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The Acid3 Test

The Acid3 Test
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FAQ Fedora : Les Bases Retour à la FAQ Fedora non-officielle Résumé Cette page aborde quelques notions de base concernant l'utilisation de Linux, et de Fedora. Prendre connaissance de ces notions avant de lire la FAQ est utile. Contenu de la FAQ Quelques notions de base concernant Linux Quelques notions de base concernant Fedora Q : Qu'est-ce qu'un terminal ? Q : Qu'est-ce qu'un "service" ?

Firefox and other Browser Keyboard Shortcuts (Comparison Table) Comparison table of all builtin Keyboard and Mouse shortcuts as used in Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer (IE8), Opera, and Safari as used in Windows. Learning keyboard shortcuts is essential to getting the most out of your browser, whether you are or are not a power user. While this is mainly oriented to help relate Firefox shortcuts to or from other browswer, it is also probably the most complete list of shortcuts for each browser (only oriented to browser shortcuts). Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts The Mac Cmd key ( ⌘ ) is generally same as the Windows Ctrl key. Windows Alt key could be either Mac Cmd or Mac Opt key. There are 201 [JavaScript/off no row counts (about 202 rows)] rows in the above table, including (approx) 15 color coded heading rows, 13 sub-topic or empty spacer rows, and 13 (grayed) rows without a comparable Firefox keyboard shortcut. Firefox configuration variables relating to clicking on a link or on a bookmark. Special Characters (#special)

Red dust over Sydney Flickr Blog Also available in: Deutsch, Photos from Highranger, tomhide, africadunc, asphotos, abbt1947, and Andrew Knott. Featuring photos from Tom Coates‘ Red Dust gallery. The Responsinator - ElectronLibre ZAC Browser ZAC Browser (Zone for Autistic Children) is a web browser designed specifically for children and teenagers with autism and autism spectrum disorders such as Asperger syndrome, pervasive developmental disorders (PDD) and PDD-NOS.[1] Because autistic children display characteristics such as impairments in social interaction, impairments in communication, restricted interests and repetitive behavior, the standard browser experience can often be overwhelming. The ZAC browser reduces the number of user interface controls and removes access to much of the Web in order to simplify the experience for autistic children. ZAC browser is available as a free download for Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista. History[edit] John LeSieur had a grandson named Zack who was diagnosed with severe autism at the age of 3.[2] Because of the autism, the child was often very frustrated when using the computer. In 2008, KidCD 2.0 was released and added a feature that automatically switched icons on the screen.

Micello: Google Maps for the Indoors Looking for a new company to get excited about? Look no further than mobile mapping startup, Micello. Their new mapping solution is basically "Google Maps for the indoors." What that means is that instead of focusing on streets and terrain, they're mapping the insides of buildings like shopping malls, convention centers, theme parks, college campuses, and more. Announced today at the DEMOfall 09 conference, Micello is initially going to be offered as an iPhone application. To generate the maps, the small team of Micello users, which numbers only about a dozen employees, takes whatever maps of various businesses, colleges, and other large indoor locations are available and manually maps them out for use in the mobile application. To start, Micello will provide maps for the San Francisco Bay area where they already have 150 indoor locations mapped. An interesting side note about Micello is how fast they've managed to create this new and incredibly useful resource.

Diese 8 Tools helfen dir beim Testen mobiler Websites Simulatoren Simulatoren versuchen das Verhalten eines bestimmten Gerätes nachzuahmen. Oft wird hierbei lediglich der Bildschirm-Ausschnitt verkleinert. Manche Simulatoren schaffen es aber durchaus treffend das wiederzugeben, was später auch auf dem Gerät zu sehen ist. iPhone-Tester Mit dem Online-Tool iPhone-Tester können Websites auf ihre Wirkung auf dem iPhone hin getestet werden. iPhoney iPhoney ist die „Offline“-Version von iPhone-Tester, die als eigenständiger Download für den Mac daherkommt und auch das Drehen des iPhones simulieren kann. iPad Peek iPad Peek simuliert die Darstellung euerer Webseiten auf einem iPad im Hoch- und Querformat. Screenfly Mit Screenfly können Webseiten in einer Vorschau für verschiedenste Geräte-Größen und -Typen getestet werden. Mobile Phone Emulator Emulatoren All Simulatoren haben ein gemeinsames Problem: Sie geben nur sehr beschränkt wieder, wie der Benutzer die Webseiten im Endeffekt auf den Geräten dargestellt bekommt. iOS Simulator Android Simulator

Ubuntu sur Archos 9 Si vous souhaitez retrouver les chemins de la liberté sur votre Archos 9, pourquoi ne pas installer Ubuntu sur celui-ci ? C’est possible en prenant son temps. Guillaume nous propose un tutorial pour installer Ubuntu sur votre Archos 9. Kit d’installation : un archos 9 un hub usb (ou le réplicateur de port archos) un clavier usb une souris usb un dongle wifi usb une clé usb d’1Go au moins Etape 1 : Installation Cette étape va permettre d’obtenir un système ubuntu tout beau, tout neuf. Installation du système Le plus simple est de s’orienter vers Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx) ; l’édition desktop ou la netbook remix. - 1. - 2. - 3. - 4. Mise-à -jour du système Le pilote de la carte wifi ne devrait pas être installer pour l’instant ; mais le sera après quelques mises-à -jours. Etape 2 : Installer/configurer le wifi, la carte graphique et l’écran tactile Le wifi La carte graphique sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gma500/ppa sudo apt-get update L’écran tactile -1. tar vxfz eGalaxTouch-3.01.4001-32b-k26.tar.gz -2.

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