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DIY Dreamcatcher Jewelry

DIY Dreamcatcher Jewelry
Fashion is heading in a more natural direction. Organic clothing is on the up and up, as well as feathers, fur, fringe, crochet, and anything with an earthy feel. To get in touch with your inner flower child, try making and wearing these DIY Dreamcatcher jewelry pieces. You will need: 1 or 2 small metal ringsBlack or colored suede cord, ribbon, leather, or fabric (unless making the earring style, which requires no wrapping)White linen cord (approx 1 yard)FeathersBeadsGluePaperclip Directions (pictures by Burn Out Brite): Begin by taking your suede cord and wrapping it tightly around your metal ring. Tie the white linen cord as close to the suede knot as possible. Once you’ve gone around the entire ring, make your next loop stitch in the middle of your first white linen cord stitch. Keep moving clockwise, finishing a row and beginning a new one until you reach the very middle of the dreamcatcher. Add a bead and tie off the knot.

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iLoveToCreate Blog: Delicious DIY Donut Necklaces Being the true foodie that I am I thought it would be fun to make some yummy donut pendants using puffy paint and metal washers. I've been seeing a lot of donut fashion art lately and wanted to join this delicious trend! What you need: – Metal washers – Scribbles Dimensional Fabric Paint –Embellishments: Seed beads, micro beads, glitter, etc. –Necklace chain (whoops, forgot to photograph it) – pinbacks – Paintbrush – Paper plate or palette It's been one of those days...: Getting experimental I've had fun with molds, resin, mixed media and trinkets lately. The mixed media and steampunk look is so hot in scrapbooking right now, the metals, trinkets and other bits and pieces might not be incredibly acid free, but as far as creative play is concerned, there is nothing better. But because I love to experiment, and because I always have to take things one step further, I couldn't resist trying to make my own molds.

7 Nifty Ways To Hang And Organize Things I have been bitten by the organizing bug. It all started since moving with only five boxes (really should do a post on that, life changing!). I have learned that it is much easier to organize when you have less stuff. Much more fun too! I found some pretty genius ideas on Pinterest that I had to share. Hidden Kisses - a leather and yarn diy bracelet I’ve been on a mission to create more fun jewelry that my boys would like to wear. I’ve mentioned this before, but I dig it when boys wear bracelets (and rings!). My daughter loved this bracelet too, so I really think it could be for either girls or boys.

Wax Bud Tiara Tutorial Orange blossom circlets and tiaras were a frequent bridal accessory in Europe and the U.S. as early as the early 1800′s and was actually adopted from ancient China as the orange blossom was a symbol of purity, innocence, and fruitfulness. Then Queen Victoria wed wearing one in 1840 and it was all over. In Victorian times the orange blossoms were the standard for all weddings, well into the 1050′s.

the photo-to-wood transfer This Christmas, I made most of my gifts. The majority of the handmade items were photos transferred onto blocks of wood. It was something memorable to give family (especially for parents, who never seem to need anything!). Everyone seemed to really like them. DIY Tassel Key Chain Anthropologie Inspired I’m lovin the look of the Palo Alto Tassel Key Chain at Anthropologie! Tassels, tassels everywhere! I love tassels almost as much as dingle ball trim. Searching the web I came across this cute summer key chain bling to clip to your purse or keys, when I zoomed in on it I knew I could make one of my own! My daughter got in on the fun as well, so I guess you could call this an easy teen project! We are now addicted to these bohemian tassels So much so I even went one step further with them, they deserve their own post and it is coming soon!

diy. shrinky dink necklace. Finally got around to using my Shrinky Dinks! My inspiration comes from these wonderful clown eyelashes that I stumbled across online. This just goes to show you that you can find inspiration anywhere! Weekend Project #1 - Terrariums for Pinterest Challenge I love projects and Pinterest so when Sherry over at Young House Love posed the 2nd Pinterest Challenge I had the perfect pins in mind. Dylan got me these great fish bowl bookends two birthdays ago and we've had little success keeping any kind of fish alive in them. (R.I.P Goldfish 1, Goldfish 2, Goldfish 3, Goldfish 4, Betta 1 and Betta 2 - you were doomed from the start without names.) One day it suddenly dawned on me that they could be terrariums! They don't have lids, so mossy dioramas were out of the question, but after a little searching I found that succulents would be perfect.Pinspiration for my project: Supplies - Glass fish bowl bookends, tiny succulents, Cactus/Succulent potting soil, decorative stones, and a spoon.

Making Your Own Bracelet with Half Hitch Knots for Your Best Friends We all have friends, friendship is to human what water is to fish. We share our sorrows and happiness together. So make your own friendship bracelet for your best friends! Here we go! Materials needed in making friendship bracelets with half hitch knots: T. J. Potter, Sling Maker - 6 strand flat braid Instructions for a 6-strand Flat Braid I have included two ways to make this flat braid. The first is simply the normal braiding method, and the second is more of a finger weaving method. The structure of the braid is basically the same for both methods, but because of the difference in the way tension is put on the strands, the two methods produce somewhat different looking results.

Homemade "Vicks Vapor shower disks" Have you seen the commercials for the Vicks Vapor shower disk thingies? You put one of these disks in your shower, and voila thanks to the vapors in it, you're magically healed, your cold is gone, and your face is shockingly free of snot. I always used to watch the "Noxema girl" splashing water on her face and wondered how she was able to wash her face without being completely overrun with boogers. I'm the only one?