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MFG Labs Adictiz Studio | Home Le Tour de France - 100 ans de Tour Robby Leonardi - Site of the Day November 29 2013 Design Usability Creativity Content Average The Internet map Your Brain Map: 84 Strategies for Accelerated Learning NZ Oil Spill Map -- Explore the possible impact of deep sea oil drilling Spill duration: 76 days A relief rig capable of deep sea drilling must be contracted to drill a relief well and stop the blowout. In the best case scenario a rig will only have to travel from Australia or New Guinea (we estimated 23 days to contract and relocate a suitable rig). Release: 10,000 barrels per day (760,000 barrels in total) In an area where little or no drilling has taken place, it is virtually impossible to predict what the flow rate of hydrocarbons from a reservoir may be. Oil type: medium crude Before drilling commences an unexplored area, there is uncertainty about the state that hydrocarbons will be in (i.e. gas, condensate or oil). Season: summer For the website probability maps, we present the results of trajectories modelled during the summer season only, as this is when Anadarko will likely be drilling (see the full report for the winter analyses). Level of concern: 1g/m2