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Art Instruction For Beginners - Online Art Lessons - I Spy DIY How to Draw Eyes: 25 Tutorials, Step-by-Steps, How-To’s and Reference Photos on How to Draw Human Eyes | Drawn in Black 9 Comments | August 11, 2011 Eyes… the window into the soul as they say. Below is a collection of resources on how to draw eyes to help you make sure your drawings have soul. Tutorials UPDATE 12/10/11: If you’re looking for even more eye drawing resources, check out this great Squidoo lens on how to draw eyes compiled by Martin Stankewitz! Figure Drawing For All It's Worth by Andrew Loomis (p. 176) Drawing the Human Head by Burne Hogarth (p. 37) Eye Drawing Tutorial by Brian Huey How to Draw Eyes by Stanislav Prokopenko Drawing the Human Eye on OnlyPencil How to Draw Eyes on DrawFurry How to Draw Eyes: The Male Eye by Cataclysm-X How to Draw Eyes by JR Dunster How to Draw a Realistic Eye by DorsY69 How to draw the femal eye on Instructables Female Eye by Faith Te Drawing Cartoon Eyes by Pete Emslie Cartoon Eye Reference Sheet Manga / Anime Eyes Drawing the Manga Eye by Archvermin on DeviantArt Tutorial: Create Unique Anime Eyes by Kikariz on DeviantArt Draw Female Anime Eyes Videos Photo References

Top 11 DIY Fashion Blogs Update 7/23/12: Hey guys! I wrote this post in February of 2011 and since then I’ve discovered lots more awesome DIY blogs! Either there are tons of new ones popping up or I didn’t even know how much great stuff was out there. Keep sharing them in the comments, I love checking each one out! These are in no particular order. Honestly… WTF I Spy DIY P.S. Stripes And Sequins Studs and Pearls Lemmemakeit A Pair & A Spare Be Vain or DIY …love Maegan Phosphene Fashion Outsapop Trashion Do you love DIY, fashion and craft? Tagged as: a pair and a spare, bevainordiy, diy, honestlywtf, i spy diy, lemmemakeit, love maegan, outsapop, phosphene, ps i made this, stripes and sequins, studs and pearls

Step by Step Drawing Tutorial How To Draw... Pencil Portraits Lynn Boutique - About ~ Follow us on instagram @lynnboutiquenz for updates on stock and more info ~ Welcome to our online store ♥Lynn Boutique is a small online business which is based in Auckland,NZ. We offer fashionable and affordable clothing hand selected to match the season's trends and picks. How long until my item arrives? Shipping$4.50 shipping cost within New Zealand. PaymentsIf you are unable to pay by paypal/credit/debit card send us an email on and we can arrange payment by bank deposit. - The email you give us is important as we will use this to contact you and to let you know when we have posted your order to you etc.

Chibi drawing tutorials and gallery Chibi and Anatomy Tutorial Chibi Tutorial Draw a chibi bunny tutorial Chibi Tutorial of DOOM 2 Chibi LineArt Tutorial Tutorial :: Chibi Heads Kitanya’s Shark Chibi Tutorial Chibi Eyes Tutorial Charming Chibi Tutorial Chibi tutorial 1 Chibi Tutorial of DOOM Chibi Car – Sketch Tutorial Chibi Car – Colouring Tutorial Chibi Hand Tutorial Chibi tutorial part1 How I draw chibi girl Chibi Tutorial – super deform Ghetto chibi tutorial Chibi Hair Tutorial Capsicum’s Chibi Tutorial Now let’s see some fine piece of work by different artists. Chibi Chibi House Chibi Teepoo Chibi Fruit Ninja-Naruto Ellen Nightly Chibi Ragnarok Online – Chibi Dawl Chibi Fruit Ninja – Itachi Death Note – Chibi L Saix Chibi Chibi Fruit Ninja – Temari Chibi Fruit Ninja – Sasori Chibi Fruit Ninja – Deidara Chibi Fruit Ninja – Orochimaru Chibi Feral Chibi Fruit Ninja Tenten Chibi Fruit Ninja Neji Chibi Fruit Ninja Yondaime Chibi Fruit Ninja Sasuke Chibi Fruit Ninja Shikamaru Chibi Harry Potter

Tutorials from Gurus - SketchBook - A still life tutorial celebrating 'hot' spices. ■ The Arrival Tutorial by Shaun Mullen SketchBook Pro for iPad This tutorial will take you through the steps I use when working from a pencil sketch through to painting using limited palettes. ■ Printing TipsTechniques Many people have questions about printing, especially when working with Mobile apps that produce relatively smaller canvas sizes. ■ Is SketchBook Pro for You? Carsten Bradley is an artist, storyteller and designer. ■ 'Visiting the Ruin City'SketchBook Pro for iPad In this tutorial, ASUKA111 goes through the entire 12 hour process in the creation of Visiting the Ruin City. ■ Tutorials by Shaun MullenSketchBook Pro for iPad Shaun Mullen resides in a costal town in the UK and works on a British Defense contract as a senior electrical commissioning engineer. ■ SketchBook for iPad TutorialSketchBook Pro for iPad ■ Jim Lee: 80 Minute Wonder WomanSketchBook Pro for iPad