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Popsicle Stick Narukvice

Popsicle Stick Narukvice
So I was looking through my vintage craft book collection and ran across a 1970 Pack O’ Fun magazine. They had instructions on how to take a simple popsicle stick and turn it into a bracelet. I’m always happy to try and take a good idea and run with it. Well, I’m certainly on board for that. The thought of being able to make wood pliable put all kinds of ideas in my head. Are you new to the Sitcom? For this project I used: Popsicle sticks (bought the industrial strength size bag from Walmart because this project might go in future directions)Drinking glass (for forming- use a glass with a top opening that is slightly smaller than you want your bracelet to end up)Emory board or sand paperAcrylic paintStick on jewels (for bling)Mod Podge The instructions in the magazine called for allowing the popsicle sticks to sit in water overnight. I found that I still had to work the wood, warming it with my fingers, to make it pliable enough to fit into the top of the glass without splitting. Related:  bijouxJewelry & AccessoriesCrafts

Bijoux en perles : techniques et noeuds Pour réaliser des bijoux en perles, aucune habileté particulière n’est requise. Mais quelques conseils ne seront pas de trop pour te sentir à l’aise avec les fils, les noeuds et les tresses. Voici donc un petit panorama des techniques de base qui te permettront de mieux travailler et avec plus de sûreté (la technique de la tresse, du double fil, de la fleur, en étoile, et les noeuds). [pub] Technique de la bande Cette technique peut être employée pour créer des surfaces plates et larges de rangs de perles. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Technique de la tresse Cette technique est très fréquemment employée pour créer des colliers et des bracelets. Technique en tortillons Cette technique très simple est employée pour la création de colliers et bracelets. Technique du double fil Cette technique sert à la fabrication de bagues, de bracelets et de colliers. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Technique de la fleur Cette technique d’un grand effet permet de créer une infinité de variantes. Technique en étoile Noeud de base 1. 2. 3.

Zip-up Earbuds I love to have my music with me everywhere I go, but I hate the tangled mess my wires become when I toss them in my bag or pocket. Last night I whipped up a fun and functional solution by adding a zipper to my earbuds. This project took me around an hour to do (perfect for catching up on some t.v. from The supplies are few; basic sewing supplies, a pair of headphones, and a nice long zipper. I happened to have this crazy purple and gold nike zipper I found thrifting a while ago, it seemed perfect for this project. The first step is to pull the earbuds apart, to separate the wires all the way down to the plug. Next, take one side of your headphones and one side of the zipper tape and start stitching the wire into the tape. It’s as easy as that! Then unzip them to the length I want and put them on so much faster than having to untangle the mess!

"20 Bracelet Patterns: Macrame Bracelets, Friendship Bracelets, Hemp Bracelets, and More" eBook | [ Close Privacy Policy ] Privacy Policy / Your California Privacy Rights Revised and posted as of March 25, 2015 Prime Publishing, LLC ("Company," "we" or "us") reserves the right to revise this Privacy Policy at any time simply by posting such revision, so we encourage you to review it periodically. In order to track any changes to this Privacy Policy, we will include a historical reference at the top of this document. This Privacy Policy will tell you, among other things: Your California privacy rights. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT/YOUR AGREEMENT Company websites are not intended for use by individuals under the age of 18 or those who are not legal residents of the United States. HOW DO WE COLLECT INFORMATION AND WHAT INFORMATION DO WE COLLECT? Distribution Partners Website operators that license our ad serving technology pass information to us so that we may serve advertisements to you. Website Registration Forms We collect information about you when you register on one of our websites.

Tuto: Double spirale Rope - Perles, etc... Suite à des demandes de copines, j'ai tenté de faire un petit tuto de la double spirale rope. Il y a, pour cette spirale, 3 types de groupes de perles: les perles de corps (centrales), les perles du motif 1 (extérieur) et celles du motif 2 (extérieur) Etape 1: Enfiler 4 perles de "corps" (rocailles de 8 au minimum) et les perles du motif 1 (ici j'ai choisi une séquence r15, r11, ronde de 3 mm, r11, r15.... mais l'avantage de cette spirale c'est que vous pouvez tenter presques toutes les combinaisons de perles) Etape 2: Repasser dans les 4 perles de corps. Etape 3: Enfiler les perles du motif 2 (ici, même séquence que pour le motif 1 mais de couleurs différentes) et repasser dans les 4 perles de corps. Etape 4: Ajouter 1 perle de corps + les perles du motif 1. Etape 5: Passer dans les 3 perles de corps les "plus hautes" du travail ET dans celle que l'on vient d'ajouter en piquant A CÔTE du motif 1 du rang précédent) Etape 7 : Ajouter les perles du motif 2. Voilà ce que çà donne! A retenir:

Negative Butterfly/Flower Whew. Ok. "Negative" week has literally tuckered me out. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Note: This is original work. diy project: jane joss’ recycled quilt flowers | Design*Sponge sadly yesterday ran away from me and i wasn’t able to post a project from jane joss i’d been excited about all week. jane joss is an alias for alyssa and joslyn krismer, former college roommates turned sisters-in-law (married to twins!). these self-taught seamstresses have a love of cool fabric and create some really incredible crafts and home accessories from their collections of great textiles. inspired by nature and beautiful prints, alyssa and joslyn now create modern fabric arrangements and potted plants which they sew and construct by hand. i’ve been a fan of their “sweet leaves” collections on etsy for a while and was thrilled when they agreed to share a DIY project inspired by their textile flowers. and the best part about this project? CLICK HERE for the full project steps after the jump! Alyssa (Jane of Jane Joss) inherited a gorgeous quilt from her great-grandmother, but it was falling apart and beyond repair. To duplicate our project, you’ll need:

Raphia addict! Après avoir craqué pour la collection estivale de Dolce et Gabbana, j’avais réalisé mes premières boucles d’oreilles (déjà présentées ici) et je ne me suis pas arrêtée là ! Ces boucles d’oreilles colorées, imposantes et pourtant ultra légères se coordonnent à toutes les tenues ! Réalisée en duo avec mon aînée, Pauline, voici la mini collection que nous avons créée (et déjà largement étrennée !!!) pendant les vacances, à l’heure où d’autres faisaient la sieste ! Les écheveaux de raphia ainsi que les perles noires des premières B.O. et les supports des B.O. avec les têtes de Bouddha proviennent de chez Cultura. Tous les autres apprêts (boucles, estampes et cache-nœuds) proviennent de Perles & Co. Pour la réalisation des pompons, la méthode est ici! J’avoue ! Et vous, lesquelles préférez-vous ? Commentaires sur Raphia addict!

Glass Pendant Easy. Cheap. Adorable. How can you pass up something like this? I found places online where they sold the tutorials on how to make these glass pendant necklaces. Supplies: paperexacto kniferulercutting boardglass tiles* (rectangular, circular, or square shapes available)bails* (I used aanraku small size)clear glue (I used Diamond Glaze. *glass pendants and bails can be found pretty much anywhere online… Amazon, Etsy supplies, etc. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Featuring Thea, my model…