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Highlight and Annotate Web Pages, Share Notes, Research Smarter

Highlight and Annotate Web Pages, Share Notes, Research Smarter
“Annotary is a slick, easy-to-use app, which takes social bookmarking to a new level.” “What really struck [me] is just how often I end up using the thing...Annotary is simple, and works like a charm.” “Annotary is a great tool for people who do research or work frequently with online text.” “The simplicity [Annotary] offers is unparalleled in other apps...It takes collaboration to a new level.” Nancy Messieh, MakeUseOf Chris Velazco, TechCrunch

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Richard Cowin: WagBee I have spent a lot of time working on an application that uses some new ideas to manage information. Here are a few key points I was looking for: A next gen tagging mechanismNo folders or nested containersVery web like - information should be connected similar to the real web or a wikiAbility to link to original articles - bookmarkishI wanted wiki like links for content - this turned out not to be necessaryUtilization of graphical views (mind maps would be ideal)Support for spatial orientation like cheat sheets A way of remembering information from the past when the topic was just beyond my mental reach

Social Learning: 3 Ways Of Twitter Utilization To Support And Enhance The Impact Of Instructor-led Training New-age web-based social learning tools such as Wikis, Blogs, Podcasts, Videocasts and Media sharing sites such as YouTube, social networking sites like Facebook or LinkedIN, content aggregation and organization, such as RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds and tagging tools as well as social messaging sites like Twitter, can create collaborative knowledge with the concerted efforts of all learners. The utilization of micro-blogging sites like Twitter include sharing different types of media files along with short and concise text, which can contribute to interaction in the classroom and improve the quality of knowledge imparted. Web 2.0 enables us to utilize the internet not only as a means of communication and a source of information, but also as a means for creating, sharing and consuming information and knowledge.

The Ultimate Guide to Launching Your Online Course Recently, I sat down with a friend to help them launch their online course. But when I put fingers to keyboard to write the emails and plan out our strategy I got stuck. What do I say? What works? Graduate School of Library and Information Science As librarians and information experts, GSLIS students, faculty, and alumni are driven to help others find answers. Frequently on the front lines of social justice, they work to defend First Amendment rights, to overcome barriers to literacy, and to address the global digital divide that separates those with access to information from those without it. Making Membership Worth It I voted in my first ALA election today.

Do You Need Social Bookmarking for SEO? Back when link building meant creating 50 links in a day with citations, social bookmarking, email spamming while wearing a giant, leather, old FUBU jersey with DJ Jazzy Jeff playing, I thought link building was difficult. But, nowadays, it’s even more difficult than that…and requires less sportswear. There are a ton of linking options right at my fingertips. Famously good teachers Kate Zakharova| To be a good teacher Now when I'm a teacher, I often think how I look in eyes of my students. they are very different and very need to be loved and adopted by their society. Every day step by step I give them knowledge, which sometimes they don't want to take, cos now we have the Internet, we can speak using the translator, we are able to learn ourselves at home, for example, lessons by skype. New technologies are developed so fast, but no all teacher hurry to come with time. They use old approaches and always, forget that now children are faster, intelligent and flexible that 20 years ago.

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: Excellent Tools, Apps, and Tips to Create Educational Book Trailers November 12, 2014 There are several ways to use technology to engage students and enhance their literacy skills and one of them is through creating video book trailers. Yes, they are similar to movie trailers we see now on YouTube but they are different in scope. A video book trailer is a concise review of a book created with the help of a variety of digital tools that include : images, text, clips, voiceovers, recordings, and music. Why include book trailers in your instruction? Creating book trailers is a comprehensive learning task in which students get to experiment with different literacies.Book trailers is a good way to get reluctant readers to readBook trailers are good for those readers who find it hard to visualize what they readBook trailers are a good alternative for the traditional book reportsTips on how to create Book Trailers Here are two sources I would recommend for learning about some important tips to keep in mind when working on book trailers: I- Audio resources:

Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast I got a postcard in the mail this week with the image above on it. It was a happy surprise and a note from a RISD graduate, named Will Quinn, who told me he reads and enjoys my blog. I was taken with the image and then visited his website to see more of his artwork. Famously good learners María M. Mi mamá My mum is currently 89 years-old. She was born in Bilbao, Spain and when she was 11 years old, she had to be evacuated, accompanied by just two little cousins, from her country to France to escape from the Civil War. There she had to start a new life by adapting to “new parents”, different customs and language, and growing up in a different environment. Why Can't You Be More Organized? - 10 Apps to help with Executive Functions "Why can't you be more organized?" I try not to say this to my 12 year old son every night, but I'm almost always thinking it. His backpack and locker should have caution tape surrounding them (and don't get me started on his bedroom).

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