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An Open-Source JavaScript Library for Mobile-Friendly Interactive Maps November 18, 2013 — Leaflet 0.7 Release, MapBox & Plans for Future (Blog Post) Leaflet is a modern open-source JavaScript library for mobile-friendly interactive maps. It is developed by Vladimir Agafonkin with a team of dedicated contributors. Weighing just about 33 KB of JS, it has all the features most developers ever need for online maps. Leaflet is designed with simplicity, performance and usability in mind.

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Osmium Tool A multipurpose command line tool based on the Osmium Library Features With the Osmium Tool you can: Map Data Enrichment Skip to main content Blog Account Connected Cars Can Build A Better Map Use your connected vehicles to maintain, improve and Template:Mérimée link - Wikimedia Commons This documentation is transcluded from Template:Mérimée link/doc. Français: Crée un permalien vers la base Mérimée du ministère de la Culture français. Usage Template parameters ol OpenLayers as ES2015 modules. Note: This package is in beta and the API is subject to change before a final stable release. Usage Add the ol package as a dependency to your project. npm install ol --save

Create, collaborate and share advanced custom maps with Google Maps Engine Lite (Beta) Maps are useful for visualizing and sharing information about places around the world. For enterprises, Google Maps Engine has been providing businesses with professional tools to help them organize large datasets, make decisions, and give their customers important details about their locations and services. Of course, experts aren’t the only ones who love to make maps. Today we're launching Google Maps Engine Lite (Beta), so any mapping enthusiast can now create and share robust custom maps using this powerful, easy-to-use tool. You can import small spreadsheets of locations onto a comprehensive map, visualize those places through a variety of styling and drawing options, and organize and compare up to three different data sets for your non-business purposes.

Osmium Library A fast and flexible C++ library for working with OpenStreetMap data Features The Osmium Library has extensive support for all types of OSM entities: nodes, ways, relations, and changesets. It allows reading from and writing to OSM files in XML and PBF formats, including change files and full history files. Osmium can store OSM data in memory and on disk in various formats and using various indexes. Its easy to use handler interface allows you to quickly write data filtering and conversion functions. Press Release: eSpatial launches free edition of mapping software - Fast, Easy Powerful Mapping Software This blog post may quote data or refer to eSpatial features or workflows no longer applicable to the current version of eSpatial, which is updated every 6-8 weeks. But it’s still a good read! Alternatively, explore our help pages. 11th March 2013 Dublin, Ireland

Activer Office 2010 Et 2013 Sans Crack Regedit - sans utilisation de Serial Number et sans Crack, il suffit de me suivre : 1Etape: Vous allez ouvrir exécuter puis tapez regedit 2Etape: ensuite tapez HKEY_Local_Machine \ SOWFTWARE \ Microsoft \ OfficeSowftwareProtectionPlatform \ Plugins \ Objets \ MSFT: / algorithm/pkey/2005 / Cherchez MdoduleId editez-le en remplaçant le dernière chiffre 8 par 7 Derniere Etape: Dernière étape redemarer votre pc est voila votre office est activé, c’est magique !!! A tutorial on visualizing bird tracking data with CartoDB - LifeWatch INBO We have been using CartoDB for bird tracking data for a while now and are very happy to see that we have inspired others to do the same, including for other species. To introduce even more people to this great tool for animal tracking data, I was invited to give a hands-on course at two workshops. Rather than handing the course material to the participants of these workshops only, I decided to publish it here on this blog, so anyone can use it.

Space-Time Research With self-service options offering enormous benefits in terms of speed, availability and cost, SuperWEB2 gives beautifully visualised ad-hoc tabulation on the internet. Featuring integrated charts, maps and metadata, users can help themselves to insights using their preferred browser, readily performing queries and selecting from a range of open standard outputs. With demand for timely information growing, SuperWEB2 offers self-service, web-based access to data for external, skilled users such as analysts, researchers and subject matter experts. Allowing government departments and other organisations to share information transparently, SuperWEB2 uses web-based ad-hoc tabulation to enable analysis across millions of table cells without compromising confidentiality. Previously, organisations offering any degree of transparency were limited to responding manually to information requests – a time consuming and often labour-intensive process.

PyOsmium Python bindings to Osmium Library Features This Python module allows you to access some of the features of the Osmium Library from Python code. Code The code is available from GitHub: Documentation

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