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JLPT Kanji Project

JLPT Kanji Project

100 mots japonais qu’il faut connaître (Attention à l'encodage des caractères) Vous souhaitez partir au Japon pour 3 mois ou 1 semaine? Alors avant de partir il est important de connaître un minimum de vocabulaire pour vivre au quotidien sereinement au pays du soleil levant et faire face aux petits tracas qui pourraient arriver. Voici une sélection de 100 mots très utiles qui vous permettront de vous faire comprendre par les japonais. En cas d’urgence トイレ (toire) = les toilettes Japanese Language & Culture @ Epochrypha A free kanji flash card program where the student types in the readings. Features mastery score tracking, example compounds tied to readings, and example sentences for many compounds. While KanjiLab is getting long in the tooth and is definitely in need of some upgrading, it is still a very useful drill mechanism for kanji. The software itself has not been touched since the last version in 2004, and it still says "beta" because I never got around to rebuilding a final release version. It is stable, however, and has been used by a few thousand people.

The Japanese Alphabets “When I was having that alphabet soup, I never thought that it would pay off.” - Vanna White There are going to be a few people out there (most likely not you) who are going to immediately say “the Japanese don’t use ‘alphabets,’ they use ‘syllabaries,’ duh!” Before you do that, let me talk about something really quick. How Japan Compares With The World In English Proficiency When it came to Japanese Cartography, we found out that Japan lagged behind a bit. So what about other things, like English Language Proficiency? Education First recently released their report on worldwide English language proficiency, showing some interesting results.

Kanji for the JLPT - Online Center for Japanese Studies Kanji for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test "I'm going to take the JLPT this December, but am I studying the right Kanji?" This is a question we frequently hear at Yamasa. Comment respirer pour relaxer et augmenter la concentration? Le contrôle de la respiration est une des méthodes les plus simples pour relaxer et augmenter votre concentration. Voici un exercice simple qui vous apportera d’heureux bénéfices en moins de 2 minutes. Je vous invite à les expérimenter et à choisir celui qui vous plaît le mieux. Pour ma part, ma respiration préférée est la « respiration alternée » qui me met toujours un sourire aux lèvres! 1. Respiration carrée – relaxation

Goroawase: Japanese Numbers Wordplay (i.e. How To Remember Japanese Telephone Numbers) Goroawase means “wordplay” but I think it’s quite a bit more interesting than that. In English, when I think of “wordplay” I think of comedy’s highest and most elegant form of humor: Puns. In Japanese when I think of wordplay I think almost purely of mnemonics (wordplay that helps you to remember things better). If you spend any time in Japan, you’ll see goroawase everywhere, especially in phone numbers.

Behold my pitiable attempt at kana! Would tracing the characters help me get a 'feel' for them and should I first master them with a pen or pencil? Kenshin,(Note: Chinese dude here.)I can read all your kana. "剣心" is also legible. Have you looked at the kanji from which hiragana originate? The Kana, They Are A-Changin’ Bob Dylan, esteemed Japanese linguist Languages are always changing. The English that you and I speak today is almost completely different than that English people spoke a hundred years ago, and it’s even a little different than the English people spoke in the 90s. - PDF Kanji Cards for download, Kanji lists and other Kanji studdy materials. Japonêsです: Why There Are So Many Japanese People in Brazil If you live in South America and love Japan, then a visit to the Land of the Rising Sun might be closer than you think. Well, kind of. Brazil is not only the home to awesome things like bossa nova and Pelé, but the biggest Japanese population outside of Japan is – believe it or not – in Brazil. About 1,500,000 ethnic Japanese people live in Brazil, and have been there for over a hundred years. Actionable Ways To Make Japanese Obvious To You [Obvious] In this series of “obvious” posts, we’ve gone over several things. First, we talked about epiphanies and how to get them. Then we went over confusion, and why it’s such a good thing.