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Online August 2010 | Volume 67 Best of Educational Leadership 2009–2010 Pages 16-21 Andrew J. Rotherham and Daniel Willingham A growing number of business leaders, politicians, and educators are united around the idea that students need "21st century skills" to be successful today. Critical thinking and problem solving, for example, have been components of human progress throughout history, from the development of early tools, to agricultural advancements, to the invention of vaccines, to land and sea exploration. What's actually new is the extent to which changes in our economy and the world mean that collective and individual success depends on having such skills. This distinction between "skills that are novel" and "skills that must be taught more intentionally and effectively" ought to lead policymakers to different education reforms than those they are now considering. What Will It Take? The debate is not about content versus skills. Better Curriculum Better Teaching Better Tests

Apr26 Now that you and/or your students are using wikis and blogs, are you curious what could be added to them? From animated slideshows to collaborative documents to interactive review games, many great (and free) tools are available. As a follow up to my previous post “What Teachers Should and Should Not Be Posting on their Classroom Webpages”, I’ve pulled a master list of embedding options that will hopefully spark your imagination. As you browse the list consider how you will use these embeds. One note of warning, however. Good luck and again if you have any other suggestions please post them in the comments section. Collaborative Project Tools aMap is an excellent tool for social studies projects. Communication Tools to Parents and Students Google Calendar – I’ve become a big fan of Google calendar this spring. Photos Animoto –Animoto is a wonderful tool to make photo music videos that can be easily embedded on a wiki or blog. Student Products Videos

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