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Polymer Clay Rose Necklace. Does that title make you excited?!

Polymer Clay Rose Necklace

It makes me excited! This is something I've been wanting to do for a while now but haven't had the motivation time. If the title didn't give it away, this is made from polymer clay. Here's what you need: *polymer clay *exacto knife or razor blade *2 jump rings *wire or old necklace chain *your oven! Polymer clay is kinda stiff so you have to knead it in your hands a bit to warm it up before you use it. Roll that piece up once. Then you will pinch off another little piece to use as a petal. Add a couple more... Keep going, adding pieces around until you are satisfied with it Be careful with the next couple steps, you don't want to smush your creation!

At this point you should have a pretty large stem on that flower. Q & A Polymer Clay Beginners' Tips and Basics. By General Crafts Contributor Amy from the Etsy Shop DangerousRainboCraft.

Q & A Polymer Clay Beginners' Tips and Basics

Do I need to buy every shade of every color? No, you can mix colors to create your own custom colors. Painted Clay Ring Dishes - Little Red Window. Make these gorgeous painted clay ring dishes yourself!

Painted Clay Ring Dishes - Little Red Window

So did I tell you guys I got a new camera? Like a real big girl camera? Well, I did and I am soooo excited about it. Of all the artistic fields, I wouldn’t say photography was ever something I wanted to pursue in any meaningful sense. In fact, when I first started Little Red Window, taking pictures was the part I dreaded. Air Dry Clay Ombré Nesting Dishes - Little Red Window. Make your own pretty nesting dishes from air dry clay and a surprise secret material!

Air Dry Clay Ombré Nesting Dishes - Little Red Window

So I randomly grabbed these pretty ombre scrapbook stickers at the craft store a few weeks back. If you you open them up, they’re actually made of some kind of rubbery material with a sticky back. They’re not paper. Stamped Clay Trinket Dishes - Little Red Window. Use alphabet stamps to create pretty personalized trinket dishes!

Stamped Clay Trinket Dishes - Little Red Window

Ok, if we’re being totally honest right now, my house is kind of overrun with trinket dishes at the moment (anyone familiar with my favorite Mitch Hedburg joke? “My apartment is infested with koala bears. It’s the cutest infestation ever…”). Anyway, I probably should start giving some of them away as gifts or something. However in our house they’re actually pretty handy because I happen to be married to someone who tends to leave said trinkets all over the place. Polymer Clay Archives - Lines Across.

12 Ways to Make Jewelry Out of Clay.


Flowers & Hearts. Geo shapes & beads. Trinket dishes, jewelry holders, decor. Last week I shared what to do with gemstones you collect from mine trips, this week is the part 2 of gemstones DIYs.

While we were washing the stones in the running water, we saw a lot of small garnet and emerald stones. I was sure I could them in some of my projects so I made sure to collect them all and also my hubby helped me collecting more of them. Actually, I thought of making a lamp shade with something transparent and gluing the stones on them. As the some of them are translucent , I was sure they will allow light. Really excited to share with you all that I published my first class on Skillshare.

Of course, it is based on one of my favorite mediums to craft with, YES! It is the polymer clay. I have shared how to make a stamped clay jewelry in the class along with basics, tips, and variations. Hello, I've spend a wonderful time with my family.

Living far away from them is not always easy. The few weeks we spent together at summer time are always very special, full of laughs and wonderful memories.I'm happy to be back on my craft room with tons of tutorials ideas! Let's just start the week being inspired by those beautiful jewelry pieces made of clay! Hey friends!

Today I have a special guest for you. Let’s welcome Stephanie from Henry Happened. These clay earrings would be so fun to make with your girls this summer. My little inner marbling voice is really starting to take over.

There are just so many ways to create this beautiful abstract pattern and so many uses for it! I’ve barely finished this tutorial and I’ve already got marbled aspirations for new projects. Have you heard of a push present? It’s a lovely tradition of giving a new mom a present to celebrate the birth of a child. Hello everyone, After I made my silver “Mom necklace” with Precious Metal Clay (PMC), I had a good friend ask to come over for a lesson on making these really great necklaces.

I decided I needed a small project to use as an example while teaching her to make silver polymer clay jewelry. I decided to make a small button, and to then use that button to make an adorable bracelet. A button is a great first project for anyone trying out the PMC too. You can check out more details on using PMC at my Fearless Silver Polymer Clay Jewelry post. Turquoise is one of my favorite stones; I love the gorgeous green and blue colors, and how unique each piece is!

I have a sweet spot for feather accessories this time of year they just feel like fall to me. I had fun putting together this easy pendant this week to celebrate the beginning of November and the holiday season. I think I will make another one with four feathers, one for each of my little baby birds - who are not all such babies anymore, sigh. It was super easy - here is what you need to make one: fabric scraps spray adhesive feather template (optional) wire chain scissors jump rings and clasp jewelry pliers 1. 2. 3. 4.

Back when I worked on the May campaign with Martha Stewart Jewelry, I actually made a couple of pieces while playing around with the treasure trove of supplies I was sent. (Only my DIY Enamel Spring Flower Bib Necklace made it to the blog for the campaign post.) But I also made a few other pieces with the extra supplies (like the DIY Ombre Filigree Earrings I shared here.) Now here is another fun project using Epoxy Clay (and it doesn’t have to be Martha Stewart brand – any brand will do) and gold leafing, that produces a very chic and polished result. String these lightweight pendants on graduated chains for a pretty, layered piece.

Here’s how: You Need: While these pieces are very beautiful, they just don't fit into my budget. This is so easy to do. All you need is a cameo, some nail polish, and a chain or bead necklace. This was one of mine before painting. Paint the cameo with nailpolish colors of your choice. In July, I saw the new exchange program on Totally Tutorials. The idea behind it is that suppliers offer supplies in exchange for a tutorial. After this morning’s fun + color wedding at The Parker, I thought this DIY was a perfect fit for today. Next Level Clay. If you follow my jewelry Pinterest boards you may notice it has been filling up with turquoise inspired pieces.