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Lightweight Browsers Comparison

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GNOME’s Epiphany Web Browser Gets Support for HTML5 Web Notifications. It will be distributed as part of GNOME 3.16 The Epiphany web browser The release of the GNOME 3.16 desktop environment is imminent, so package maintainers are still updating their GNOME apps these days in preparation for tomorrow’s big announcement.

GNOME’s Epiphany Web Browser Gets Support for HTML5 Web Notifications

Today, March 24, the Epiphany web browser was updated to version 3.16.0, a release that introduces a handful of interesting new features but also addresses some of the issues discovered in the previous version of the software. According to the release notes, Epiphany 3.16.0 adds support for HTML5 Web notifications, makes the address (URL) bar visible when running the browser in application mode, and displays a network error page on Transport Layer Security (TLS) errors. The privacy and discoverability of the Incognito Mode have been greatly improved, and a speaker icon is now displayed on tabs where the respective web page makes noise by playing unwanted audio streams.

Best Linux Browsers. Choosing the best Linux browser for your needs requires just a bit of homework: Web browsers for the Linux desktop have evolved over the years, just as they have for other popular desktop platforms.

Best Linux Browsers

With this evolution, both good and bad revelations have been discovered. Revelations from new functionality, to broken extensions, and so forth. In this article, I'll serve as your guide through these murky waters to help you discover the best in Linux browsers. Firefox – Firefox has long been a friendly browser for Linux users. Accessible on both 32bit and 64bit Linux installs, Firefox also offers extensive extensions to choose from. The good: It's easily installed from most common Linux software repositories, if not already installed on the distro by default. Also important: Firefox respects your privacy. The bad: Not too long ago, I was finding that Firefox's frequent updates were breaking my extensions.

The good: Even today, Chrome/Chromium is considered pretty fast. Epiphany vs firefox vs midori vs seamonkey. 10 less known but great web browsers for Linux. Firefox, Chromium and Opera are usually the default browsers of most Linux distros and these 3 browsers can meet all your daily needs to surf the net.

10 less known but great web browsers for Linux

But if you feel bored with these popular browsers, there are many other great but less known browsers for Linux for you to choose. Due to my current job, I have to install many other browsers besides these big 3 browsers and often have to use 5-6 different browsers simultaneously. Today I will give you some brief introductions about the less know browsers for Linux that I'm using. And if you find it's boring to use the popular browsers like Firefox, Chromium or Opera and want to try new things, these less known browsers will be great choices for you. Epiphany Epiphany is the web browser for the GNOME desktop. Jumanji Currently the default browser of Archbang.

Midori Midori is another simpke browser that is fully integrated with GTK+ 2. Seamonkey Arora. Best Free UC Browser Download - UC Browser for Mobile Phone. Vivaldi (web browser) Vivaldi began as a virtual community website that replaced My Opera, which was shut down by Opera in March, 2014.[7] Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner was angered by this decision because he believed that this community helped make the Opera browser what it was.

Vivaldi (web browser)

Tetzchner then launched the Vivaldi Community to make up for My Opera's closure. It is a virtual community focused on providing registered users with a discussion forum, blogging service, and numerous other useful web services. On January 27, 2015, Vivaldi Technologies launched the first technical preview of the Vivaldi web browser.[8][9] The second technical preview followed on March 5, 2015.[10] Vivaldi - A new browser for our friends. - Vivaldi Forum - Topic: Vivaldi scores highest on (1/1) Gdveggie wrote: Wow, 25 browsers!!! - Vivaldi Forum - Topic: Vivaldi scores highest on (1/1)

I can barely keep up with 3 or 4. Thanks for posting that. Very interesting, and it looks like we're all getting the same 523 score with Vivaldi, regardless of hardware (and maybe OS). ...So (if you know) where does any of this translate into practical/noticeable differences for the browser user? Well, HTML5 is the most recent iteration of HTML, which is basically the language websites are built in.