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RStudio v0.95 Released The final version of RStudio v0.95 is now available for download from our website (thanks to everyone who put the preview release through its paces over the last couple of weeks!). Highlights of the new release include: Projects — A new system for managing R projects that enables easy switching between working directories and per-project contexts for source documents, workspaces, and history.Code Navigation — Typeahead navigation by file or function name (Ctrl+.) and the ability to navigate directly to the definition of any function (F2 or Ctrl+Click).Version Control — Integrated support for Git and Subversion, including changelist management, diffing/staging, and project history. Quite a bit has been added to RStudio since the initial v0.92 release a year ago. We’ve put together a new screencast that includes a quick tour of the product and also highlights some of the new features in v0.95: To leave a comment for the author, please follow the link and comment on his blog: RStudio Blog.

Data Mining Algorithms In R/Clustering/K-Cores Introduction[edit] In social networks analysis one of the major concerns is identification of cohesive subgroups os actores within a network. Friendship relation, publications citation, and many other more. Many studies and researches are focused on social network analysis, including in data mining. It is really important to find patterns in behavior of large online social networks, so the firms behind are able to create better mechanism to handle all that information with lower cost. Online services such as Orkut, Facebook, Twitter and so on, have millions of users using their services simultaneously and interacting with others.

RStudio Server part 2: pros of using RStudio server for a remote connection After playing around with R studio server for a while, I decided to write a followup to my previous blog post. I want to go over a few of the strong points of using RStudio server to access a remote machine using R. Advantages of RStudio server Before discovering RStudio Server, I would use either plain ssh with X enabled, or NoMachine NX to access a remote machine. In contrast to plain ssh, RStudio server ahs the advantage that it does not require a running X server at the host. This is mainly a problem under Windows, where you need to install Cygwin to get the X server running (assuming using putty for the ssh connection).

Processing JSON with R (rjson) Japanese version is here. Abstract Druid is a database system. This is composed of a component for collecting time series data in realtime and a component for analyzing the datasets with queries from users. How to make RSA Animate style videos with your class… Here is a post on how to make RSA style videos with half the work and time, and with a lot less tech experience needed. And another post on RSA-lite style videos. If you like the idea in this post, then you might also enjoy my other post 24 Assessments that Don’t Suck. Nothing fancy in this post, just the nuts and bolts of how to make an RSA Animate style video with your class! This is also one of those posts that is so long that there is simply not enough time in my life to go back and edit and revise it…so you get what you get and please don’t get upset. What is an RSA Animate style video?

R is not just for nerds….it has drop-down menus! This post introduces how to use the Java Gui for R (JGR, pronounced Jaguar) along with the Deducer package () to get a fairly full featured graphical user interface for R. Note: Be sure you are logged into an account with administrative privileges, or some stuff won't won't install correctly but will give only cryptic error messages. Make sure you have the most recent version of R (currently 2.15.0) installed. R 語言初體驗- 使用於 Azure Machine Learning Studio 中 - Meng-Ru Tsai's Blog “R 語言,一種自由軟體程式語言,主要用於統計分析、繪圖及資料探勘。” 維基百科: R 語言 本文將帶您檢視 410 個預裝的 R packages、展示如何直接使用既有的 R script,或直接在 Azure ML 中撰寫、透過 R 作資料清理進而建立預測模型、以及如何極大化 R 語言在「機器學習」上的應用。 使用 Azure ML Studio 微軟所開放出來的「機器學習」工具 Azure ML Studio,可以在任何一種瀏覽器上執行,無需信用卡,登入 Microsoft Account 之後即可免費開始使用:

Load Packages Automatically in RStudio I recently finished a long stretch of work on a particular project that required me to draw upon four R packages. Each time I got back to my work on the project, I’d have to load the packages manually, as needed. It got really annoying and constantly made me wonder whether there was some way that I could just get these packages loaded automatically every time I switched to that project in R Studio so that I didn’t have to waste my time. I finally got around to looking for an answer, and found it on an R Studio suggestions forum.

R: The R Datasets Package Documentation for package ‘datasets’ version 3.3.0 DESCRIPTION file. Help Pages Getting Started Checklist To use the gogoboard, you should have the following things ready. A GoGo Board together with a USB cable. Open Research Data Processes: KMi Crunch – Hosted RStudio Analytics Environment One of the possible barriers to widespread adoption of open notebook science is knowing where to start. Video reports of lab experiments hosted on Youtube can be easily embedded in a hosted WordPress blog; a MediaWiki wiki can be used to provide one page per experiment, with change tracking/history on each page and a shadow page for commentary and discussion; Github can be used to provide a version control environment for software code, results data, project pages and documentation. For tabulated data, Google Spreadsheets provides a hosting environment and an API that lets you treat the data as a database and also explore it dashboard style via a range of interactive visual filtering and charting components. Alternatively, a CKAN instance (such as is used to run offers data management and preview tools.

RStudio ( which is a very nice front-end to R and works on all platforms. by raviii Jan 21

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