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Paperman - Full Animated Short Film

Paperman - Full Animated Short Film

480 courts métrages d'animation pour tous les goûts Les Courts Métrages Swan Cake 02 juin 15 Six Coups –… 04 nov 14 Amir & Amira… Christopher, je t'en prie, nettoie ta chambre! par Vincent Gauthier Générique réalisation Vincent Gauthier animation The Lady and The Reaper An old lady is nearing the end of her days and she longs to be with the husband she has lost. So, when death pays her a visit on night in the form of a rather comical Grim Reaper then she touches his extended hand without fear. Only, she has not considered that a meddlling doctor on our side of the great divide will decide that she must be resuscitated . So ensues a terrific fight between the Reaper and the doctor, who fight fiercely over the mortal coil of the ancient dame.

Descobrindo a Animação: Aprenda a animar em Cutout com Terry Gilliam (1974) Deoos TV - Blog de Animação Você sonha em criar hilárias animações de recortes no estilo Monty Python ? O jovem Terry Gilliam nos ensina passo-a-passo como executar seu próximo projeto no programa Bob Godfrey`s Do It Yourself Animation Show , programa televisivo da BBC de 1974. O cutout utiliza recortes de papel para compor cenas e personagens. Atualmente, o estilo cutout é criado com o uso de computação gráfica, com imagens escaneadas ou desenhos em vetor facilitando todo o processo de desenvolvimento da animação. Terry nos ensina o modo antigo de criação com toda sua deliciosa simpatia, e ensina inúmeras etapas: desde a escolha de imagens para compor personagens, cenários e efeitos, as limitações da técnica e a falta de sutileza no movimento, a montagem do story board, iluminação, marcação e filmagem (fotografias). Postado por Andressa Yamashita Editora Deoos TV

Full Pixar’s Short LA LUNA Is Here & Available For All! 11.4KGoogle + Don’t worry guys, we’re not here to give you a broken link! The only thing you need is a comfortable seat. That’s all, because we have Pixar‘s Oscar-nominated shorty La Luna, and as usual – we want to share the fun with you! The Me Bird, une poésie contée par une animation artistique Inspirée d’un très beau poème de Pablo Neruda, l’animation « The Me Bird » est une superbe création en stop-motion. Réalisée par le studio brésilien 18bis, elle est à découvrir dans la suite de l’article. Le poème à l’origine de la vidéo est celui-ci : I am the Pablo Bird, bird of a single feather, a flier in the clear shadow and obscure clarity, my wings are unseen, my ears resound when I walk among the trees or beneath the tombstones like an unlucky umbrella or a naked sword, stretched like a bow or round like a grape, I fly on and on not knowing, wounded in the dark night, who is waiting for me, who does not want my song, who desires my death, who will not know I’m arriving and will not come to subdue me, to bleed me, to twist me, or to kiss my clothes, torn by the shrieking wind. That’s why I come and go, fly and don’t fly but sing: I am the furious bird of the calm storm.

5 Classic Cartoons They Don't Want You To See Who doesn't love cartoons? The Man, that's who. They insist on editing away those wonderful animated moments of horrifying violence, profanity and outright bigotry that cartoons from all eras like to slip in from time to time. Typically they only get to slip it in once before parents and advertisers drop the hammer and get the episode pulled forever. Here are some of the moments they don't want you to see... though upon further review, we're thinking they may have been right. Donald Duck Gets in Der Fuhrer's Face

10 Must-See Animated Short Films Movies and TV No matter how old you are, I’m sure you’d love good animations and cartoons. I still remember spending my whole afternoons watching Cartoon Network when I was still a kid. But even more so than what’s available on your local cable channel, a lot of good animations are also available on Youtube! The short films are a special mention, as many of them come with a good story. The list below has 10 popular short film animations (in no particular order) you must see on Youtube. Animated Short Films A film about design. If for one day you had the power to make your world work better, what would you change? Shape is part of a project to get young people thinking about how the world is made around them, and where design fits in. This film and the accompanying website was commissioned by Pivot Dublin and Dublin City Council to promote wider acceptance and use of design as a tool for positive change. Film credits:

In Cute Animation, Water Finds A Friend In A Phone To highlight the waterproof attribute of the Sony Xperia, the company has run short animations on TV in Hong Kong—depicting ‘water’ finding a ‘phone’ friend. Reminiscent of Melbourne, Australia’s Metro Trains’ campaign ‘Dumb Ways To Die’, the first of the adorable spots show how water killed the phones it wanted to befriend, until it found one it couldn’t ‘kill’—the Sony Xperia. Watch it below: [via Campaign Brief Asia] Receive interesting stories like this one in your inbox

15 Amazing Animated Short films - StumbleUpon We all love short animated films, but creating short film is very hard task. Putting whole story in 5 to 10 minutes is not easy. Can you imagine? Few films produced after working hard more than 6 years! Animated Short Movies » Life-Changing Arts Movie shorts, or short animations are a unique form of art, which can inspire and enlighten just like any other art form. Sometimes even more so. Here is a selection of inspiring, or for some reason animated short movies, here shown in their original full length. Thanks to all the visitors who have contributed with their detailed suggestions! That is why there are now two pages of great animated shorts! If you think there is a short animated movie that should be added, let us know which, and why.

Skhizein - short film by Jeremy Clapin Having been struck by a 150-ton meteorite, Henry has to adapt to living precisely ninety-one centimeters from himself. An animated short that runs for only 13 minutes, this tells the rather comical and yet sad story of a man affected by a meteorite in a most peculiar way. Once he has been struck he finds that his body is now constantly 91 centimetres from where it should be. To open a door, sit down, answer his telephone, etc, he has to perform all of the actions exactly 91 centimetres away from where he normally would, laws of physics having taken a long walk off a short pier. With a warm, wonderfully rendered style and a mixture of great detail and enjoyably abstract moments, this little piece of animation is, quite frankly, an absolute joy. The bizarre central concept is brilliantly realised and handled so well that you never laugh AT the ridiculousness of the whole thing although you do get a chance to laugh ALONG with a number of great moments.

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merci surtout de m'avoir permis de le découvrir - et origami aussi... Un vrai régal ! je vais aller à la découverte des autres courts metrages de cette perle ! by catbar Mar 3

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Paperman, le court-métrage nommé aux Oscars a été dévoilé par Disney sur YouTube. Le film raconte une histoire d'amour en noir et blanc en alliant technique moderne, images de synthèse et dessins traditionnels. Découvrez tout de suite ce chef d’œuvre ! L'univers de Paperman est très éloigné des derniers films d'animation de Disney (Les mondes de Ralph et Rebelle), nous découvrons ici le quotidien morose d'un employé de bureau au mode de vie "métro-boulot-dodo" auquel chacun peut facilement s'identifier. Un élément va venir perturber le quotidien du protagoniste principal : une rencontre qui va changer sa vie ! Véritable conte de fée moderne empli de poésie, le court-métrage a enchanté l'équipe. Ce serait la fin idéale pour la série "How i met your mother" ;) ! Alors, plutôt pour des Disney dans un univers contemporain ou fantaisiste ? by barrezladifference Feb 4

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