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Grant Thompson - "The King of Random"

Grant Thompson - "The King of Random"
Call it "Mad Science", or just a "Quest for Discovery". These are some of my experiments, and "Random Weekend Projects" Subscribe! New videos every week! WARNING: In many cases, these projects are dangerous and pose risks of personal, or property damage, injury, and in some cases, death. There are very possibly other risks of which I am not fully aware. There are some mind-blowing loopholes in this version of life, that for some reason, haven't been issued a patch. I make weekly videos dedicated to exploring life through all kinds of projects, experiments, and real-world life-hacking. Every project is a completely different adventure, and occasionally you'll see an experiment that probably shouldn't be duplicated at all.

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traffic.outbrain While the U.S. auto industry reels, Gizmag reports that Nissan will actually be producing a commercial-use version of the NV200 concept we showed you last year. Just how many of the NV200's innovative features will be incorporated in the production version is not known just yet but the press release hints that it will include Nissan's sliding cargo pod. The pod is latched inside the shell of the load area when the van is being driven, but at rest, it slides out to allow easy access to the customisable storage zones. The pod is deployed using hydraulic rams, and rests securely on drop-down legs. With the pod extended, the area left behind is transformed into a mobile office or other customisable environment. While we love the concept of the slide-out pod, we should note that this would never work in an urban environment, where vehicles are often parallel parked bumper-to-bumper.

Software Tools - KNX Association [Official website] You can obtain the following software tools from KNX Association. For KNX Installers ETS Professional This is the software tool for the design and the commissioning of the KNX installations. Version 4 includes also iETS client for remote access to installations. ETS Apps rocketstoves - Ianto Evans, Leslie Jackson, Ernie Wisner, Kirk Mobert, Paul Wheaton, and other friends are among the researchers developing efficient, clean-burning, affordable stoves for a variety of heating and cooking needs. This group developed and published the current editions of Rocket Mass Heater, or Rocket Masonry Stove, designs. The technology combines an innovative clean-burning combustion chamber, with an earthen masonry thermal mass, resulting in extraordinary heat capture and low waste from an incredibly small amount of wood. The goals of Rocket Stove researchers include

How to Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts Maybe this sounds familiar to you: I used to log in to each and every individual network to compose new posts, check what’s happening in my streams, follow up on conversations and follower requests, and basically perform any other little bit of social media management that was on my plate. I switched to dashboards and tools, and my productivity has soared. I’d love to share a bit about how I made these changes and the best tools and strategies I’ve used for handling multiple social media accounts—whether you’re juggling your personal brand in multiple places or handling a mix of company profiles and personal profiles. I’d love to hear from you on what insights you’ve learned as well! The 6 best social media management tools 1.

20 Creative DIY Christmas Ornament Ideas No other holidays have such a magical and joyous preparation period as Christmas, as the whole month of Advent is dedicated to get into the Christmas spirit and be merry. Truth be told, holidays will only be as festive as you make them – so don’t wait for the Christmas spirit to manifest itself, start creating it! Probably the best way to get inspired for the holidays is to decorate your house and a Christmas tree.

This Woman Has Spent The Last 14 Years Photographing The World's Oldest Trees San Francisco-based photographer Beth Moon has spent the last 14 years in search of the world’s oldest trees. In the most remote and obscure locations she has uncovered the most spectacular trees, many of which appear old enough to hold long buried secrets of the world. In her artist statement Beth writes, “Standing as the earth’s largest and oldest living monuments, I believe these symbolic trees will take on a greater significance, especially at a time when our focus is directed at finding better ways to live with the environment.” Take a peak at some of the most amazing and oldest trees Beth encountered throughout her 14-year journey. Beth decides which trees to photograph using a few different criteria. One, the tree must be old.

Power Cube PowerCube II [edit] Overview The Power Cube is a modular, universal, self-contained power unit consisting of an engine coupled to a hydraulic pump, providing power from hydraulic fluid at high pressure through quick connect hoses. 10 Free Ways to Get Music for Slideshows & Videos - FBlog As you know Freemake Video Converter is an ultimate freeware for video creation. It encodes many video formats, edits videos, adds music to your soundless video files, makes photo slideshows, uploads your movies to YouTube and burns DVD disks. But we constantly get one and the same question from novice video directors: “where to download free music for my videos or photo slideshows”. The DIY Car Lift for the Practical Mechanic's Garage Talk about ingenuity. It is always impressive when people pull off a DIY project that changes their world. This customized car lift not only elevates vehicles; it also overcomes some of the limitation of a hydraulic system The Geometry of Creation There is inspiration in creating a tool that not only benefits you, but benefits others. That is one of the positives of this DIY car lift.

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