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How to Undo the Damage of Sitting - 7 Simple Exercises

How to Undo the Damage of Sitting - 7 Simple Exercises
If you’re like most men living and working in a techno-service economy, you probably spend a good deal of your day sitting down. You go from the kitchen table to your desk at work to your chair in front of the TV. But as we’ve discussed before, spending most of your waking hours planted on your keister is terrible for your health. You’ve probably experienced those moments when you get up from a sitting position and your butt feels numb and your hips feel so tight that you have to lean forward at the waist just to walk. Excessive sitting leaves your hips and legs tight and your glutes inactive. Even after you stand up, the ill effects of sitting stay with you and may prevent your butt muscles from firing at an optimal level when you really need them – like when you suddenly need to chase down a purse snatcher! Some fitness experts argue that sitting causes muscles in the hip area to physically shorten (and stay shorter), even after you stand up. Stretch Out Those Hips Leg Swings Grok Squat

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How to Get a Super Strong Immune System Naturally - NaturalON In today’s world, it seems as if we do everything possible to avoid disease, except improve our immune system. We dump ice water on ourselves, walk, run, and eat for charities, but the most powerful weapon for fighting disease is within our own hands. The best way to fight any disease, whether it be the common cold or cancer, is our very own immune system.

9 Simple Ways to Boost Your Home Wi-Fi Network We’ve all been there: You're watching the latest season of Orange is the New Black on Netflix when, all of a sudden, the video jerks to a stop—and the endless buffering begins. It's frustrating when your network slows down (or shuts down completely), but there are a few tricks you can use boost your Wi-Fi signal. Here are a few of them. Most people hide their routers because they’re unsightly or in the way, but placing a router in a closet or in a cabinet is a one-way ticket to slow Wi-Fi: Walls and doors can degrade and absorb signal strength. Find a central location in your home and put your router on a table or bookshelf.

16 Things I Wish They Had Taught Me in School I am 28 now. I don’t think about the past or regret things much these days. But sometimes I wish that I had known some of things I have learned over the last few years a bit earlier. Question: What Stops Alzheimer's, Lowers Blood Pressure, And Prevents Colds? There’s one activity that eases stress and fatigue, limits how long you’re sick, boosts bone mass, strengthens your legs, burns fat fast, reduces your risk of glaucoma, halves Alzheimer’s, prevents colon cancer and improves balance. What is it? Walking. Getting out for a daily walk of at least 30 minutes can do a lot to reduce the amount of stress in your life and can make you a happier, healthier you. Why not give it a whirl? How to Sound Smarter in 7 Steps The worst of the winter weather is now (hopefully) behind us, and the days are getting longer and warmer. So unless we have some winnol-weather or lamb-storms on the way, it seems spring is finally coming. With that in mind, here are 18 words you might find useful in the weeks and months to come. Derived from lagneia, a Greek word meaning "lust," vernalagnia is a more formal name for what’s otherwise known as "spring fever"—a brighter and often more romantic mood brought on by the return of fine weather in the spring. One 1958 medical dictionary described vernalagnia as the “awakening of sexual desire in the spring.”

7 Smart Ways to Deal with Toxic People Don’t let toxic people rent space in your head. Raise the rent and get them out of there. Surviving the ups, downs, and lightning storms of other people’s moodiness can be quite a challenge. Natural Health Zone 8 Nutritional Powerhouses You Can Add To Your Water To Support Digestion, Hydration and Cleansing - Natural Health Zone Photo (under license) – © Magdalena Kucova – How many of us actually follow the “eight glasses of water a day” rule? Plain water can be a bore to drink, especially if a person’s day doesn’t include strenuous activities. But there are ways to help make water more inviting to drink! Adding herbs, fruits, and vegetables to your water not only adds flavor but might make your water healthier.

Bad sleep 'dramatically' alters body A run of poor sleep can have a potentially profound effect on the internal workings of the human body, say UK researchers. The activity of hundreds of genes was altered when people's sleep was cut to less than six hours a day for a week. Writing in the journal PNAS, the researchers said the results helped explain how poor sleep damaged health. Heart disease, diabetes, obesity and poor brain function have all been linked to substandard sleep. What missing hours in bed actually does to alter health, however, is unknown.

One Woman's Lessons From Living On The Street Susan sits on a park bench in Washington, D.C. She has struggled with homelessness for nearly two decades. Gabrielle Emanuel/NPR hide caption itoggle caption Gabrielle Emanuel/NPR Susan sits on a park bench in Washington, D.C. The Grandmother of All Antioxidants Photo credit: You’ve certainly heard about antioxidants before. They are the reason we strive to eat more organic fruits and vegetables.