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List of web browsers. The following is a list of web browsers that are notable. Timeline representing the history of various web browsers. Historical[edit] This is a table of personal computer web browsers by year of release of major version, in chronological order, with the approximate number of worldwide Internet users in millions. Note that Internet user data is related to the entire market, not the versions released in that year.

The increased growth of the Internet in the 1990s and 2000s means that current browsers with small market shares have more total users than the entire market early on. Notable releases[edit] In order of release: Notable layout engines[edit] Graphical[edit] Current/maintained projects are in boldface. Trident shells[edit] Other software publishers have built browsers and other products around Microsoft's Trident engine.

Gecko-based[edit] Mozilla Firefox (formerly Firebird and Phoenix) Yahoo! Why Chrome Uses So Much Freaking RAM. How to repair or reinstall Internet Explorer in Windows. How to Easily Remove A Browser Redirect Virus. You ran a search in Google, but somehow, for some reason, you didn’t get the result you wanted after clicking a link.

How to Easily Remove A Browser Redirect Virus

Again, and again, and again. This is the frustration of browser redirect viruses, insipid malware designed not only to annoy you, but also to fleece you. These days you would have to be pretty lax with PC security to end up with one, but these viruses persist in the wild. Top Issues People Have with Internet Explorer, and Easy Ways to Fix Them. Internet Explorer has come a long way since IE6, and you may have started using it again after reading one of the very convincing accounts of how Internet Explorer has greatly improved.

Top Issues People Have with Internet Explorer, and Easy Ways to Fix Them

However, technology will always have problems and glitches no matter the brand or how much it has improved. Here are some of the most common problems you may encounter with IE and quick and easy solutions for fixing them. Some of the troubleshooting methods may overlap from problem to problem. So in order to prevent redundancy, I will reference to a previous section in which that was discussed already. Always Check for Latest Updates I know you may have heard this advice a hundred times, but seriously, before you ever try to troubleshoot anything in depth, quickly run Windows update to check for any missing updates.

In Windows 8 and 8.1, go to the Start Screen and start typing check for updates. How to Reset Your Web Browser To Its Default Settings. Want to reset your web browser to its default settings?

How to Reset Your Web Browser To Its Default Settings

You can’t necessarily just uninstall it — your personal files will stay on your computer. And if your browser is Internet Explorer, it can’t be uninstalled at all. Resetting your browser to its default state can often fix problems. For example, a program you install may change your search engine, install toolbars, and do other unwelcome things. Or you may have accidentally changed advanced settings on your own.

Google Chrome. Five apps that will clean up Internet Explorer. Even if you are not in the habit of visiting questionable Web sites, you may occasionally find it necessary to clean up Internet Explorer in an effort to protect your privacy and/or improve the browser's performance.

Five apps that will clean up Internet Explorer

This article discusses five utilities that can help you to clean up Internet Explorer and cover your tracks. This blog post is also available as a TechRepublic Photo Gallery. 1. CCleaner. Take back control after Internet Explorer is hijacked. My father-in-law—a computer novice—recently telephoned me for help changing his Internet Explorer home page.

Take back control after Internet Explorer is hijacked

After I walked him through the usual technique, he explained that a Windows Permission Error was preventing him from making the change. I asked him a few more questions and soon realized that, at some point in the past, a pornographic Web site had hijacked his IE. Every time he opened IE, the browser went straight to this pornographic site. Worse yet, the modification prevented him from changing the home page. A three-hour battle ensued during which we tackled some serious registry edits and a malicious group policy. One size doesn't fit all It's a sad truth that malicious individuals can hijack a Web browser in a variety of ways. Begin with a thorough scanWhen faced with an IE hijacking, you should first scan the computer for viruses, Trojans, adware, and spyware.

How to Remove Babylon Search Toolbar. Babylon Search.

How to Remove Babylon Search Toolbar

If you're reading this, chances are you've got this widely-hated software on your system, and you want it gone. Perhaps you've tried uninstalling Babylon already, but it keeps popping up. It's software that just won't die. Read on to see what it is, as well as instructions on how to kill the toolbar and related files for once and for all. What Is Babylon Search/Toolbar? It's technically not a virus, but it does exhibit plenty of malicious traits, such as rootkit capabilities to hook deep into the operating system, browser hijacking, and in general just interfering with the user experience. How Did I Get the Babylon Toolbar? Okay, How Do I Get Rid Of Babylon Search?

How to Clear Your Cache on Any Browser. The cache—your browser's local storehouse of code and images downloaded from the Internet—exists to help your Web experience run smoother.

How to Clear Your Cache on Any Browser

If you visit the same sites again and again, your computer can save time and resources by not downloading the same files over and over again. 10 Chrome tricks to improve your browsing experience. Google's Chrome Web browser has made significant inroads in the enterprise over the past couple of years.

10 Chrome tricks to improve your browsing experience

What started out as a consumer novelty (in the eyes of this sysadmin) has become an institutional product. Google has worked hard to illustrate the business-level capabilities of Chrome. It's available for Linux and Mac and even for mobile devices, making it ubiquitous across platforms. On its own, Chrome is a fast and sleek browser that can handle the workload of even the most Web-intensive users. How to Clear Your History in Any Browser. Look, we get it.

How to Clear Your History in Any Browser

Change or reset Internet Explorer settings. Help for Internet Explorer.