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TCM - 24-hour Organ Qi Cycle

TCM - 24-hour Organ Qi Cycle

Twelve Primary Channels The Twelve Meridians Scan through this whole page first. Click an organ to read everything about that organ. An ancient Chinese adage says: 'A tree grows from the roots.' The Five Elemental Energies and their cycles provide a practical working model through which the interrelationships between the human body and the natural environment may be understood and controlled. The traditional Chinese view of human physiology differs significantly from the Western view in that the Chinese have always focused attention on the function rather than the form of the vital organs. Over the ages, Chinese physicians discovered two fundamental principles which govern the vital organs and regulate their functional relationships. In the Chinese system, everything ultimately boils down to energy, a view which modern Western physics is beginning to verify. The below chart illustrates where the meridians begin and end on the surface of the body, not showing the exact paths they take.

Online Journal ::: Chinese Medicine Times Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine Directory, Find An Acupuncture Practitioner ~ TCM Directory | Simple Productivity | Zen Habits Manual Therapy Mentor » Resources for Manual Therapy Techniques I have used these manuals extensively in both my practice as a therapist and an educator. The authors are experts in the field of Manual Therapy and I know them well. If you have any interest in incorporating Manual Therapy Techniques into your clinical practice, I highly recommend you consider purchasing these manuals. They are highly worth the small investment. THE UPPER QUADRANT (2nd edition) This book illustrates manual therapy assessment and treatment techniques for the cervical spine, thoracic spine, TMJ and the upper extremity. THE LOWER QUADRANT This book illustrates manual therapy assessment and treatment techniques for the lumbar spine, pelvis, and the lower extremity. Simply click on the titles above or visit for access. The manuals feature easy to read descriptions and full colour, professional photographs of length tension testing techniques for the muscles of the upper and lower quadrants.

The McKenzie Institute - MIUSA Educational Programs Home » Educational Programs You're just 17 days away from certification in the McKenzie Method® of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy® (MDT). Completing the Program of Certification in MDT adds an incredibly effective system of musculoskeletal care to your patient services. Why the McKenzie Method of MDT? Let us show you with the FREE online MDT overview course The primary MDT Certification program: Part A: Lumbar Spine (Online component follwoed by three days onsite) Part B: Cervical and Thoracic Spine (Online component follwoed by three days onsite) Part C: Advanced Lumbar Spine and Extremities: Lower Limb (Four days onsite) Part D: Advanced Cervical and Thoracic Spine and Extremities: Upper Limb (Four days onsite) Credentialing Exam (One day onsite) Credentialed MDT providers become part of a national patient referral network and join a growing community of certified MDT providers worldwide. Once a provider has attained certification, ongoing quality assurance is very important.

[Exercise, Diet and Fitness -] The term Running Gait is a term that new and experienced runners are becoming more familiar with and are beginning to realise how important it is to choose trainers that best match the way you run. Incorrect shoes for your gait can lead to a number of injuries from ankle pain to hip pain. These injuries are discussed in more detail in the injury section of fitFAQS Your running gait, put simply, is the way in which you run. Imagine the way a car is set up. If the set up is incorrect or out of kilter, the tyres (your trainers) can wear unevenly and place stress on the axle (your legs). By choosing the right shoes, you can redress the imbalance and greatly reduce the risk of contracting a "biomechanical" injury. Running Gait Assessment Having your running gait assessed before you begin training is essential. Stores up and down the UK offer this service but Runnersneed are perhaps the most reputable and well worth visiting to get your gait analysis spot on. Over-Pronator Neutral runners

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