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Wire Wrap Tutorials

Wire Wrap Tutorials

Simple Jewelry Making Ideas-One of a Kind Hoop Earring Making hoop earrings are entirely an attractive and surprisingly simple way to make jewelry. Even a junior crafter can have instant success creating stylish hoop earrings. In this case, I added bright strings into my pattern. Once you have them done, you have a pair of beautiful hoop earrings that you know are totally unique in the word. Supplies needed for the simple hoop earrings: Bright 1mm Nylon Thread Blank Hoop Earring 0.5mm Brass Wire (or 2mm aluminum wire) Scissors Side Cutting Pliers Flat Nose Pliers How to make the easy hoop earrings? Step 1: Prepare the threads Take the nylon threads and snip into 10 segments of 10cm long for each color; Step 2: Attach the threads to hoop 1st, take 5 of the Magenta threads, attach to the hoop by tying a Lark’s Head Knot; 2nd, then add the lime green ones, yellows ones and light blue ones. Step 3: Wrap the wire Take a 0.5mm Brass Wire (or 2mm aluminum wire) to wrap the Lark’s Head Knot as picture shows. Repeat the same process for all thread bunches.

Wall Decor | Metal Wall Art | Wall Art | Easy Wire Jewelry Hajlítottam már sok-sok fülbevalót, medált és néhány kar- illetve nyakláncot is, de valahogy a gyűrűkkel nem boldogulok. Készítettem már párat, de végül egyik sem nyerte meg annyira a tetszésemet, hogy közzétegyem. Ez az első olyan darab, amit meg merek mutatni, és ami nekem is tetszik. J Lehet, hogy azzal volt korábban gondom, hogy nem jutott eszembe olyan forma, ami szimmetrikus, és amelyben a drótvégeket is szinte észrevétlenül, egy-egy csiga nélkül el tudom tüntetni. Biztos a tavasz közeledte juttatta eszembe ezt a mintát, nekem mindenesetre nagyon megtetszett. Hozzávalók 30 cm hosszúságú 1 mm-es lágy drót 240 cm hosszúságú 0,4 mm-es lágy drót 6 mm átmérőjű ásványgolyó (türkinit) Szükséges eszközök Laposfogó Kúposfogó Oldalcsípőfogó Gyűrűfelütővas Az elkészítés menete Laposfogónkkal törjük meg derékszögben a 30 cm hosszúságú drótdarabunkat kb. 10 cm-re az egyik végétől, majd fűzzük fel rá az ásványgolyót ellentétes irányból.

Making Spiral Zen Earrings with Red Aluminum Wire Happy New Year! On some day of 2014 January I made a pair of spiral zen earrings with red aluminum wire. This pair of earrings possesses strong Chinese style and very simple to make. I will share the detailed instructions below. Necessities for spiral wire earrings: 1.5mm red aluminum wire 0.8mm black copper wire Earring hooks Round nose plier Flat nose plier Wire cutter Instructions on how to make spiral wire earrings: Step 1: Wire wrap spiral Zen pattern 1st, cut a 20cm piece of aluminum wire; 2nd, loop one end with small round nose; 3rd, make spiral pattern with double round noses; 4th, make last coil by wrapping around a marker; 5th, leave 2cm tail and cut off excess wire; 6th, loop the tail. Step 2: Finish the spiral wire earrings 1st, coil black copper wire around round nose; 2nd, cut out 4 jump rings; 3rd, use double jump rings to connect spiral wire dangle to earring hook; 4th, repeat to make another one. Finally the spiral wire earrings look like this:

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Triple Star Hair Chain Hair jewelry - yep, that's what this is. I'm not really one for extravagant hair pieces like this, but when I thought about making this, I got excited. I don't know when I'm going to wear this but for sure I'll find an excuse to rock this sometime soon. Read more to learn how you can make your own! Wood stars (got mine at Michaels) Drill with 3/32 drill bit Nail polish Black felt Scissors Bobby pins Hot glue gun/E6000 Jump rings Chain Jewelry pliers Drill your stars as shown - two holes on the biggest (drill one hole each on two arms), one hole each for the medium and the small sizes. Paint with nail polish. Sandwich your tiny squares of felt between your bobby pins, then glue down (right side down) the back of the stars. Now it's time to assemble it - just follow the image above and the detailed image below. Make sure to cut the lower chain longer than the upper one (mine has excess of about 3 inches) so you get that nice drape. Yay my head is dancing! What are your thoughts about this project?

Beaded Eyeglass Chain Tutorial - Jewelry With Purpose This weekend I made something for myself - a beaded eyeglass chain. As I was making it, I decided to take some photos and post a tutorial on it. Beaded eyeglass chains can be more than just something to hang your glasses from - they can be beautiful pieces of jewelry! For my project I wanted a vintage style design, so I used black gunmetal chain, jet black Czech glass beads, and a Victorian style antiqued silver drop as my eyeglass loop. Materials: Chain - I used black gunmetal rollo style with 3mm linksCzech glass beads in jet black - two 10mm and four 6mm size for this designGunmetal wire for wire wrapping - I used 20 gaugeAntiqued silver Victorian style dropTwo antiqued silver jump rings Tools: Round nose and needle nose pliersWire cuttersEmory board or fine sandpaper Steps: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Here is the finished design ready to wear: This project can be modified and adapted into many different designs and patterns - just use your imagination!

Wrapped Chain Bracelet Here, we will discuss how to make a lot of figure 8 connectors while conserving your wire. Step 1: Straighten a segment of wire at least 1 inch long. Be certain that you have a flush cut on the end of the wire. See the picture below-left. Step 2: Grasp near the end of the wire with your Fine Step Jaw Pliers. Step 3: Make a loop in the end of the wire. Step 4: Remove your wire from your pliers. Step 5: Now we need to make the second loop in the figure 8 connector. Step 6: Complete the second loop as shown below-right. Step 7: Remove the wire from the jaws of your pliers and it should appear as shown below-left. Step 8: Now you need to cut the excess wire with your flush cutter. Step 9: Your finished figure 8 connector should appear as shown below-right. Step 10: Because the cut of the wire in step 8 left a sharp end on the wire on your spool, in order to be ready to make your next figure 8 connector, you need to cut about 1/16 inch of wire of the end of the wire.

DIY Chain Earrings in Less Than 5 Minutes April 9, 2013 I am not kidding with that title! You can make these cute chain earrings in less than 5 minutes. Check it out! You’ll need: wire cuttersjewelry pliers2 ear wires with loops2 jump rings12″ chain of your choice To start, measure how long you want your chain to fall. Cut your chain into 2 pieces that are the length that you desire. Open a jump ring and slip the chain on, and then slip the earring wire on. Close your jump ring. Isn’t that crazy easy? Or try two or more chains together, like this: I’ve already made 4 pairs for myself. Share! Wire and Bead Earring How-To | A Step-by-Step Wire Earring Tutorial How-to submitted by: Art-Z Jewelry These earrings all utilize the same basic design and are relatively easy to create. No complicated wire work skills are necessary. Supplies: Two 6 1/4″ pieces of 20 gauge, round, soft wire for the frames Two 14″ pieces of 24 gauge, round, soft wire for coiling 16 to 20 beads about 6mm size with holes large enough to fit 20 gauge wire Wire nipper/cutter Small nylon jaw pliers Chasing hammer Flat nose or chain nose pliers Steel block Mandrel, or other shaping tool for ear wires. Needle file, emery board or cup burr for smoothing wire ends Hold the 20 gauge wire in your non dominant hand and start wrapping a 14″ section of 24 gauge wire about 1/2″ from the end. String a bead onto the 20 gauge wire Go over the bead with the 24 gauge wire and wrap around the 20 gauge, down, around and back up. String another bead onto the wire and repeat the previous step until you have seven or eight beads. Cross the frame wires to create a teardrop shape at the top

Lisa Yang's Jewelry Blog: Free Tutorial: Wire Infinity Link Chain Bracelet Infinite Love Bracelet Infinity shapes are very popular in jewelry lately - and this chain is easy and quick to make. It's also great practice to learn to make consistent size and shape loops. Infinity Shape Wire Links This project is made using one of the simpler wire wrapping shapes - an open loop. The infinity shape (or figure eight) is made up of two loops turned in opposite directions - with the wire ends closely aligned in the center. In my finished infinite love bracelet chain, the links are hammered and joined with a jump ring. I also made a chain by joining the links without jump ring connectors and without hammering. DIY Infinity Link Chain Instructions Supplies: 18g wire Round nose pliers Chain nose pliers Wire Cutters File or emery board Jump Rings (optional) Steel Bench Block (optional) Jeweler's Hammer (optional) 1. Each of my wire links use 1 inch or 25 mm of 18g copper wire. 2. 3. 4. 5. You can use any type of a clasp for your chain.

DIY: Gilded Ball Drop Earrings I love browsing through online stores and most of the time I come across stuff that I think I can DIY - I encourage myself to DIY most things to save up money as well as to hone my noncreativity. LOL. Anyway, this time around I was browsing around Hautelook and saw these cute drop earrings - and it sparked some inspiration in me to do something similar. Here's my inspiration piece: You will need the following: Wood beads - buy them at any craft store or online, they're pretty easy to find Nail Polish - the design is achieved by layering; I used a white, light gray, sheer matte white and gold polish Aluminum foil Sponge Bamboo skewer Thin jewelry chain - you have to make sure the chain fits the holes of the wooden beads Earring hooks Jump rings Skewer your wood beads and rest them on something similar like this - this will make painting them easier and with less flaws. Paint with your white polish - I used Wet n' Wild's French White Creme. It should look like this. Next, attach the ends like so.