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Plugins up to date chack How can Firefox help me? In the future, Firefox will update plugins for you. Until then, you should regularly check this page and update your plugins to stay safe. Which Plugins do I have? We automatically detected your plugins above, to view your installed plugins in Firefox follow these steps: Open the Tools menu. Want to spread the word? Help your friends stay safe online! How do I disable a plugin? In Firefox: Open the Tools menu. Caution: disabling a plugin means that you will no longer be able to do certain things. Firebug Maintenance Koch Spy Agency Led by Voter Fraud Huckster The Kochs have been complaining about a "lack of civility in politics" as they seek to boost their public image--but one of their top operatives helped propel perhaps the most egregious case of race-baiting voter fraud hucksterism in recent years. At the same time that the Kochs have been on a PR blitz, publicly spinning an image of themselves as well-intentioned patriots trying to make the world a better place and decrying "character assassination," they've been quietly ramping up a clandestine surveillance and intelligence gathering operation focused on their perceived political enemies, Ken Vogel reports at Politico. At the helm of this "competitive intelligence" operation is a man named Mike Roman, Vice President of Research for Kochs' Freedom Partners and who was paid $265,000 last year, according to Freedom Partners' recent tax filing. Read the rest of this item here. Wisconsinites Reject the "Eric O'Keefe Session" of the Legislature Rep.

Planet Mozilla Zukünftige Firefox-Versionen Die neuesten Funktionen in einer stabileren Umgebung Erfahren Sie mehr über Firefox Beta Getestet, geprüft und von Millionen auf der ganzen Welt genutzt Erfahren Sie mehr über Firefox Die neuesten Innovationen in einer experimentellen Umgebung Erfahren Sie mehr über Firefox Aurora Firefox Aurora sendet automatisch Feedback an Mozilla. Firefox Next The latest features in a more stable environment Learn more about Firefox Beta The newest innovations in an experimental environment Learn more about Firefox Aurora Firefox Aurora automatically sends feedback to Mozilla.

- Malware: Junkware Removal Tool Die Anwendung „Junkware Removal Tool“ herunterladen und ausführen Bitte lade dir die Anwendung „Junkware Removal Tool“ auf Deinen Desktop Starten Sie das Tool. Ab Windows Vista (oder höher) bitte mit Rechtsklick "als Administrator ausführen" starten. Das Tool wird sich öffnen und Sie auffordern eine beliebige Taste zu drücken, um den Suchlauf zu starten. Ablauf von "Junkware Removal Tool" als Screenshot-Serie Text und Infos aus dem Forum "" entnommen Homepage dieses Reinigungswerkzeuges:

Add-on Compatibility Reporter Electrolysis Overview Electrolysis functionality hosts, renders, or executes web related content in background child processes which communicate with the "parent" Firefox browser via various ipdl protocols. The two major advantages of this model are security and performance. Electrolysis child processes are currently in use for the following tasks within Firefox: Legacy NPAPI plugin hosting Media playback ('Gecko Media Plugin', a.k.a. In the future Electrolysis child processes may be used to handle other browser tasks including audio, networking (bug 1322426), PDFium and Pepper Flash (bug 558184). In Mozilla documentation "Electrolysis" is often shorted as "e10s". Testing Nightly/Aurora If you're on Nightly e10s-multi is enabled by default with 4 content processes. Firefox Beta If you're currently using Firefox Beta you might be testing e10s already, check about:support and look for a number higher than 0 in the "Multiprocess Windows" entry. Firefox Release Force Enable Schedule and Status Schedule People

Laden Sie Firefox Developer Edition oder Beta herunter & helfen Sie, den nächsten Firefox zu gestalten Die neuesten Funktionen in einer stabileren Umgebung Firefox Beta sendet automatisch Daten an Mozilla. Erfahren Sie mehr. Sagen Sie uns Ihre Meinung, um uns dabei zu helfen, Leistung und Funktionalität in einer stabilen Umgebung den letzten Schliff zu geben. Getestet, geprüft und von Millionen auf der ganzen Welt genutzt Erfahren Sie mehr über Firefox Entwickelt für die, die das Web entwickeln Firefox Aurora und Firefox Developer Edition senden automatisch Feedback an Mozilla.

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