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Map Pendant

Map Pendant
Posted on April 25, 2012 by Christina DIY map pendants require next to zero skill to make. But your guests don’t have to know that. In fact, judging by how gorgeous these pendants are, your guests will think you are one crafty genius. DIY map pendants are perfect for destination weddings. DIY Map Pendants Tutorial You will need: Size your map so that it will fit within your 25mm pendant blank. Place your glass cabochon on the image get an idea of placement. Place three drops of diamond glaze on the back of your glass cabochon. Place cabochon onto image. Cut around glass cabochon. Add e-6000 glue to back of cabochon using a toothpick or the end of a bamboo skewer. Press cabochon inside pendant blank. Add jump ring. Add cord.

Clear Stone Pendant Glass Marble Beauties Today I was in a pinch and needed to put together a small quick gift. One of my girlfriends gave me a little magnetic board with these marbles on them a couple of Christmases ago.. I use them every day to hold up this and that on the fridge. This is a super quick project.... Here is how I made these: Supplies Needed: Paper with a design. Magnets Mod Podge Matte Scissors Paint Brush Glass Marbles (found in the floral section of craft stores and Wal-Mart) Find the place on your paper you want the marble to be placed... Apply a Thin/Medium coat of Mod Podge to your stone. Apply a thin coat of Mod Podge on the design paper. See how I just left them there on the uncut paper to dry ... Cut aound your marble. WOW! To do the Photos, I bought the larger marbles. Use the same technique as I did on the Amy Butler Paper Apply a small dab of E6000 on the back to secure your Magnet and/or Thumbtacks Seriously, I love these!

TUTORIAL] Book Page Necklace I introduced this necklace a while back and sold a couple at the facebook sale, but since my shop is going in a different direction, I've decided to share the tutorial for this necklace. MATERIALS NEEDED: 30" of chain 2 pages from an old book 1 piece of poster board Glue 1 quarter Scissors Varnish Matches Pearls Jump rings Lobster Claps [1] Cut two pieces of chain, 15 1/2, and 18 inches long. [2] Attach the two chains at both ends with small jump rings: [Should look like this] [3] Rip out 2 pages from an old book. [4] Trace a quarter on the book page: [5] Cut out the tracing: [6] Paint cut-out with varnish: [7] Use a match to burn the edges of the cut-out: [8] Use a hammer and nail to punch a hole into the cut-out: [9] Attach a jump ring through the hole: [Repeat steps 4-9 to make 7 of these book page pendants] [10] Attach 7 pearls to jump rings: [11] Plan out where all the pendants and pearls are going to be on the necklace: I'm linking to these parties.

Washers O ver the holidays, I was at the height of my Pinterest addiction. I flippin’ LOVE that site. And being that we were tight on funds, I put my crafty self to work searching of attractive, unique items I could make as gifts. The crux: CHEAP. I needed whatever I made to be as inexpensive as possible. When I saw a tutorial on how to make pendants out of washers — like literally, those metal things? - Glue: It doesn’t have to be Tacky Clear Gel (as I used) for this project; plain old white glue would be fine. - Glossy Accents, clear, dimensional embellishment: This stuff is amazing. Not shown: - Necklace cord (choose a color you like) - 1 bead STEP ONE: Trace the washer shape onto the paper and cut it out using the Exacto knife. As you can see, it took me while to get it right. STEP TWO: Glue your final, beautifully cut piece to the washer. STEP THREE: Okay this picture is horribly blurry, but at least you can see what it’s like after you add the Glossy Accents.

Attempting the T-Shirt Necklace Last week, every day snuck up on me, catching me off guard, and leaving me behind schedule. It may have been my very heavy heart thinking about the devastation in Japan. It could have been the time change that left me groggy every day, all day. But I’m fairly certain I felt perpetually past-deadline because a “simple” craft failed me repeatedly at the start of the week and threw the blog into scramble-mode. I was looking online for fun crafts to do with my nieces after school, and came across the “T-shirt Necklace” on Fail #2 The problem with the first two attempts may have been the material used (100% cotton t-shirts that were SLIGHTLY stretchy,) but more likely it was because I used regular scissors to cut the strips of fabric, (ok, I also washed and dried the pink necklace to see if that would put some curl in my edges) and completely disregarded the rolling blade (or rotary cutter) recommendations. I started by cutting the bottom cuff off the shirt.

Decorate Earphones Pärlade hörlurar, ett kul pyssel som tål att upprepas. För ganska precis ett år sedan bloggade jag om mina pärlade hörlurar. Idén fick jag från Cut Out + Keep och det visade sig vara fler än jag som tyckte det här var ett kul pyssel. Som Matlida till exempel. Gör så här: Skär eller klipp upp plastpärlan (nagelsax fungerar t ex bra), böj upp pärlan och trä den över sladden. * Pearl & Ribbon Accordion Necklace DIY * * 1″ Ivory Bark Ribbon {about 2-1/2 yards} …glam it up for Fall with velvet ribbon!* Large Pearls* Needle/Gutermann Thread {Eggshell} * Snip pearl string for loose pearls * Begin about 1/4 way down the ribbon – pinch and thread needle through it * Thread loose pearl onto needle, then fold ribbon, thread needle through then add another loose pearl. * Continue until you reach desired length. * When you reach desired length, reinforce the pearls by threading the needle back through the entire length of the pearls/ribbon. * Tie a loose knot in the ribbon at the end of the pearls just to finish it off

Straw Bracelets Beautiful Drinking Straw Bracelet! I love this project because it's made with drinking straws, book pages and cord plus a couple of little things you already have! Switch out the book pages for scrapbook paper and you're GOLDEN! Take a look at the video and see how it's made. Leave a comment and I'll send someone the actual bracelet, too! How fun is that? Version with a little less paint on the ends Tape a book page to a straw and roll. Cut the beads 2" long. Paint the ends of the beads. Tie a knot in 2 yards of cord and thread the ends of the cord through opposite ends of the beads. Continue until you have created your cuff. Tie a lobster claw on end of the row of beads. Tuck the ends of the cord inside of the last bead and secure with glue. Not bad!

Nest Necklace Paper Pendants If charts, graphs and metrics are your thing, you might enjoy crafting some pie chart pendants. They're made entirely of paper. Oh, and a little glue, thread and a jump ring if you want to get technical. With a punch (I used a 1" circle), cut out about 12 circles of cardstock. Glue the circles into a stack one at a time. Double a small length of thread and tie it to a jump ring. Cut some wedges of colored paper for the top layer and glue them on. To seal it, you can brush it with polycrylic or Triple Thick. The little DIY color-blocked necklaces are cute and light-weight.

DIY Lanvin-inspired Pearl and ribbon necklace Supplies- Satin Ribbon-I used two different sizes but you don't have to. Large rhinestone pendant Assorted sizes of pearl beads Beading thread Thin lace trim First I started by beading the pearls onto the thread. I did a graduated beading to add some interest. Continue beading the large pearls and then begin incorporating the small pearls again working back up to the large pearls. Once your done beading, tie a knot large enough for the beads to not move around on each end. Then I took about a yard of ribbon and laced it through the loop of the pendant. Pull both ends of the thread through the pendant loop. At this point I decided I wanted to add some lace trim to the necklace. At the opposite end of the pearls you should have the ends of the lace trim. Voila! Thoughts- -I think I'm going to sew the lace trim to the pearl beads. Enjoy! xoxo, Amanda

Zip-up Earbuds I love to have my music with me everywhere I go, but I hate the tangled mess my wires become when I toss them in my bag or pocket. Last night I whipped up a fun and functional solution by adding a zipper to my earbuds. This project took me around an hour to do (perfect for catching up on some t.v. from The supplies are few; basic sewing supplies, a pair of headphones, and a nice long zipper. I happened to have this crazy purple and gold nike zipper I found thrifting a while ago, it seemed perfect for this project. The first step is to pull the earbuds apart, to separate the wires all the way down to the plug. Next, take one side of your headphones and one side of the zipper tape and start stitching the wire into the tape. It’s as easy as that! Then unzip them to the length I want and put them on so much faster than having to untangle the mess!

Tassels Necklace Roberto Cavalli spring summer 2011 Tassels necklaces:super easy to do,extreme dramatic result!Take a chain necklace and flat leather cord (a cheap alternative can be a rope) Cut a long stringfold it in halfknot it in a chain looprepeat for every loophit the streets Collana con frangie: velocissima da realizzare,figurone assicurato.Avete bisogno di una collana con la catenella, diversi metri di cordino di pelle (un'alternativa più economica può essere un gomitolo di corda) tagliate un lungo lacciopiegatelo in dueannodatelo in un cerchietto della collanaripetete l'operazione per tutti i cerchiettisfoggiate la nuova collana

Button Bracelets Making button bracelets is easy. I´ve used hemp strings in various colours and coloured wood buttons. Any button will of course do, as will twine or cotton strings. Good luck! Falling Water Necklace: Beading Tutorial This week, Jenny Hoople from Authentic Arts is back to share yet another wonderful jewelry tutorial. You may remember her first tutorial here from a couple weeks ago on how to make a hand knotted necklace. And today, Jenny is sharing a tutorial for making an intricate falling water necklace. Take it away Jenny… A customer of mine said it best, “The way it lays is so perfect it seems magical. Of course you love it! It’s made with green aventurine chips, freshwater pearls, mussel-shell coins and shell beads and accented with bright, stabilized turquoise and unique aqua terra jasper beads. Finished necklace will measure 17″ around the neck. You’ll also need 1 or 2 pairs of small, smooth-jawed beading pliers. This project is best done on a cloth to keep beads and findings from skittering all over the place. Next, you’ll want to string the strands that hang down from the necklace’s base strand. Pull the thread through, pushing down the materials so they’re all snug against each other.