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Doodle, zentangle

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Free colouring pages for adults - Mum In The Madhouse- Mum In The Madhouse. I adore colouring in.

Free colouring pages for adults - Mum In The Madhouse- Mum In The Madhouse

Finally someone has acknowledged that colouring in is great for adults as well as children and I no longer have to use the kids colouring books. We love family colouring and have had some great evenings colouring in on a super piece of fabric I got from Ikea with fabric pens and now we can all do colouring in as a fab relaxing screen free activity. I have quite a few coloring books that I use, but I also love the fact that there are so many free adult colouring pages available.

Even Maxi loves colouring in and loves the Islamic pattern books. My friend Tasha Goddard is a talented illustrator and I am delighted to say she has shared with me two fantastic pages for my readers. Colouring In Pages - Hattifant. For the small & the BIG; the tiny & the TALL people – for everyone to enjoy… …Hattifant’s Colouring In Pages Hattifant’s Free Coloring Page Round Up Advent Calendar “Woodland Cuties” Christmas Tree Cones Coloring Pages for the Heart & Soul Mama & Baby Owl Coloring Page Baby Owl Coloring Page Owl Family Love Woodland Cuties Coloring Page Hattifant’s Dreamcatcher Coloring Page Hattifant’s Butterfly Coloring Page Mermaid Galore Magic Mermaid World Stress Relief Mandala Flowers Stripy Cuties – Croco & Monkey Stress Relief LOTUS Mandala Stress Relief Doodle Mandala GIANT Pony Love Poster Fancy Mermaid Flippers Valentine Mandalas Mandala Turtle Turtle Family Giant Mandala Flower Doodle Poster Endless Princesses Card Paisley Butterfly Mask Database Error Awake with the Owls.

Colouring In Pages - Hattifant

Avec 10 petits doigts: La roue chromatique. Bonjour bien qu'il y a BEAUCOUP d'articles sur internet, je vois beaucoup la question, "Comment vous choisissez vos couleurs?

Avec 10 petits doigts: La roue chromatique

", "Comment on utilise la roue chromatique? " Par cet article, je vais essayer de vous le faire simplifier et compréhensible de tous, car oui oui effectivement si je vous met cela sous les yeux : Vous allez me dire "Hein? Quoi? Pour comprendre cette roue, on va d'abord situer les couleurs dans la partie froide et la partie chaude, non non je plaisante pas, rappelons qu'on a les couleurs primaires ( Magenta (rouge), cyan (bleu) et le jaune) et secondaire (vert, violet et orange) et le mélange des 3 couleurs secondaires donne du NOIR Si je prend du jaune et du bleu, ça me donnera du vert, si je mélange du rouge et du jaune, j'aurais du orange etc etc avec le noir on fonce la couleur, avec le blanc on l'éclairci,(par contre ce sont des touches de blanc ou de noir) jusque là, vous me suivez toujours. Je vous souhaite une bonne journée. B. If you would like to add my TanglePatterns badge to your website, blog, etc., here's the code you need - simply click in the box below, copy and paste.


LARGE BADGE (As above, 150 px) SMALL BADGE (As above, 100px) The badge links to the TanglePatterns home page. Share the Zentangle® love! To add my 2015 TANGLE GUIDE badge - simply click in the box below, copy and paste. The badge links to the TanglePatterns EBOOKS page. Patterns that I have developed. My step outs are sometimes crazy, I usually find myself using a new pattern in a zentangle and then try to figure out how someone else could do the same.

Patterns that I have developed

My mind isn’t always logical but this is what happens. I will share all the patterns I have given steps to in this post. I apologize for some of the photo quality in my earlier postings. Zentangle. What is a Zentangle?


In a word, a doodle. A structured, contained doodle. The term 'Zentangle' was coined by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas when, one day, Maria described her experience, as she created her art, as "feeling timeless, free and engendering a sense of deep well-being". Rick recognised that she was in a meditative state and so Zentangles were born. I use the technique of Zentangle in my own artwork, incorporating them into sketching, art-journalling and collage.

On this page, I will describe how to draw a Zentangle from scratch, what materials are required for Zentangles and also show you how to use the techniques imaginatively in your own work. Note: Zentangle-inspired drawings are often called 'zendoodles'. © This page was created by TheRaggedEdge. Zentangle, savoir + Gribouillage/Doodling. Urban Elementz: Category: FREE STUFF.

Most digital designs (EXCEPT for a few older ones) include the following formats : CQP, DXF, HQF, IQP, MQR, PAT, QLI, SSD, TXT and WMF.

Urban Elementz: Category: FREE STUFF

Some designs also include a 4QB, PLT, DWF, GIF and PDF. Celebrate Celebrate Free Downloadable Pattern Insignia Insignia Keukenhof Keukenhof Monstera Monstera Pansies Pansies. VSN Doodling, Hand Lettering and Stamps eArticle. Doodling & Hand Lettering Techniques:This eArticle explores using simple doodling and hand lettering in stamped cards.

VSN Doodling, Hand Lettering and Stamps eArticle

Don't underestimate your skills! Those doodled patterns you create while you are talking on the phone or in a meeting could be just the finishing touch that your next stamped card needs. And you don't need elaborate calligraphy skills to add your own text to a card. Doodle Patterns and Templates : un album sur Flickr.