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The Golden Goose Download the audio of the Golden Goose This amusing tale by the Brothers Grimm tells the tale of a boy whose parents called him “Dummy”. But he can’t have been all that much of a dummy, because he found a golden goose and made all the grandest people of the local town look like fools. Dummy’s secret strength was that he had a kind heart – but few others rated that highly. But if you are expecting this goose to lay a golden egg, please don’t be disappointed. The Golden Goose has a few features in common with the English tale, Lazy Jack, and we think that if you like one, you’ll enjoy the other ! Read by Natasha. Once upon a time, there lived a wood cutter and his wife who had three sons. One day the eldest son wanted to go to the forest to cut wood. “Do give me a little piece of your cake and a swig of your wine. “Be off with you, you filthy old beggar And the little grey old man went away, but not without taking his revenge. “Be off with you, you lazy old scoundrel. “What a sight!”

50 Fundamental jQuery Controls, Components and Plugins :Speckyboy Design Magazine Every seasoned developer has one and every young and upcoming developer should be thinking of building one – a good and concise collection of UI controls, components and plugins that you can always rely on in times of need. Of course, there are plenty of great UI frameworks, kits and libraries that you could use, but none will offer you every component and none of them will be tailored to your own personal preferences and needs. Up until a few months ago my controls had been collected and sourced from various frameworks (Prototype, MooTools, jQuery…), upon review it seemed a little out-dated, some components unnecessary and some controls desperately needed updated. It seemed logical to give the collection a fresh outlook and a uniformity under one framework – I chose jQuery. (I have held on to a few controls that have not been built with jQuery, but for the sake of this post I have omitted them). So, here are my 50 Fundamental jQuery Controls and Rich UI Components… What would you add?

YouTube YouTube works with a wide range of browsers. However, if you'd like to use many of our latest and greatest features, please upgrade to a modern, fully supported browser. Find the latest versions of our supported browsers below. The Latest Updates to jQuery Mobile Not too long ago, the jQuery team released jQuery Mobile 1.2. This new release has some fantastic changes! In this article, we're going to review some of the new widgets available to developers, take a look at changes made to existing widgets, and glance over a few impactful enhancements that could affect your jQuery Mobile application. Let's get started, shall we? Firstly, we'll need to download the bits and bytes. Head over to the jQuery Mobile download page and download the option that best meets your needs. Additionally, now might be a good time to quickly discuss the Download Builder that the jQuery Mobile team is building. Widgets The beating heart of any jQuery Mobile application are its widgets. Popups A popup modal is a small section of the page that overlays other parts of the page. A quick note, for the sake of brevity: all of the code samples below will use the following boilerplate HTML. Adding a popup to a page in your application is a two-step process. Tooltips Menus Forms

Переводчик + Словарь - Приложения на Android Маркете TransZilla Voice Translator has reached 2 Million downloads worldwide! Thanks for using our voice translator app! TransZilla Voice Translator is free app which supports translate text in more than 70 languages.Translate voice to make conversation with foreign people and ask questions in other languages. Traveling around the world and talk without knowing the language, only with this translator app in your pocket! Notes: The supported languages to translate may depends on different devices.Needs Internet connection to translate text. Best free translator. ➜ Translator Speech recognition:To use translator with voice you need Google Voice Search & Speech Recognition installed. ➜ Offline Dictionary:Save dictionary on your SD card to use translator offline Powered by Google Translate and Bing Translator. If you enjoy this voice translator app, be sure to rate and leave a review.

Processing.js Yoono - Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube™ HTML 5 Reference It is useful to make a distinction between the vocabulary of an HTML document—the elements and attributes, and their meanings—and the syntax in which it is written. HTML has a defined set of elements and attributes which can be used in a document; each designed for a specific purpose with their own meaning. Consider this set of elements to be analogous to the list of words in a dictionary. This includes elements for headings, paragraphs, lists, tables, links, form controls and many other features. This is the vocabulary of HTML. Similarly, just as natural languages have grammatical rules for how different words can be used, HTML has rules for where and how each element and attribute can be used. The basic structure of elements in an HTML document is a tree structure. 3.1 Syntactic Overview There are two syntaxes that can be used: the traditional HTML syntax, and the XHTML syntax. The HTML syntax is loosely based upon the older, though very widely used syntax from HTML 4.01. <! tag name

Хабрахабр — Доступ к странице ограничен Иногда читаю английские тексты ну прям как русские, сходу и не задумываясь. Даже начинает казаться, что беглое чтение на английском с целью извлечения информации, которую не достать на русском, способстует изучению неродного языка. Оказывается нет, это самообман. Ну то есть чтение, хоть и беглое, конечно способствует, но не так уж и сильно. А все из-за того, что когда мы читаем текст на чужом языке в поисках нужной информации, мы редко когда смотрим в словаре значение незнакомых слов, а если и смотрим, то сразу же забываем, поняв нужный кусок в предложении. А что касается текстов, которые «читаю ну прям как русские», то я стал обращать внимание на авторов таких текстов. Для самообразования нужно иногда читать вдумчиво, педантично выписывая каждое незнакомое слово. Мысли вслух, не сочтите за графоманство.

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