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Tomorrow's "Internet of Things": What's it all about? - business value & ICT - Telecommunications - Green IT - Orange Business Live blog

Tomorrow's "Internet of Things": What's it all about? - business value & ICT - Telecommunications - Green IT - Orange Business Live blog

Connecting material, spatial and cultural practices Some people find the naming of things to be incidental, uninteresting or even irrelevant, but from a sociological perspective the struggle to find the "right" name is critical to understanding people's interests, concerns and claims over domains of knowledge and practice. (For example, to declare the name of something an issue that needs correction, or as a problem to be solved, can be seen as the first step in what have called a sociology of translation--the successful result of which comprises an " as contested domains of knowledge and practice, so I was really interested in a conversation I followed on Twitter this morning. Now, it's actually pretty hard to sequentially represent a Twitter conversation between several people so the transcription below only approximates how it unfolded in real-time.

CourseSmart: E-readers in the classroom tattle on students who don't read them. Photo by Hannelore Foerster/Getty Images Today’s New York Times offers an upbeat take on a technology that is sure to strike panic into the guts of students everywhere: e-textbooks that tattle on you if you don’t read them. “It’s Big Brother, sort of, but with a good intent,” the dean of Texas A&M’s business school, Tracy Hurley, cheerily told the Times.

4 Steps to Transform Your Brand Into a Social Business Do you listen to customer conversations about your brand online? If so, how do you respond to those conversations? Listening on the social web isn’t hard to do. What’s hard is creating an effective response system so that when something goes wrong (and it will!) Targeting Merchants, Square Debuts Register iPad App And Analytics; Now Processing $4B In Payments Per Year As we reported earlier this year, mobile payments company Square revealed that it was planning to add a number of new operational capabilities and data analysis to the register, including in-depth analytics. Tonight, Square is debuting this functionality in the form of a new iPad app. The app aims to replicate the actual experience of a register, similar to Square’s existing iPad app. But this new, free app, called Square Register, comes as a more full-fledged point of sale offering. You can access the app here.

Study: Location-tagging growing in importance for people Kristina: Tell me about this report? David Staas, Interim CEO, JiWire: JiWire surveyed about 400 consumers to discover the motivations behind location-based photo sharing. The research showed that 72% prefer their mobile device as opposed to their camera for snapping photos. Suggestions for renaming 'the internet of things' - Rapid City Geek Culture The internet has gone through many changes since the beginning. Currently it is undergoing the beginning of true convergence with the real world around us, turning on lights and such on our phones, to embedding stuff in our stuff to help us do things like help us drive our cars better, and making sure we get in trouble for being parked longer than we paid for at the meter. The delightfully uncreative name we've given this new internet is 'the internet of things'.

» A Family’s Fight for Freedom: Lawyers Move to Block RFID Expulsion Alex Jones Preliminary Injunction Sought in School RFID Tracking Badge Case Melissa Melton November 20, 2012 Related: Student Expelled for Refusing Location Tracking RFID Badge 16 Creative Ways to Use Twitter for Business Is your Twitter activity feeling stale? The good news is that you can easily revitalize your Twitter experience! Here are 16 ways to bring new life and renewed business purpose to your Twitter efforts. #1: Organize whom you follow with lists

Mobile Payment Solution LevelUp Now Seeing $1M Per Month In Transactions; Launches API With increasing smartphone adoption and with users in turn becoming more and more comfortable using their mobile devices to do things traditionally reserved for the Web or desktops, every industry is going mobile. But, when you consider the effect mobile technology has still yet to make on transactions — ye olde exchange of money/goods — there is a huge opportunity for disruption. Carriers, OEMs, startups — everyone knows this. Three, five years from now, mobile payment solutions has the potential to be a massive business. Yet, as things stand right now, carriers and mobile OSes are still finding it hard to come to terms, with users suffering as a result.

Why Hotels Need to Care About Their Reputations [INFOGRAPHIC] It's a social media world, one where consumers rely more heavily on their peers' online opinions than ever before. This is especially true when planning a trip. A company called Olery acts as an aggregator for all reviews posted about a particular hotel online. This gives the hotel the ability to respond to reviews in a more timely fashion. Whether a patron posts to Twitter, TripAdvisor, or Facebook, the service lets hotels see such activity in real-time and respond accordingly. Olery's data, summarized in visual form below, shows that most people consult reviews before deciding where to stay.

The Mobile City » Blog Archive » Why The Economist is wrong about ‘the internet of hype’ Some weeks ago The Economist published an article about ‘the internet of things’, with the provocative title ‘The internet of hype‘. The journalist, (nick)named [?] Schumpeter, was invited to attend the corporate event Fundación de la Innovación in Madrid. US schools track teens by putting chips into students’ ID cards A Texas school district in the US is putting tracking chips into new, mandatory student IDs to keep tabs on students' whereabouts at all times. The one-year pilot test is being rolled out in October for some 4,200 students in the John Jay High School and Anson Jones Middle School, which are two of the 112 schools in the district. Students will be required to wear the cards on a lanyard around their necks and will be charged a fee for losing them. Their location will be beamed out to electronic readers throughout the campuses, Northside Independent School District spokesman Pascual Gonzalez told Some parents are protesting, comparing the tags to RFID chips used to track cattle.

Breakdown of a Dedicated Social Media Engagement or Command Center Left: Dell’s Social Media Command and Listening Center, Austin Texas. The purpose of this post is to be an industry reference for this social business use case, please leave comments with further additions. Many a year ago, I worked at a web hosting company that had a Network Operations Center (NOC) that looked like NASA’s mission control. Enclosed in a glass ‘fishbowl’ the 20-50 staff, systems, training, technology were all used in conjunction to support the network traffic of the customers websites, see Google images. The “NOC” was externally packaged and marketed as a cutting edge feature of a top performance center, touted on customer tours at HQ, and had internal mystique and prestige of those who were there.

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