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JCE Online: CQs and ChPs: CQs: Chemical Concepts Inventory The Chemical Concepts Inventory* (CCI) is a multiple choice instrument that can be used to indicate the level of chemistry misconceptions held by students. The inventory is a multiple choice instrument composed of one- and two-tiered non-mathematical conceptual questions (22 questions total). The questions are based on common commonly-observed student misconceptions about topics generally covered in the first semester of a college chemistry course. The inventory was administered to over 1400 students in a general chemistry course for science and engineering majors (all of whom have had a high school chemistry course) during the first week of a fall semester and repeated during the first week of the following spring semester. The inventory indicates that many of our general chemistry students are not fluent with a significant portion of the concepts in general chemistry. Please feel free to download this inventory and use it with your students.

Irresistible Ideas for play based learning Awesome useful Pages Teacher Education Materials Project (TE-MAT) : A Database for K-12 Professional Development Providers Creative STAR Learning | I’m a teacher, get me OUTSIDE here! Resourses Strategies to Support Mathematical Thinking Whenever I take a new teacher to observe a veteran teacher, I’m surprised at what they notice. We could have observed the most impressive lesson ever, but without fail the new teachers notice the little things in the classroom: the way the chairs are set up, the routine the teacher has established for collecting work, the posters on the wall. They inherently know that seemingly small details can make or break teachers. Back in July, Teaching Channel released a video series produced with the American Federation of Teachers showing how the Common Core math practice standards progress across the grades. If you’re like me, as you watch these videos, you will find yourself wondering how the teachers got their students to this point. The videos below are all under 3 minutes and highlight some of the strategies that form the foundation for inspiring math learning: Organization, Organization, Organization 1. 2. Problem-Solving Tools 3. 4. Creating a Joyful Math Culture 5. 6.

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