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Anzo views Web Dashboards That Do Much More Looking to do some serious analysis of data scattered across Excel spreadsheets? Anzo web dashboards give you everything you'd expect from a state-of-the-art business reporting tool, and much more. Unlike other tools, Anzo dashboards are designed primarily for ease of use. Also unlike other tools, Anzo dashboards are not only for reporting. Next Steps Watch the video to see Anzo web dashboards in action! Issy-les-Moulineaux Medialand The City of Issy-les-Moulineaux is a Living Lab for Innovation. Issy has developed a proactive policy to build a local information society which is innovative and open to all. The strategy adopted is to follow the developments of new technologies benefiting the population across the country, without any exception. Issy is a cluster for innovation. Description of concept A "hooked-up" and Internet-literate population Issy residents are the very first to test new technologies: mobile TV, fiber optic Internet access (FTTH), power line communication (CPL), mobile remote support for the elderly, mobile phone payment of parking fees, online payment of school meals… State-of-the-art administrative services Remote procedures, electronic procurement contracts system, outsourcing of information systems, call centre, online training for municipal staff. More effective communication and Issy.TV, the first ever local Web TV channel, tools for a modern approach to communication.

Juju | Charms Scalable application services defined Charms give Juju its power. They encapsulate application configurations, define how services are deployed, how they connect to other services and are scaled. Best practice built in Juju is designed to encourage collaboration on the optimal ways to deploy, configure and connect applications to other services. Charms are vetted and scored to help give you an indication of quality and the very best charms are featured on Inside a Charm Charms define how services integrate and how their service units react to events in the distributed environment, as orchestrated by Juju. Learn more about the anatomy of a Charm › Customise existing Charms Charms are written in a variety of languages although the majority are written as bash or python scripts. Charm your application Creating new Charms is easy. Learn more about writing Charms › Are you an ISV? ISVs contact us today › Protovis Protovis composes custom views of data with simple marks such as bars and dots. Unlike low-level graphics libraries that quickly become tedious for visualization, Protovis defines marks through dynamic properties that encode data, allowing inheritance, scales and layouts to simplify construction. Protovis is free and open-source, provided under the BSD License. It uses JavaScript and SVG for web-native visualizations; no plugin required (though you will need a modern web browser)! Although programming experience is helpful, Protovis is mostly declarative and designed to be learned by example. Protovis is no longer under active development.The final release of Protovis was v3.3.1 (4.7 MB). This project was led by Mike Bostock and Jeff Heer of the Stanford Visualization Group, with significant help from Vadim Ogievetsky. Updates June 28, 2011 - Protovis is no longer under active development. September 17, 2010 - Release 3.3 is available on GitHub. May 28, 2010 - ZOMG! Getting Started

Ile Seguin: Jean Nouvel l'emporte Le conseil municipal de Boulogne-Billancourt a voté le 16 juin au soir sans surprise la révision simplifiée du plan local d'urbanisme (PLU) de l'Ile Seguin, malgré de vives protestations d'élus opposés au projet de Jean Nouvel. Le maire UMP Pierre-Christophe Baguet disposant d'une confortable majorité, le nouveau PLU a été adopté à 37 voix contre 18 pour la construction d'environ 310 000 m2 sur cette bande de terre de 11,5 hectares sur la Seine. Au coeur du conflit, les 5 tours imaginées par Jean Nouvel L'architecte veut bâtir cinq tours hautes d'une centaine de mètres sur les anciens terrains Renault, pour équilibrer les charges financières liées à la densité des équipements culturels. Après discussions, le maire de Boulogne a décidé de réduire de 20% ces hauteurs, amenant à 120 mètres la plus haute tour qui doit abriter un hôtel et à 100 mètres les autres destinées à héberger des bureaux. Avec

Intelligent Automation for Cloud - Comprehensive Cloud Management Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud unifies cloud management now and provides a framework to scale to future cloud use cases. It includes everything you need—from a platform to a self-service portal tied to automated orchestration for rapid service delivery. This framework can adapt to new use cases such as multicloud and platform as a service (PaaS) to simplify cloud-based service delivery within organizations. Boost Efficiency and Innovation See the benefits of Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud. (4:04 min) Features and Capabilities Production-Ready Cloud Services Cloud usage is advancing and organizations are no longer just provisioning virtual machines and servers. Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud (IAC) provides these capabilities and more with an extensible framework for cloud management. Ranked Highest in Strategy Cisco earns top marks for strategy in private cloud solutions report from Forrester Research, Inc. Read The Forrester Wave Multicloud Ready

Le Tour de France - 100 ans de Tour Track-n-Graph RightScale brings on-premises vSphere into its cloud management purview RightScale has long prided itself on its ability to manage multiple clouds — private, public, hybrid, from different vendors, whatever. Now it’s making its first foray into customers’ old-school non-cloudy data centers. The new RightScale Cloud Appliance for vSphere will help the many companies that run vSphere virtualization and management tools in house along with outside clouds get a more consolidated view of those mixed environments. There are a ton of VMware shops out there that are heavily virtualized but haven’t yet made the leap to cloud but are weighing that possibility. There are two major scenarios in the many RightScale enterprise accounts that run VMware, he said. Indeed, most companies with an IT budget of any size are wary of committing too much to a single vendor whether it’s in the cloud or their own data center. Other multi-cloud management offerings include Enstratius, which Dell bought earlier this year.

Robby Leonardi - Site of the Day November 29 2013 Design Usability Creativity Content Average Verifiable Les 400 salariés de Devoteam Telecom & Media rejoignent la bannière Ericsson Initié en janvier dernier, le processus de rachat de la division télécom et média de Devoteam vient d'être finalisé. Et ce, après un droit d'alerte exercé fin mars par le comité central d'entreprise de l'UES Ericsson France. De part et d'autre, le transfert n'a pas manqué de soulever des inquiétudes quant au périmètre de l'opération et à l'organisation fonctionnelle envisagée pour l'intégration de cette entité au groupe Ericsson. Dans le communiqué officialisant le bouclage de l'opération, Franck Bouétard, PDG d’Ericsson France, rappelle que « grâce à ce rachat, Ericsson va désormais pouvoir proposer aux opérateurs et acteurs médias, du conseil, des solutions et des services IT de bout en bout dans les domaines de l’Operating Support Systems, du Business Support Systems, de la télévision et des réseaux ».