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How to improve your design process with copy docs. Organize your writing with this easy method Many user experience writers (UX) and content strategists are familiar with design tools like Sketch, InVision, and Balsamiq.

How to improve your design process with copy docs

These are great resources for a team to share feedback on wireframes, mockups, and prototypes. But what about the copy? How do you and your team decide on in-product copy to place in those wireframes, mockups, and prototypes? For many teams, the answer is something like, We copy and paste from an email or a Slack post. If this sounds familiar, your UX team could benefit from using copy docs. Copy docs stem from the advertising world, where they’re typically called copy decks.

There are typically two main differences between old-school ad agency “decks” and new-school UX copy docs: New-school copy docs include images (screenshots or mocks) and show copy recommendations within a visual context while traditional copy decks usually only included text.Old-school copy docs were emailed back and forth, a cumbersome process. Préconiser / recommander. 5a99d9447a31860001bb2292 content strategy toolkit chapter 1.

Content + UX Resources. Content + UX Resources. The Epic List of Content Strategy Resources. I’ve collected over two hundred of the best content strategy resources below.

The Epic List of Content Strategy Resources

My goal is to make it easy for you to learn about the field of content strategy, find content strategists and blogs to follow, and, hopefully, start contributing to our community. The people I mention are experts in the field of content strategy—I’m so grateful to them for sharing their ideas and experiences with us. But I’m even more excited for you to join our conversation. Let’s get started! Definition – Books – Journals – Blogs/Websites – Articles – Events – Forums – More lists.

The Content Strategist’s Reading List - Brain Traffic. Break out your reading lists, content strategists.

The Content Strategist’s Reading List - Brain Traffic

You’re going to want to add these titles to your to-read pile. I recently asked Twitter, “What books should be on a content strategist’s bookshelf?” My notifications BLEW UP. It was exciting … and overwhelming. My solution was to make a big list, then sleep with it under my pillow in the hopes that I would magically osmose all the knowledge without having to buy everything. But, who are we kidding—I already own a lot of these, and my Amazon cart was soon sagging under the weight of the rest of them. Integrating Content Thinking Into Your Design Workflow. In early March I attended Convey UX, a three-day conference in Seattle focused on the impact of UX design, the possibilities of user research, and the importance of designing with humans in mind.

Integrating Content Thinking Into Your Design Workflow

The agenda included talks on everything from machine learning UX and designing for the pluriverse to designing for underserved communities. There were also interactive workshops, social breakfasts and lunches, and guided networking sessions. One of the most impactful sessions for me, a senior interaction designer by day, was Wednesday’s workshop entitled “Integrating Content Thinking Into Your Design Workflow.” Led by Brittney Urich, the session focused on incorporating content strategy into our design process, and creating user-centered content while accommodating business and stakeholder needs. Content strategy is closely tied to UX design; it evaluates existing copy in the UI to ensure it meets user needs and creates a seamless experience. Role Assignments The Pitch Site Audit Brand Identity. Same same but different: reflections of a copywriter-turned-UX-writer — Greta van der Merwe. “So, how did you get into UX writing?”

Same same but different: reflections of a copywriter-turned-UX-writer — Greta van der Merwe

Is a common question… among UX writers. About — Brittney Urich. 5 principles for effective experience content - Optimal Workshop. When we think of a product redesign, our minds tend to focus on aspects of visual design.

5 principles for effective experience content - Optimal Workshop

New colors, bold typography, a more minimalist design. L’UX Writing, c'est quoi en bref ? - Kontnü. The style guide struggle is real: 5 things I’ve learned while trying to create one from scratch. Internationalization - Shopify Polaris. Voice and tone - Shopify Polaris. Our tone adapts to the context.

Voice and tone - Shopify Polaris

We’ll use certain voice attributes more or less based on the situation. Often people frame tone guidance around adapting to the emotional state of the audience. The reality is we never know a person’s emotional state. Even when things seem the most positive, we can’t be sure. While it’s helpful to consider how your audience is likely to feel, don’t assume or tell them how to feel. Everyday tasks and activities When everything is working as it should, our goal is to give people what they need to get work done, without getting in the way or drawing attention to ourselves.

Look for the simplest way to communicate information—words aren’t always necessary. Use overly complicated or intimidating language. Be consistent for identical actions or destinations when possible. Delete productDelete collection Add extra text just to fill space. Learning and education Sometimes it helps to give more explanation or education. Oversell or overpromise. Simple errors Product saved. Writing for Web & Mobile. Hemingway Editor.

Learn the Fundamentals of UX Writing Online. Écrire sur... un flexible de douche - Maison Azincourt. H1 : Vous recherchez un flexible de douche ?

Écrire sur... un flexible de douche - Maison Azincourt

Nous avons le produit idéal ! Halte, ne bougez plus ! Vous ne le savez pas encore, mais vous venez de trouver le flexible de douche que vous recherchez maintenant depuis quelques minutes ! Inutile de mentir, nous le savons bien : vous souhaitez remplacer votre flexible dans votre salle de bain, soit par praticité, soit par goût esthétique, ou peut-être est-il devenu défectueux – qu’importe à dire vrai, puisque vous avez ensuite tapé « flexible de douche » sur Google, avez parcouru plusieurs sites, êtes tombé sur celui de Leroy Merlin, et épluchez dorénavant des flexibles en inox de 150 centimètres de long à la recherche de celui qui vous siéra le mieux.

Et si vous aviez enfin trouvé flexible à votre pied ? H2 : Présentation de notre flexible de douche chrome de 150 cm SENSEA Solidement harnaché au robinet sur lequel il puise sa source, ce flexible de douche d’inox étincelant s’élève et s’enroule jusqu’à la barre qui le soutient.

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