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32 Bookmarklets for Web Developers and Designers

32 Bookmarklets for Web Developers and Designers
All of these bookmarklets/favelets will be useful to all web designers and developers, they are the quickest method for testing, analyzing and tweaking any web page. A Bookmarklet or Favelet is a small application tool, stored as the URL of a bookmark in a web browser or as a hyperlink on a web page. To use these bookmarklets you can drag and drop the links to your Bookmark Toolbar or right click and save link as, this way you will always have quick access to these great tools Layout Grid and Overlay Bookmarklets Bookmarklet Javascript Code (Copy and Paste) : javascript:void(d=document);void(el=d.getElementsByTagName('body'));void('url( MRI from WESTCIV Bookmarklet Javascript Code : Spry Medias Design Bookmarklet Quick Accessibility Page Tester Reload CSS Slayer Office Mouseover DOM Inspector (Domi) Slayer Office Favelet Suite Wave – Web Accesibilty javascript:void(' CSS Bookmarklets

Javascript Cheat Sheet Basic Objects Math Methods DOM Events Event Object Constant Event Object Methods initEvent() preventDefault() stopPropagation() EventTarget Object addEventListener() dispatchEvent() removeEventListener() EventListener Object handleEvent() MouseEvent/KeyboardEvent Methods initMouseEvent() initKeyboardEvent() DOM Node Node Types Element1 Attr2 Text3 CDATASection4 EntityReference5 Entity6 ProcessingInstruction7 Comment8 Document9 DocumentType10 DocumentFragment11 Notation12 nodeName Returns Element element name Attr attribute name Text #text CDATASection #cdata-section EntityReference entity reference name Entity entity name ProcessingInstruction target Comment #comment Document #document DocumentType doctype name DocumentFragment #document fragment Notation notation name nodeValue Returns RegExp Modifiers i Perform case-insensitive matching g Perform a global match (find all matches rather than stopping after the first match) m Perform multiline matching Brackets Metacharacters . Quantifiers Core DOM length Ad

Welcome to the Open Source Design Pattern Library! | Open Source Design Pattern Library How to Send e-mail using Node.js | Code for geek In this tutorial i am going to discuss about sending e-mail with Node.js. I have already covered Express.js tutorials and in this tutorial also i am going to use Express.js and NodeMailer package. In many forums and blogs people used to ask about sending e-mail’s using Node.js for account verification, password recovery and promotion. So let’s begin with tutorial and at the end you will have Node application which is able to send e-mail’s to any one’s account. Links: Watch live Demo on YouTube here and Download it from Github here. What we are Building ? Create package.json file and keep it in any folder. Once done. Implementing Server.js: Let’s begin with creation of our Server file. var express=require('express'); var nodemailer = require("nodemailer"); var app=express(); app.listen(3000,function(){ console.log("Express Started on Port 3000"); }); This is basic block of our app. app.get('/',function(req,res){ res.sendfile('index.html'); }); Email is been sent at "+to+" .

The UI Pattern Factory 9 Common Usability Mistakes In Web Design | How-To Advertisement By now, all good designers and developers realize the importance of usability for their work. Usable websites offer great user experiences, and great user experiences lead to happy customers. Delight and satisfy your visitors, rather than frustrate and annoy them, with smart design decisions. 1. Hyperlinks are designed to be clicked, so to make them usable, it makes sense to ensure that they’re easy to click. Here’s an example of the same interface element, the comments link, but this time with a much larger clickable area: Newspond comments link. Why would we want a larger clickable area? <a href=" style="padding: 5px;">Example Site<a> The CSS has been placed inline together with the markup to make the example simpler, but in real life you’ll likely want to add this styling to your CSS file by giving the link a class or id and targeting it with that. 2. Pagination refers to splitting up content onto several pages. 3. 4. The Basecamp landing page. 5.

How to create a better jQuery CSS stylesheet switcher Style Sheet switchers (or "colour theme choosers") are not really that new. Apart from that fact, they still are pretty fun to use and cool to see. I was wondering how jQuery could help me achieve this technique. While searching, I came across several solutions. There is a problem when using these techniques, which I will explain later. Make sure to check out the demo to view what we're trying to accomplish. The cute little monsters used in the demo are created by Fast Icon (Dirceu Veiga). Normal way First, I'll show how jQuery users normally would change their CSS file. This is the trimmed down version of the HTML file. Nothing really fancy going on here - just the markup that we need for the page. Now straight to the important part of the CSS file: The colorchanger. As you can see, the boxes each have their own color and hover effect. jQuery This works great! The problem There are two problems when looking at this solution: One small one, and a bigger one. The solution That's all!