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The Epic List of Content Strategy Resources

The Epic List of Content Strategy Resources
Since I left SEO, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about Content Strategy. What is it? What books and blogs should people read to learn about it? What conferences should folks attend and who are the experts in the field? I thought I would assemble my favorite Content Strategy resources into a list that has everything all in one place for folks who, like me, are new to this field. But I also created this list as a way of thanking all the amazing, brilliant, and talented content strategists out there who inspired me with their work and insights. Content Strategy definition – Books – Journals – Blogs – Articles – Events – Forums – More lists A Definition of Content Strategy So what do I mean by Content Strategy anyway? Diagram describing the critical components that Brain Traffic considers in every content strategy.Graphic by Brain Traffic I think that the word plan plays a keystone role in that definition. I love her distinction between the words useful and usable. Content Strategy Books Related:  Cool, creative stuff -- a great grab-bag

Free Keyword Research Tool - Keyword Opportunity EmailEmail The other week I wrote about SERP Click Through Rates. This isn’t really useful on it’s own though. To give any meaningful insight, it needs to be combined with keyword volume (usually from the Google KWR Tool) and your current rank for the keyword. I know that rankings are a bad measurement as they are so variable – depending on personalization, location, Google testing new algorithms, etc. I’ve created a keyword research and opportunity tool. As you can see in the screen shot below, the ‘Opportunity’ tab shows your current rank, the monthly search volume and how much traffic you can gain by grabbing a number one spot. This is a screenshot of the ‘Opportunity’ tab. To make this more useful (and persuasive), I created a second version of the tool. **None of the data in the spreadsheet is real 1. 2. 3. **If you’re going to use ecom data from GA, you’ll need to remove the [brackets] from the keywords exported from the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. 4. 5. Now export all the data. 6.

Software Link Building | BuzzStream [INFOGRAPHIC]: The 10 Commandments of Typography Do you need help with typography? Here is your holy grail of modern typography that will act as your ultimate guide to font selection… Combining and choosing fonts is an art. Fonts do not come easy, but once you pull off the right typeface, it can make your graphics stand out and, who knows, that type may even come out as the most powerful element in your design! Our previous infographic, Foodies Friction – The Logo Battle! had talked about how the different brands are always competing with one another and how their logos usually end up resembling each other so much. It is true that the beauty of typography lies in its endless options, convenient variations and its colossal nature and that typography knows no boundaries and it’s like yet another galaxy out there waiting to be explored and known. The infographic below illustrates the, “10 Commandments of Typography” that could be followed as quite the basics when it comes to selecting fonts. Embed in your site: Evan Brown

The Issues In Content Marketing Today: We Ask the Experts With Content Marketing being on every digital marketer’s lips at the moment, it’s time to really sink our teeth into the subject. As businesses all over the world begin to invest larger sums of money into this burgeoning marketing form, we thought why not ask the leading voices on the subject a question or two? So we did, and here’s what we found out. In one form or another Content Marketing has been around for a relatively long time. However, it’s only really been in the past couple of years that companies and businesses have started to take this form of marketing much more seriously, especially in the world of SEO. With this in mind, we wanted to know what the big issues are surrounding Content Marketing. Ann Handley Ann is CCO of MarketingProfs and co-author of Content Rules, a best -selling book on Content Marketing. Joe Pulizzi Joe is the founder of Content Marketing Institute, and author of Managing Content Marketing and Get Content Get Customers. Ann Smarty Simon Penson Kelvin Newman

Content Strategy starter kit for beginners | Firehead You may have spotted that we’ve been writing rather a lot lately about content strategy. That’s because it’s a natural progression for web-savvy technical communicators, as well as a growth area for employment. So, although the information is accumulating quickly, we’ve compiled a Content Strategy Starter Kit to get you quickly up to speed. What is Content Strategy? Content strategy is a tough thing to define, even among leading exponents. 10 Players The first gathering of around 20 ‘content strategists’ was held on 19 March 2009 ahead of the IA Summit in Memphis. Kristina Halvorson – @halvorsonRahel Bailie – @rahelabKaren McGrane – @karenmcgraneJeff MacIntyre – @jeffmacintyreKenneth Yau – @logorrhoeaElisabeth McGuane – @emcguaneClare O’Brien – @clareobJoe Pulizzi – @juntajoeMelissa Rach – @melissarachRachel Lovinger – @rlovinger 10 Books We’ve linked to for consistency but if you’re shopping from another Euro zone, well, you know what to do… 10 Blogs 10 Social Media Hangouts

Building Your Content Promotion Strategy I know. You’ve already been beaten to death with the news content marketing is on the rise. There’s no stopping this hockey stick. Marketers and business owners have hopped onto the content marketing train and there are more blog posts, infographics, eBooks, resource guides and other content marketing goodies than ever before. But now that you’re spending valuable time churning out unique content, what’s your content promotion strategy once it’s out there? Once you’ve hit publish, what are you doing with that content? Confirm the Content Is Properly Optimized Should SEO have been a priority before you ever hit publish? We’ll give you a redo. Is your title descriptive and optimized for users? Get a handle on these things before you start pushing the piece out and you’ll have a lot less to clean up later. Share the Content via Your Social Networks Once you’re confident your post is up to par: Tweet it. Use common sense. Don’t be lazy. Get crafty using Facebook’s features and functions.

AdWords - Grade Your Google AdWords Account Performance 4 Reasons to Use the AdWords Performance Grader (Free AdWords Help) Do you have a sneaking suspicion that your AdWords campaigns could be doing better? Need to justify greater investment in PPC to your management? Any and all of these are great reasons to use the AdWords Performance Grader to get a free, instant report on your AdWords account and see how your PPC metrics stack up against best practices. Need one more great reason to use the AdWords Performance Grader? How the AdWords Performance Grader Works WordStream’s Google AdWords Performance Grader is a free AdWords tool to help AdWords advertisers better understand how well their campaigns are performing compared to PPC best practices. Your AdWords Performance Grader report includes an overall grade as well as individual grades in ten key areas of pay-per-click management: Wasted Spend - Are you making proper use of negative keywords? Enhancements Made to the AdWords Performance Grader AdWords Best Practices What is Google AdWords?

16 Free Tools That Make Content Creation Way Easier Creating content isn't always a walk in the park. (In fact, it can sometimes feel more like a sprint in a swamp.) While other parts of business and marketing are becoming increasingly automated, content creation is still a very manual job. Automation hasn't yet replaced what we do (thank goodness). That being said, there are plenty of tools out there to make creating content much easier. Click here to download our full collection of content creation templates for blog posts, ebooks, infographics, and more. Below, you'll find a list of 28 fantastic tools and resources to help you research, write, edit, and design content more easily. Let's get started. 28 Free Tools & Resources to Make Content Creation Easier For Researchers 1) Google Drive Research Tool Google recently added a tool to Drive that allows you to conduct Google searches without ever leaving your Drive window. 2) Site:search This is a handy Google hack I use every day. 3) Google Webmaster Tools Doing SEO and keyword research?

Developing a content marketing strategy - without creating any content | Outbrain partner zone | The Guardian This is not another article about content marketing. It's not intended to convince readers that content marketing can help differentiate them from their competitors, showcase thought leadership, drive traffic, or engage their customers. A quick Google search of the phrase 'content marketing for small businesses' yields more than 200m search results, meaning that there are already plenty of people out there talking about these things (and probably trying to sell small businesses something in the process). So who is this article for? Anyone who's convinced, but not sure how they can make it work for their business. It's for anyone who's ever wondered whether it's possible to have a content marketing strategy without creating any content. While the short answer to this is no, there is good news. That said, content creation still needs to play a role in your strategy. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

10 Great Content-Filled Content Strategy Blogs : Media Catherine Ventura is a New York based social media content strategist. She writes about social media engagement and social media "voice" in her blog, Venn Diagrams, and in the Huffington Post. In previous incarnations she was a film and video pro, a screenwriter, and a copywriter, all of which has contributed to her love of well-crafted, engaging content. A List Apart An online “magazine” with contributions from smart people who are thinking hard about content. Brain Traffic Great insight from Web Content Strategists Kristina Halvorson and company delivered in a friendly, palatable way. Conversation Agent Brand Strategist Valeria Maltoni discusses great strategy and great content (with an emphasis on Social Media), while gently reminding us that it’s a two-way street. Eat Media Witty, irreverent but passionate posts about content from a writerly perspective from Ian Alexander and team. Notes on Content Scatter/Gather Web Content Strategy Winning Content

Cheatsheet: #HOWTO Pick a Worthy Blog for Your Guest Article A few months ago we did a Twitter chat on how to evaluate a blog before guest blogging. There have been many questions about the same issue again and again since then. Since I think a picture is worth thousands of words (and it’s also easy to spread among your team members), here’s an easy infographic on how to choose a blog for guest contributing: {Click to enlarge} Notes: Tools mentioned on the infographic are reviewed here.You can see records of each member of MyBlogGuest by clicking number link below his photo If you enjoyed this article, Get email updates (It’s Free) Ann Smarty Founder at MyBlogGuest Ann Smarty is the founder of MyBlogGuest. Latest posts by Ann Smarty (see all)

Radio4SEO Von Radio4SEO zu WAYNE Mit WAYNE meldet sich Marco Janck nach fast zwei Jahren Abstinenz zurück in der Welt der Podcasts. So ganz ohne ging es dann doch nicht. Doch das ist jetzt Vergangenheit, denn Marco Janck ist wieder zurück auf Sendung. Für die Nostalgiker unter euch oder zum Nachschlagen bzw. Mein Podcast-Equipment

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