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Read It Later Pro Kongregate: Play free games online Evernote, Hello? This is an App Only Sheldon Cooper Would Love Evernote Hello is a fine example of a really good idea that, when executed, doesn't work at all well. In concept, Hello is brilliant. Who doesn't have a problem with remembering names, especially when you're at a party or work function and being introduced to a half-dozen people simultaneously? As I said, it's a really good idea, and the execution is almost perfect. First Impressions of Hello Let's start with the good. Once you have someone's contact information, it's relatively easy to put them into the iOS contacts. Worse, Evernote seems to have forgotten that you may have met people before the company was kind enough to grace us with Hello. Hello has a few other problems that are more minor, and will likely be sorted out before too long. There's also the small matter of Evernote Hello only working on iOS for now. Then there's the whole "hand over your phone to a stranger" thing. For a first release, though, the Evernote folks have made a pretty nice little app. Fatal Flaw

Bible+ Shakespeare Insult Kit Shakespeare Insult Kit Since 1996, the origin of this kit was listed as anonymous. It came to me on a piece of paper in the 90's with no attribution, and I thought it would make a cool web page. Though I searched for the origin, I could never find it. In 2014, Lara M informed found the originating author. Combine one word from each of the three columns below, prefaced with "Thou": My additions: cullionly whoreson knave fusty malmsey-nosed blind-worm caluminous rampallian popinjay wimpled lily-livered scullian burly-boned scurvy-valiant jolt-head misbegotten brazen-faced malcontent odiferous unwash'd devil-monk poisonous bunch-back'd toad fishified leaden-footed rascal Wart-necked muddy-mettled Basket-Cockle pigeon-liver'd scale-sided Back to the insulter. Chris Seidel

Get Started Developing on SharePoint 2010 | Training, Video | MSDN Try SharePoint Server 2013 Training Docs Downloads Apps for SharePoint Contoso catalog app A provider-hosted app in a Windows Azure web site that integrates with SharePoint workflow. What is SharePoint Why build apps What apps can do Map concepts to apps API landscape SharePoint-hosted apps ACS Provider-hosted apps High-trust apps Cross-domain apps Hosting options App types at a glance Data storage options External data access options Get SharePoint data SharePoint workflows

Wonderful Days - Diary with Style The magic button — Make Everything OK DVD Studio Pro - Authoring a 5.1 DVD with Surround Sound - College of Communication Download PDF Written by Susanne Kraft, 1. In Final Cut Pro export a quicktime reference movie 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. Do this for all 6 channels. NOTE: If you experience your surround disk has too much bass turn off "Enable Low Frequency Effects

Droid Scan Pro PDF - Android Market "As a scanner, wonderful. The best I've found so far. I honestly do not miss the chance to buy cheap. No more notes to make photocopies! With this it is all done"-- A Droid Scan user. "If you want to become a paperless business, spend the extra dollar [for Droid Scan]"-- Pursuit Mag: Droid Scan is a mobile app that turns your phone or tablet into a portable document scanner. ** Please try free version first (Droid Scan Lite) to make sure this app is compatible with your device. ** 24 hour money back guarantee. Droid Scan Pro has these unique, state of the art features: - Batch processing, including turbo capture and batch convert, so that multi-page documents can be created with just a few taps. - Document shape recognition, for perfectly shaped, professional-looking scans in standard formats like US Letter, US Legal, A4, A3, etc. - Support for architectural and engineering paper sizes. - Built-in integration with OCR by Google Drive. ** Scanning sensitive documents?

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