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The Artist's Toolkit

The Artist's Toolkit

National Gallery of Art - Art Zone SEA-SAWS SEA-SAWS is fun for kids of all ages. Select photographs of natural and man-made objects, then arrange the pieces to create a seascape or an abstract composition. The BUILD tool helps you construct animated characters and set them in motion. National Gallery of Art NGAkids Collage Machine If the Shockwave program above does not load, download and install the plug-in. Collage Machine is fun for children of all ages. This recently updated and enlarged version incorporates images from Collage Machine I and Collage Machine II. Click a menu picture and see what happens, or roll over the question mark and hold down the mouse button to learn how the program works. Use the AUTO button for ideas. It will make a new arrangement each time you click the button.

pourlefrancais La peinture Les étrangers associent volontiers la France aux différentes formes de l’art. En effet, les noms d’artistes français célèbres sont si nombreux qu’on ne peut pas les énumérer tous! Prenons comme exemple le mouvement de l’impressionnisme qui s’est développé en France dans la 2e moitié du 19e siècle: Manet, Monet, Renoir, Degas, etc. Cette génération s’inspire de la nature et crée un art spontané où la couleur explose sur la toile. Leurs tableaux sont un vrai plaisir pour l’oeil et l’esprit. Incredible Art Department Louvre How to edit video with a Chromebook Whoever said you couldn’t do things like video editing on a Chromebook. It’s true that we are limited to awesome programs like Adobe’s suite, but there are replacements that will give casual users a perfectly acceptable experience. Video editing is possible on a Chromebook, and I am about to show you how it can be done.

Arts du FLE 24 - Mets ta classe à l'Art ! Crédit photo: image choisie par Ghislaine pour son profil Twitter Un numéro 24 consacré à l’art en classe de FLE! Vous y retrouverez des news avec notamment Adrien Payet qui viendra nous parler de son projet DramaFLE de télésimulations. Art ArtFoodHistory The Wines of Gala: Salvador Dalí’s Surrealist Wine Guide Republished for the First Time in 40 Years Last published in 1978, The Wines of Gala is Salvador Dalí’s eccentric guide to wine grapes and their origin. Filled with over 140 appropriated artworks and collages collected and created by Dalí, the book is an equally surreal follow-up to TASCHEN’s reprinting of the artist’s cookbook Les Diners de Gala. In addition to Jean-François Millet’s The Angelus, which was a constant point of reference in Dali’s works, visuals include a Bacchus-like kitten, and a sort of tableau vivant featuring Dali himself. In keeping with Dalí’s efforts to create artwork based on his emotions, memories, and dreams, the artist chose to organize the wines in the book by how they influenced his mood.