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RStata. Getting Started With R: Resources for Beginners. There are many, many excellent resources for newcomers to R.

Getting Started With R: Resources for Beginners

Here are a few I can personally recommend. On-Line Introductions and Tutorials An Introduction to R: In R, run help.start(), then click on "An Introduction to R". An introduction to many topics. Not very tutorial, however. Using R for Data Analysis and Graphics: An easy-to-read tutorial. Quick-R for SAS/SPSS/Stata Users: An R language tutorial for people who already know SAS, SPSS, or Stata. Some Hints for the R Beginner: Click on "Tutorials" to get started with R. Sources of Help The R search engine: Looking for something? The R Help mailing list: An incredible amount of Q&A. Stack overflow: Ask a question, get an answer from an expert. Twitter: If you can squeeze your question into 140 characters, someone might know the answer. Books. Introducing R. The purpose of these notes, an update of my 1992 handout Introducing S-Plus, is to provide a quick introduction to R, particularly as a tool for fitting linear and generalized linear models.

Introducing R

Additional examples may be found in the R Logs section of my GLM course. R is a powerful environment for statistical computing which runs on several platforms. These notes are written specially for users running the Windows version, but most of the material applies to the Mac and Linux versions as well. 1.1 The R Language and Environment R was first written as a research project by Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman, and is now under active development by a group of statisticians called 'the R core team', with a home page at R was designed to be 'not unlike' the S language developed by John Chambers and others at Bell Labs.

R is available free of charge and is distributed under the terms of the Free Software Foundation's GNU General Public License. Régression multivariée par spline adaptative. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.

Régression multivariée par spline adaptative

Introduction[modifier | modifier le code] Soit une matrice de variables d'entrées x, et un vecteur de réponses observées y avec une réponse pour chaque ligne de x. Par exemple : Ici il y a une seule variable indépendante, aussi la matrice x est réduite a une seule colonne. Un Modèle linéaire pour les données ci-dessus serait : A linear model où est l'estimation de y par les données. En fonction de x avec les valeurs réelles de y sous la forme de points rouges. A simple MARS model of the same data La figure à droite montre une estimation qui est plus proche des valeurs réelles de y. Maechler-2014-pr. Maechler. Google's R Style Guide. R is a high-level programming language used primarily for statistical computing and graphics.

Google's R Style Guide

The goal of the R Programming Style Guide is to make our R code easier to read, share, and verify. The rules below were designed in collaboration with the entire R user community at Google. Summary: R Style Rules File Names: end in .R Identifiers: (or variableName), FunctionName, kConstantName Line Length: maximum 80 characters Indentation: two spaces, no tabs Spacing Curly Braces: first on same line, last on own line else: Surround else with braces Assignment: use <-, not = Semicolons: don't use them General Layout and Ordering Commenting Guidelines: all comments begin with # followed by a space; inline comments need two spaces before the # Function Definitions and Calls Function Documentation Example Function TODO Style: TODO(username)

Learn R. Great article on Notepad++ and R in R Journal. I really liked this article on Notepad++ integration with R, I am a fan for anything like enhanced code editors and GUIs (and etc) which make R a more easier tool for the common man , and the little tech newbie.

Great article on Notepad++ and R in R Journal

Read it or glance through if you havent looked at the June version of R Journal, the article is on Page 62. Related. Code Enhancers or IDE for R. This page lists code editors (or IDE) 1) Notepad++ Notepad++ to R (use F8 run code from Notepad++ itself) XML Plugin for Auto Completion of Syntax in R (instructions in the post Download File- and put it into C:\Program Files\Notepad++\plugins\APIs (or Equivalent Notepad++\Plugins\API folder) Use the auto completion feature in Notepad++

Code Enhancers or IDE for R

Code School - Try R. Professor Norm Matloff Dept. of Computer Science University of California at Davis Davis, CA 95616 R is a wonderful programming language for statistics and data management, used widely in industry, business, government, medicine and so on.

And it's free, an open source product. The S language, of which R is essentially an open source version, won the ACM Software System Award in 1998. Resources to help you learn and use R.