Wisconsin Rapids, Wis Students K-12 are already wired to seek out knowledge in their areas of interest. Choose a subject or reading which will inspire students. An exit ticket helps students reflect on and cement their thinking.

Inter.Connect.Ed Little Hands, Big Work 3 SEL Practices Middle and High School Teachers Can Use Every Day How do you feel about the phrase soft skills? For me (and for many), skills such as critical thinking, empathy, creativity, and teamwork are not soft skills. These are essential skills or center skills. Regardless of your teaching and learning situation (fully online, hybrid, or in person), we know that the intentional and explicit weaving of SEL into the fabric of our everyday learning and life is critical. 3 SEL Practices for Every Day 1. Use opening check-ins to give students an opportunity to identify their emotions (self-awareness). 2. Cocreate shared expectations ahead of time for collaborative work, and revisit regularly to ensure that everyone’s needs are being met (relationship skills, responsible decision-making, social awareness). As we plan to use engaging strategies, activities, and protocols, we need to offer both interactive and reflective options. 3. These are just a few ways to implement the three signature practices, and additional examples are available here.

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