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School Library Research (SLR)

School Library Research (SLR)
School Library Research (ISSN: 2165-1019) is the scholarly refereed research journal of the American Association of School Librarians. It is the successor to School Library Media Research (ISSN: 1523-4320) and School Library Media Quarterly Online. The purpose of School Library Research is to promote and publish high quality original research concerning the management, implementation, and evaluation of school library programs. The journal will also emphasize research on instructional theory, teaching methods, and critical issues relevant to school libraries and school librarians. SLR seeks to distribute major research findings worldwide through both electronic publication and linkages to substantive documents on the Internet. The primary audience for SLR includes academic scholars, school librarians, instructional specialists and other educators who strive to provide a constructive learning environment for all students and teachers. Two New Research Papers PublishedFebruary 2017

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2013 Australian School Library Survey - Softlink Key findings link school library resourcing to literacy. Download the 2013 survey report. The 2013 Australian School Library Survey, conducted by Softlink on behalf of the Australian School Library industry, examines key trends and issues impacting school libraries. Key analysis includes annual school library budgets, staffing levels in Australian school libraries and the relationship of budgets and staffing level to academic achievement and literacy. Since 2010, the annual survey has identified positive links between student achievement and well-resourced libraries. Teaching Blog Addict: Welcome to TBA! Let's Get Started! Read about how Teaching Blog Addict got it's name and was started. You just may find yourself nodding in agreement and laughing over just how much you are an addict too. {You're not alone!} Join the community of teachers who enjoy having resources like the fantastic ones shared by teachers on this site. If you're a reader, then join in the conversation on facebook.

And The 2015 Winners Are… – The Edublog Awards Skip to content And The 2015 Winners Are… -by- Ronnie Burt on Dec 18, 2015 11 Comments The Voice of Users: Perspectives on School Library Automation COLUMN The Voice of Users: Perspectives on School Library Automation by Barbara Fiehn, Assistant Professor Northern Illinois University, College of Education Department of Educational Technology, Research and Assessment While automation systems are not perfect, don't try taking them away from library media specialists! When surveyed on why automation is important to school libraries, several school library media specialists wondered why the question would even be asked at all. Automation systems are an expected technology in schools today. Several respondents expressed the idea that since teachers in content areas have the current technology of their fields, so should librarians.

Gold Coast study links school libraries and teacher librarians to literacy Katrina Germein reads her latest book, My Dad STILL Thinks He's Funny. Photography by Medea Patyi. Used with permission The Unquiet Librarian I rarely write posts about tech tools in recent years, but I thought I would briefly share some of my “go to” resources that have become an integral part of my work since coming to Norcross High in August of 2013. These apps and devices are essential to the work I’m doing related to teaching and learning, especially for capturing student work whether it is for archival purposes, assessment, collaborative work between classes, or to merely document learning activities and experiences in our work with teachers and students. They also help me collect qualitative data, celebrate all aspects of student learning, and interact with both students and teachers. I’ll also share our essential non-technology oriented tools that we can’t live without here in the NHS Library Learning Studio. These tools and mediums are also helping me document the ways we and our students are using writing and composing multiple kinds of “texts” for thinking, processing, and creating in the library.

Long Island Pre-K Initiative / School Readiness Playbook This Playbook is a compendium of the latest thinking and best practices on community-level collaborative efforts to increase school readiness for young children. The contents are designed to equip community "players" with the knowledge they need to work together. These players may be in law enforcement or libraries; be in school or retired; be members of a faith community or health care professionals. The Playbook includes information about how each community member can contribute. Specifically, it covers: what school readiness is and why it matters; how communities can work together to increase school readiness; how school readiness is a "win" for each potential player; actions diverse players and allies can take; examples and advice from communities successfully working together; a case study of Westbury, New York’s school readiness efforts; ongoing issues and recommendations; links to research, reports and over 150 web sites.

» Back-to-school is the time to plan for data-driven programming AASL Blog Posted by Wendy Stephens in Check this out!. Tags: automation systems, beyond circulation, data trackback A new school year provides opportunities for fresh evaluation and strategic justification of our instructional programs. Our existing automation systems provide sophisticated capabilities for reporting about what is going on in our school libraries, but are we making use of them? The start of the year offers an ideal opportunity to set up your automation system to inform long term planning Circulation statistics are limited as a measure of library activity.

21 Amazing Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With Google A while back someone posed a question to that great receptacle of crowd-sourced knowledge,Quora, asking "What are some lesser known Google search tips and hacks." We now present you with some of those answers, along with a couple of ours that you might not have known about. 21. A search for "do a barrel roll" or "Z or R twice" will spin the page... AASL Hotlinks Hotlinks is a monthly e-mail newsletter of the American Association of School Librarians (AASL). Hotlinks is primarily composed of brief summaries with links to more in-depth content, and includes previews of upcoming association activities and continuing education programs, news from AASL, valuable Web resources, highlights of new products and services, and summaries of new articles from AASL's print and online journals and more. This newsletter is sent to AASL members with valid e-mail addresses on file in the ALA member database (currently over 75% of our members). Additional "pass along" distribution occurs through our members, who are encouraged to share each issue with colleagues and administrators in their school and district, and AASL's state and regional affiliate organizations, which can redistribute the newsletter to their own members. Current issue of AASL Hotlinks - March 2015 Archives Read past issues of AASL Hotlinks.

The purpose of this journal is to promote and publish research concerning the management, implementation, and evaluation of school library programs. The journal also provides research on instructional theory, teaching methods, and critical issues relevant to school libraries and school librarians. by katherineking2 Mar 19